10 Life Lessons We Can Learn from Cats

Do you know those moments when you look over at your cat and want to know more than anything else what she’s thinking? Have you wondered what lessons you could learn from this divine cat spirit?

Certainly we have, but the reality is that we probably won’t be able to read the thoughts of cats in the near future.

But by simply paying attention to how your cat lives her life, you can learn some very important things that can change your life.

1. Take good care of yourself

The most fascinating thing about cats is their hygiene. I am always amazed at how much time they spend caring for themselves – with a lot of dedication and joy.

After eating, they take time to clean themselves properly, and if you cuddle with them too much, they take the time to smooth their fur.

I have the feeling that we humans completely misunderstand hygiene. There are people who want to cover their natural appearance with too much shaving water, makeup, hair gel or nail polish.

And there are those who forget to brush their teeth, take a shower once a week or not even own a comb.

Hygiene is important – because it means that we take care of our body, not only through washing, but also through exercise.

My cat is also a real yoga master. It stretches and stretches constantly and does not remain in a position for too long to keep the energies alive and in motion.

2. Listen to your body

Speaking of food, aren’t we incredibly obsessed with these new food trends?

Most of us have lost touch with our bodies – they are either obsessed with junk food or one of the latest superfood diets.

Cats just eat. They drink a lot of water and only eat when they really feel hungry.

We need to learn again to listen to our body – to what it tells us and what it needs at this time.

3. Learn to trust, even if it’s hard to let go

I found my cat Agata on the street, alone, and she screamed for help. She had some serious injuries and was missing a tooth.

I took her to the vet, took her in and cared for her until she felt better.

I really don’t know what she experienced on the street or with terrible people, but she shows signs of abuse and mistreatment.

She is very anxious and cautious, but with a lot of time and a lot of love, she begins to trust again.

And this is an incredible learning process – because we humans tend to carry this experience around with us for years, develop unhealthy habits and push other people away.

It’s very different with animals. Yes, they have the same memory, but they are really good at overwriting negative experiences and giving life another chance to be really beautiful.

4. Give and receive love

Agata inspired us to develop a whole program for street animals called AGATA.

Now that Agata is starting to trust me, she is very loving and always wants to be around me.

But I notice that she does this in a very natural way. When she feels like sharing a moment with me, she sits down next to me and gives me the sign with a loving “meow” that she wants to share some love.

And when she has had enough, she gets up and does her thing without judging or drawing consequences.

We humans have forgotten how to deal with love naturally. Most of us have experienced a lack of love in our youth, so as adults we look for fulfillment in a relationship.

Why do we argue? Why do we sometimes feel bad? It all boils down to the one desire for love.

We interpret too many things into the actions of others, we reject, we hurt, we cling.

What we can learn from our cat colleagues is to simply be intuitive with love, because it is the most natural thing in the world.

5. Have more fun

Most cats love to play. If you have a string, a ball – or anything that moves at all – at your disposal, they will take a moment to enjoy themselves.

In our hectic lifeIt’s so important that we take the time to just have fun – play a board game, play a team sport, lose ourselves in the fantasy world of a book or movie, take a personality quiz, compete against each other in a video game, or whatever you just enjoy.

There are hundreds of ways to feel like a child again and just be free.

6. Enjoy the little things

A toilet, food, a place to sleep and some love – that’s all a cat needs.

To play, a string, a shoe or a piece of paper is enough for her. This world teaches us that we need the latest iPhone, the most expensive vacation, the fanciest clothes – that’s what it means to be happy.

But in reality, the opposite is true. We need more simplicity in our lives.

And once you discover the beauty of simple things, you take a lot of pressure off your shoulders and start walking on clouds.

7. Living in the moment

Animals have an impressive ability: when something happens to them that triggers joy, anger or fear, they feel the emotion in a moment and then let it go.

They don’t judge, don’t hold a grudge, or anticipate anything – they’re just there. That’s how it should be.

Every moment and every experience is an energy that flows through us, but we humans tend not to let this energy flow, then it gets stuck in us in the form of thoughts and feelings.

Living the moment means letting go of every moment, every second – that’s what it means to go with the river.

8. Be attentive

Agata never loses her attention. Whether she cleans, eats or sleeps, she is always attentive to everything that happens around her.

Her little ears are constantly moving and her nose is always active. She can focus on one thing, but even then she never gets lost in what she does.

Our world requires us to always be attentive so that we do not lose sight of the essentials.

9. Make eye contact

A cat’s eyes are truly magical. Agata sometimes looks me in the eye for minutes, and I can really see universes in it.

She is not afraid to connect with you on a deep level. When was the last time you really looked someone in the eye, for more than a second?

We tend to avoid eye contact because it makes us feel uncomfortable. The eyes are the window to the soul, they say, and we constantly try not to be seen by anyone.

Let’s learn again to trust others and open up and show our true face.

10. Explore

Agata is not only attentive, but also never stops exploring. She explores and examines every corner and every new item.

Being alive means having that sense of adventure, learning and getting to know things we don’t know yet, but with great attention.

How many of us get stuck in routine, habits, and laziness? Let’s rediscover our inner explorer – because this world has so much to offer.

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