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12 Spiritual Signs That Someone Misses You

Missing someone we loved very much sometimes goes beyond our usual understanding of reality.

Since love for a person creates a bond that triggers emotions that reason can never grasp;

For the bonds created by the heart and the red thread of fate do not need to be defined by our friends and family, who want to give us good advice.

On the contrary, how could they have if they have not looked at the person we love so much with our eyes.

How their eyes light up when they talk about the things they love and how peacefully they fall asleep by our side.

They can’t… because they are not part of this magic and the greatness of how soulmates are created.

For this reason, even when a very meaningful connection ends for us, we always feel that something is happening beyond our own reality and the one that others want us to believe in.

While we also feel that the person we miss is close to us, even when they are not there.

We also get sudden emotional outbursts and sometimes even feel the pain they feel;

At the same time, however, they also visit us in our dreams, which is why we always long for their comfort.

In the hope that maybe not in this life, but in another life, we have the chance to keep them a little longer and a little firmer.

Because in this we lost them because we could not find ourselves.

Always hoping that they won’t find another woman’s skin when they turn off the light.

1. You feel them around you

When you miss someone with whom you had a strong connection, their presence remains along with their warmth.

However, this presence also remains and changes depending on how much they miss us.

That’s why sometimes you feel them strongly and safely, while sometimes your heart gets cold.

Where this presence once ceased to be, you know that this love has come to an end.

2. You see them in your dreams

If you miss someone and he misses you too, he will show himself to you in the dream.

Sometimes to tell you that they have moved on, or that they want to return to you.

That snow has fallen on them and that they are afraid of being forgotten.

But they never will, because they reappear as soon as the sun rises and illuminates it.

3. They suddenly think of them

Missing someone can sometimes do more harm than good, so we also try our best to force ourselves not to think about them.

This can also take a long time until we get to the point where we think they don’t mean anything to us anymore.

But our consciousness has its own strange ways and the moment they miss us, we think of them again.

Even if we promised ourselves that we would never do it again.

4. They start hearing their name often

Perhaps one of the strongest indicators is that we have a special bond with someone when we are touched by their name.

Because he can give us both strength and sorrow, especially if we miss this person indescribably.

However, the longer the time passes, the less we hear her name, but one thing is also certain.

That we still hear his melody every time the person misses us too.

5. You will find them in everything you see and do

That someone misses us can also be shown in the way we live and accept life.

Because when we look at the things we do and find fragments of the person we miss, it’s a clear sign that they too miss us.

Because we can still feel their warmth, their love and their presence.

It is there and gives us the strength to do the things we love the way we do them.

6. You often get goose bumps

When we miss someone we’ve been longing for for a long time, we often get goose bumps.

This manifestation is also associated with phantom touches and the feeling of their presence.

Because soulmates have the ability toto send love on the other side through telepathy.

Sometimes even without realizing it, because this is the work of human consciousness.

7. You feel phantom touches

Phantom touches are also a clear sign that a person is missing us.

Because with telepathy you can even send a person love in the form of a touch.

Whereby this touch can be both very loving and bitterly evil.

Nevertheless, it is always a sure sign that the person we feel touched by misses us.

8. When you think of them or dream of them, you see them

It happens far too often that we see a person who misses us again.

This happens because we dream of it or feel its presence;

But also because we get very emotional and just know it’s going to happen.

Thus, this reunion becomes a very expected and impressive event.

9. You still feel the connection

When someone misses us, we feel in all the ways mentioned.

However, the most important thing is that we also believe that there is a strong connection to someone we love that is extraordinary.

That’s why we feel these kinds of feelings and recognize them in our lives as a loving energy;

Even if unfortunately we are not with this person.

10. You sneeze at irregular intervals

Do you find yourself sneezing often, loudly and irregularly?

This can be a clear indication that someone is missing you;

Because since ancient times, this sign means that someone thinks a lot about you.

That’s why you should know this every time it happens to you.

Because even the smallest things we do can be signs of their remaining feelings.

11. You feel that everything you do leads to them

When someone misses you, their loving energy becomes your fuel.

Therefore, even if they are not around you, they will guide you to good things.

That enable you to live your life to the fullest.

Where all things happen and manifest themselves in your life with the help of love.

12. You just know that you will both get back together one day

After all, the last sign that someone is missing you is that you still believe in this connection;

That all these signs are not empty promises so that you have hope, but a certainty that this love could live on.

At least, if not in this life, then in a completely different life.

Since you are both soulmates who share an extraordinary connection.

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