13 Good Night Stories for Adults

If you’re having trouble falling asleep, try a goodnight story for adults.

We all loved the good night stories as children. It was wonderful to fall asleep with your imagination and dream of princesses and exciting experiences.

My favorite story was Cinderella, and I believe that thanks to this fairy tale, I learned to be emphatic.

We all learn through fairy tales to be more moral and to have the hope that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel waiting for us.

In this day and age, people struggle with insomnia, and that’s why some people with good night stories have tried it and found that reading helps them fall asleep better and faster.

It has become a trend that awakens in us the inner child who is carefree and hides from adult life in The World of Fatasie.

When we read goodnight stories, it is easier for us to fall asleep even as adults, because we do not start to ponder, but think about this story.

Lately, there are many goodnight stories for adults, and the people who read or listen to them do so as a kind of meditation.

In my opinion, it is much better to read these stories yourself or have them read by a loved one. This way we can focus better on the story than if we use an app for these types of stories.

The relaxing and soothing good night stories have a hypnotic effect as they convey the right mood to fall asleep.

Below, we’re going to write down some adult goodnight stories that can help you fall asleep better.

Good night stories for adults about moral values

We start for the first time with stories about morality. These stories come from all over the world and the core of these stories is the same in all of them: morality is important for harmony with our fellow human beings. With the help of these stories, we can get to know the different sides of our lives.

We invite you to read these adult goodnight stories and apply the morality gained by these stories into your daily life.

1. The wise owl

An old owl lived in an oak tree. She watched the events around her every day. Yesterday, for example, she saw a boy helping an old man carry a heavy package. Then she saw a girl yelling at her mother. The more she saw, the less she spoke.

While she spoke less, she could hear more. So she heard people talking and telling stories. She heard a woman tell how her cow had jumped over a large fence. She also heard a man say that he never lied in his life.

So the owl saw and heard many stories and became smarter every day.

2. A disobedient boy

A boy loved walnuts very much. His mother gave him a few of them every day. But he was not satisfied and always wanted more. His mother told him that he would get a stomach ache from too many nuts and that the few she gave him would be enough.

One day, when his mother was not at home, only the boy was at home. He went to the kitchen and took the whole bag of walnuts with him. He ate and ate until the last nut was eaten.

Already the next day he got severe abdominal pain.

3. The sun and the wind

On a spring day, the sun and the wind had a fight. The wind boasted that it was stronger than the sun, and the sun disagreed.

The moment they quarreled, they saw a woman with a coat walking by. The wind said, “The one who takes off the woman’s coat is the stronger.” The sun agreed, and the fight with the coat began.

The wind began to blow, storm, whistle and the woman pressed the coat even more against her body.

Now it was the turn of the sun. She smiled at the woman a few times with her warmth and the woman took off the coat.

4. The Wise Judge

Two women quarreled over a baby, and both claimed to be the mother of the baby, and so they were brought before a king.

The two women also cried in front of the king, and the king thought and told them that they cut the baby in two and each woman eThat is why we have tabled a number of amendments.

One woman was silent, and the other cried and shouted, “My dear king, give the child to this other woman, let only the child live!”

Then the king realized who was the true mother of the child and gave the child to the weeping mother.

5. The farmer’s wife Marie

One day, the farmer’s wife Marie wanted to bake a cake. For the cake she bought a cheap butter. But there was something wrong with the butter.

When she tried the butter, she found that the butter was bitter. She thought to herself that if she added that butter to her cake dough, the cake would also taste bitter.

Without further ado, she set out to buy a better butter than the bitter butter. She mixed a little of the better butter into her cake dough. After trying the dough, she could see that it was not bitter.

With this she had found the best solution to her problem, because there will always be problems in life.

The Good Night Stories for Adults from Tibet

The following goodnight stories for adults are among the oldest stories of mankind and come from a religion that offers a deep insight into the nature of man, the universe and the spiritual world.

The old monks in the mountain monasteries wanted these stories to be heard by all people everywhere, because their meaning can lead people on the right path.

These stories are great as adult goodnight stories, and there will also be plenty of opportunities for you to share these stories with others.

1. Make a difference

A monk was a recognized teacher and after a storm a fisherman saw him walking on the beach.

The fisherman also saw that the storm had washed up thousands of starfish on the beach, which slowly began to dry up and soon all would die.

He watched the teacher on the beach and saw that he had begun to throw the starfish back into the sea.

After some time of observation and reflection, the fisherman went to the teacher and said: “There are too many starfish, you can not throw them all back into the sea, there are thousands of them. Their efforts will be of no use!”

“This one already,” said the teacher, throwing another starfish back into the sea.

2. Everything has an end

On the way to the classroom, a student broke a valuable vase that belonged to his teacher.

When he saw the teacher getting closer, he quickly hid the broken vase behind his back.

When his teacher approached him, he asked him, “Why do you die, teacher?”

“This is quite normal,” said the teacher. “Everything in this world has a beginning and an end. Everything only has a certain amount of time to live and then has to die at some point.”

The student then showed the teacher the shards of the broken vase and said, “The time when your vase must die has come.”

3. Coping with anger

One student complained to his teacher that he had an uncontrollable temperament and asked him to help him get rid of it.

“Show me,” the teacher said.

“I can’t show it to you at the moment,” the student said.

“Why not?” the teacher asked.

“Because it appears quite unexpectedly,” the student replied.

The teacher then told the student, “It can’t be your true nature, because if it were, you could show it to me at any time. For what reason do you allow something that does not belong to you to disrupt your life?” the teacher asked the student.

When the student felt his temperament rise, he remembered his teacher’s words and controlled his anger. In this way, the teacher helped the student to develop a calm temperament.

4. The sleepy teacher

A teacher took a short nap at school every afternoon.

One student noticed this and asked the teacher why he does this every day.

The teacher replied, “To meet the old sages in the dream world.”

On a hot summer afternoon, the students were tired and falling asleep, and when teacher asked them why they were taking a nap at school, they replied, “We were in dreamland to meet the old sages.”

“And what did they say to you?” the teacher asked.

“We asked them if a teacher comes to them every afternoon, bute said they didn’t see such a person,” the students said.

5. The difference between good and bad behavior

In one school, students caught a classmate stealing. They immediately went to their teacher and told what they had seen. The teacher listened to them, but did nothing about it.

Over the next few days, the students caught their classmate stealing again and went back to the teacher and told him what had happened. Again, the teacher did nothing about it.

The teacher’s behavior angered the students because they wanted their classmate to be punished, and they threatened that they would leave school if their classmate continued to go to the same school with them.

The teacher then called a meeting of the students.

After they gathered, he said to them, “You are good students, and you know how to do right and how to do wrong. If you leave now, you will have no difficulty in being accepted to another school. But what about your classmate who doesn’t know what’s right and what’s wrong? If I don’t, who will teach him? And even if I lose all of you, I can’t ask him to leave.”

When the boy who stole heard what the teacher was saying, he started crying, and from that moment on he never stole anything again.

The Good Night Stories for Adults About Animals

Everyone loves the stories with animals – from young to old, everyone likes to hear a good story about animals.

We invite you to tell these adult goodnight stories to your friends as well, because they contain a lot of wisdom.

It’s best to read them when you can’t fall asleep. The stories transport you to the dream world and conjure up a quiet night.

The good night stories for adults, in which the animals play the main role, are my personal favorites.

1. The true friend is a friend in need

A lion living in a forest fell asleep under a tree after dinner. The moment the lion fell asleep, a small mouse came and began to play with its mane. The lion woke up angrily and wanted to kill the mouse because it had disturbed his sleep. The little mouse called for help and asked the lion to keep her alive. The lion felt sorry for her and let her go, and the little mouse ran away.

After a few days, a hunter caught the lion with a net, and the little mouse saw it. She came to the lion and cut the net with his teeth.

They ran away together, and from then on they became best friends.

2. A country mouse and a city mouse

A country mouse and a city mouse were friends. One day, the country mouse invited her boyfriend to go with her to the countryside. So the city mouse visited her friend in the country.

For dinner, they ate roots that had an earthy taste.

This did not taste so good to the guest, and he said: “Oh, my poor dear friend, you are no better off here than the ants. Well, you should see how I’m doing! My pantry is full of all kinds of food. You should live with me.”

On his return to the city, he took the country mouse with him and showed her the pantry full of cereals, semolina, grapes, figs, sweets and nuts.

The country mouse had never seen anything like this before, and she enjoyed the benefits her boyfriend offered her.

But before they really started, the door of the pantry was opened and someone came in. The two mice quickly fled and hid in a narrow and extremely uncomfortable hiding place. A short time later, when everything had calmed down again, they came out again. But someone else came in, and they scurried away again.

That was too much for the visitor. “Bye,” he said, “I’m leaving now. I see you live in luxury, but you are surrounded by dangers while at home I can enjoy my simple dinner of roots and corn in peace.”

3. Hungry Wolf

Once upon a time there was a wolf who was very hungry and could not find anything to eat. He wandered around and suddenly saw a piece of meat and bread in a tree hole.

He could not get this food out with his paw, but had to squeeze into the hole, and only then did he manage to get the food.

After eating and his belly was full, he noticed that he was not because of his bloated abdoment more could come out of the hole.

Suddenly, he heard footsteps coming from a lumberjack who was on his way back to the tree to eat his lunch. The lumberjack saw that the wolf was trapped in the hole and had eaten his lunch.

So the lumberjack grabbed the wolf and gave him a proper beating.

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