15 Signs You’re Experiencing a Dark Night of the Soul, Also Known as existential crisis

At some point, most of us experience a phenomenon known as the dark night of the soul.

Although we are trying to run away from him, it is still there.

Even if we try to cover it up and suppress it, it is still there.

Although we try to put on a happy, smiling face and trick it away, it’s still there.

Some of us seek protection in religious thoughts, others seek protection in spiritual philosophy or psychology, and still others seek relief from addictions and other pursuits that numb the mind.

The truth is that while we are all born with souls, not all of us know how to fully embody souls and integrate them into our human experience.

Mystics, saints, and shamans throughout history have all referred to the egocentric human struggle in different ways.

One of these people was St. John of the Cross, a Spanish monk who grasped the term “Dark Night of the Soul” (“Noche Oscura” the name of one of his poems) based on his own mystical experience.

Nowadays, the term “Dark Night of the Soul” is used in a much broader framework.

What was once a term that applied to people who were actively on a spiritual journey is now simply used as a term for everything from a few bad days and a depressive phase to the death of a loved one.

The dance between fear and grace

As we enter the spiritual path, we become more and more aware that nothing external can give us true security.

We begin to feel reality beyond body, mind and emotions.

We receive gifts of love, beauty and gratitude. Grace flows and shows us the mirror images of eternity.

Compassion embraces us in his most tender arms. We realize that the mysterious treasure we have always been looking for really exists.

But the ego is underneath, waiting to emerge. What is the ego?

An injured child hiding in the closet. For a moment it saw a fairytale land, opened its eyes in amazement and forgot itself. Until someone touches his deepest wound.

Then the fear is back. And again. The rigid reality returns… stony faces… painful voices.

Cloudy masks grow around the lotus flower. We play our old game… as old as the world itself.

But, the memory of the treasure is not lost. We know he’s there, and we know he’s real.

We practice yoga, we meditate, we blow on the embers of the heart, we ask the question “Who am I?” … And we reconnect with the heart… Or not.

Entry into the dark night of the soul

There may come a time when our meditation gets completely out of hand.

The mind, desperately trying to regain its strength, comes back, armed with new forces.

No matter how hard we try, we don’t get through the darkness. And there’s the fear… so much fear, more than we ever felt.

Christian mystics, such as St. John of the Cross and Thomas Merton, describe this time as the “dark night of the soul.”

It is a phase in which the ego deeply realizes that all its struggles for identity, meaning and self-worth are pointless.

And we understand that the elements of reality that bring us value and comfort are transient.

We know that all the structures that serve as our inner foundation are an illusion.

We recognize that we live within the Matrix… and this realization is frightening.

We perceive the scent of the unknown, but this new reality is without form, it does not provide a firm hold for our feet. It feels like we’re falling into an endless night.

The New Meaning of Love and Faith

In the dark night, the soul does not experience love as a sweet and tender feeling.

Love is a response to an inner call to step into darkness. It is a courageous decision to experience fear, loneliness and anxiety that rise from our subconscious.

When we enter this darkness, we must face these relentless forces.

We will face fears and doubtsThat is why we have tabled a number of amendments. We will have to question the whole structure of our spiritual life.

And it is precisely at this moment that all spiritual light is obscured, all values lose their form and reality, and we remain, so to speak, stuck in the void.

We move in this emptiness by faith alone. But there comes a moment when we feel like we’re losing everything – including faith.

The crucial point in this experience is precisely the temptation to doubt God Himself.

We must not minimise the fact that this is a real danger. For here we go beyond the stage at which God has opened himself up to our minds in simple and primitive images.

We enter the darkness, into the night when he is present without any image, invisible, inscrutable and beyond any satisfying mental representation.

The terrible experience of losing faith leads us to the discovery of the true faith born in the depths of our being,

This gift of God is in itself unattainable, but is given to us moment by moment, beyond our understanding, through his unfathomable mercy.

A call to devotion

The dark night of the soul is a time of transition between the ego and the heart.

Dark Night of the Soul is a time of loss of control in which one sees without eyes, hears without ears and walks without feet.

The question “Who am I?” opens up the reality that frightens our little human soul.

The individual being can perceive the unknown as a frightening vastness.

In this difficult time, it is helpful to remember that the essence of the spiritual path is devotion to the heart.

And, the dark night of the soul is a call to this devotion. We let go of our lives and surrender to God within–the eternal “I Am” beyond any image, concept, thought, or religion.

This process of transition is a call to embrace everything that appears in the soul: fear, doubt, loneliness, fear, and all our struggles – falling down and getting up again.

When our humanity responds to the silent call of the heart, our hidden subconscious world comes to light, and experiencing it can be frightening.

The ego, this little child who is afraid of the dark, wants to hide under a blanket.

He tries to take his first steps into the unknown, and his fear is completely justified.

Human life unfolds in space and time, as does the spiritual adventure.

Devotion cannot be forced or accelerated. It will rise from the depths of our being when the time is right.

All we can do is live this process with compassion: to hold our ego in a loving embrace as we watch its struggles.

The Blessing of Fear

Fear is probably the biggest challenge during the dark night of the soul.

It can be overwhelming, debilitating, and extremely difficult to experience.

It brings comfort to remember that we are not alone; so many wonderful teachers have walked this path before us and experienced what we are doing now.

I was surprised to discover that for many of them, fear was not a curse, but a blessing.

They believed that it is impossible to reach spiritual maturity without experiencing fear, torment and anxiety that accompany the inner crisis of “spiritual death” in which we surrender our ego to God.

But when it is observed from the heart as the struggle of a lonely soul that feels unworthy of love, it can become a force that frees us from a false self-image, breaks through the prison of self-protection and awakens true courage in the depths of our being.

It gives us the courage to let go of life and take the first step without feet… the step to the infinite heaven of the heart.

15 Signs That You’re Living Through the Dark Night of the Soul

The dark night of the soul is a spiritual depression, a kind of existential crisis that requires a deep and painful immersion that must be experienced before the Enlightenment. Here are 15 signs that show you that you have experienced the dark night of the soul or that you are experiencing it now.

1. You are confused because Sie feel that you “should” be happy right now.

That’s the thing about the dark night of the soul: it usually comes up at the very moment when you have every reason to be satisfied.

What happens is that you see that the external things have not healed you.

Their illusions about what is really important break down – this happens whenever a person experiences the dark night of the soul.

The part of you that is still chasing outside things to make you happy is dying.

Then you can start doing things that you do completely. But make an effort not to get stuck in the dark night.

2. You start with the “emptying symptoms”.

For some people, this is an actual gag stimulus.

For others, it’s the propensity for healthier foods, the feeling of inexplicable feeling cold, heaviness or lightness, the desire to sweat more or to organize your home and social life.

You begin to empty your soul.

3. You feel overly blocked or “lost”.

The feeling of being “stuck” usually comes up when we begin to realize all the limitations we set for ourselves. This dark night is the reason for this.

The feeling of being “lost” just means that you no longer live by the script you came up with yourself – you open up to a whole new way of life and a whole new life… of course, it feels like you don’t know where to go.

4. They start to have less desire to impress people and more to connect with them.

Are you aware of this? Then you may experience this phenomenon of the dark night of the soul.

You realize that there are two ways to communicate with people: to try to get their recognition by being “better” than them, or to try to build a real connection with them.

If you try to impress people so that they like you, you will always feel empty.

It is a very common mechanism that the ego uses to calm itself down when the fear of being really seen by another person arises.

5. They begin to resonate with Eastern philosophies and spirituality.

The fear-based system in which you beg for mercy is simply out of date.

Instead, you are interested in learning how to harness your mind and awaken to your own power – for your own healing and that of other people.

6. You have random and intense memories and dreams of past partners, forgotten experiences from childhood, etc.

That’s because all the emotions associated with these experiences come to the surface.

The energy you’ve ignored all along is starting to fade, and you’re starting to reopen to the parts of your subconscious that you’ve “forgotten” while suppressing other memories.

7. You are radically rethinking your idea of “success”.

You begin to listen to the myriad of warnings that fame and fortune and “success” is not the luxury life you think it is.

You start to realize that you don’t really want any of it…

You rely on the idea of it to calm any fear or uncertainty you have about your own worthlessness.

8. You rediscover your inner child.

Whether you decide to do something you once loved very much and then gave up – like a game or a type of art – or if you just allow yourself to be silly every now and then, you allow yourself to return to your most innocent state.

Try to get this child out of the dark night!

9. They have frightening, irrational thoughts, sometimes even like “I’m dying.”

When you go through your dark night of the soul, a part of you dies. You become aware of your ego and how it has controlled the quality of your life.

10. They begin to realize and feel what true suffering is.

When you truly suffer, you become able to empathize with what real pain is.

Previously, movies with war scenes and dying siblings and positive cancer tests were sad, but they didn’t really bother you.hrt

Now you’re starting to really feel what refugees and people stuck in war-torn countries, and those dying of disease and can’t afford better treatment, have to go through.

11. At first, this revelation of true suffering is overwhelming, but it will not last long.

This feeling will initially make you stand up and change as much as possible, although of course you are not responsible for relieving all the pain in the world.

You will eventually find out what your role is in helping and healing.

In the meantime, you will become a more patient and understanding person, even towards strangers.

12. Your sleep habits are irregular, you are hungrier than usual or not hungry at all.

The most important thing to remember during a dark night of the soul is that you need to get more rest than usual.

You have to take it easy. Your whole body readjusts, and it’s only natural that you’ll experience some (perhaps literal) pain during that dark night.

13. You get the feeling that you just have to be quiet.

If you’ve been wandering around a lot in recent months or years, now you get the intuitive hint that it’s time to be present and not constantly run away from your problems.

Even if your past adventures seemed to be just that, there is something deeply important about being able to stay silent where you are and process the emotions that arise.

14. You become aware of how your mind has worked so far.

The frenzied, irrational thoughts that you have noticed every now and then are now becoming completely clear to you.

You realize how much your brain creates what it wants to see in reality, and how your biases and subjectivity affect what you experience and feel.

15. You discover your hidden healing abilities.

Most people who experience a spiritual awakening tend to have innate gifts that they are not aware of.

They often have the potential to become a teacher, a pastor, or a real energy healer. That’s partly what makes them such sensitive people.

But don’t let these healing abilities stay hidden during this dark night!

A dark night of the soul may not be easy to recognize, but after every dark night the sun always comes!

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