5 Reiki Rules of Life for a Healthy, Loving Life

Reiki, the Japanese practice of energy healing, offers a set of principles or commandments, as they are commonly called. The Buddhist monk Mikao Usui, who developed this spiritual practice, believed that the 5 Reiki Rules of Life are the key to a happy life and serve as medicine for the soul.

The principles themselves are comparable to affirmations or resolutions, and they are about focusing on the here and now.

The 5 Reiki Rules of Life are designed to encourage us to embody the Reiki energy throughout the day, every day. You talk about how important it is to experience one day at a time.

There is no right or wrong way to incorporate these rules into your life. They can be used during meditation, as a morning intention, or whenever you need them.

Just as Reiki helps you to receive the energy you need for your highest good, so the commandments to come back home, back to your spiritual home, back to balance, help you.

The 5 Reiki rules of life are:

1. Today I will be grateful

Feeling gratitude means being grateful for all the circumstances in your life.

It’s easy to be grateful for warm, sunny days, pleasant moments with friends and family, or a promotion.

But what if the days don’t go as planned? When situations don’t turn out the way you expected?

Challenges in life help you grow mentally, emotionally and mentally.

Practicing gratitude during these times will benefit you and others.

When you focus on what you have and not what you are missing, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing sets in.

We always ask for more and only see what we don’t have.

Let’s try to be grateful for what we have for a day – like a job, a car that takes us where we need to go, a roof over our heads, good health and a family that loves and supports us unconditionally.

If we are grateful for what we have, we will attract more good.

The law of attraction states that the same attracts the same and lack attracts lack, so stay positive and be grateful for what you have.

2. Today I will not worry

If you like to worry, this Reiki principle will help you ground yourself when you think about the future.

Our ego is overwhelmed by coming up with an imaginary future and then living in the present, as if the imaginary future we have come up with is real.

This limits us to the moment – only to the now, only to the here and now.

This practice of using faith and breathing into the present moment can bring about significant changes in our individual and collective consciousness.

For most of us, stress is an important issue in our daily lives.

If we could try for just one day not to worry so much, we could all live more peacefully, which in turn would bring peace to others.

Not to mention that reducing stress also benefits your health!

So just for today, trust in Spirit, the Source, God (or yourself!) and know that everything will go well. It always does.

3. Today I will not be annoyed

If a typical morning for you is getting cut by another driver on your way to work, you’re likely to get angry.

Why not just take a deep breath, relax, forgive and let things rest on you.

What do you achieve if you stay angry and cut off his path to “pay him back”? Nothing.

The only thing you’ll achieve is an increased heart rate (and more stress!), which isn’t good for your well-being.

Feeling anger is not necessarily a bad thing. It signals to us that someone or something may have crossed a line.

Rather, it depends on how we deal with this anger. If you’re upset about something, try to find the cause of it.

Stick to it for a moment before you act. It’s not about suppressing emotions, soChange to deal with our anger and peel off the layers to see what the trigger is.

This principle reminds us to allow anger to come to the surface and dissolve in its own time, rather than condemning it or ashamed of it, which only allows it to last longer than necessary.

4. Today I will be honest

This principle reminds you to treat yourself and others with integrity. If you are not true to yourself, you create a lot of unnecessary inner and outer confusion. Things don’t flow as smoothly as you’d like. It’s harder and takes longer to get where you want to go.

The Reiki rule of life for yourself connects you deeply with yourself and with something bigger than yourself and of which you are a part.

If you have a difficult decision to make, practice Self-Reiki on your inner Hara. The practice helps you make decisions that are best for you and others.

If you have not yet learned anything about your Hara or the practical Reiki practice in the first Reiki degree, you may want to calm your mind with the breathing technique mentioned above. Once your mind is calm, it will be easier for you to access your inner wisdom.

Being yourself the most authentic is a great and extremely rewarding goal, but in practice it can be a big challenge.

We grow up as pack animals trying to adapt and be accepted, although the most important thing is to honor yourself and love yourself as you are.

So instead of trying to put yourself in a certain form in order to be accepted, or to hide who you really are, you should take this ideology as an opportunity to let your true self come to light.

The beauty of the “today” part of the mantra is that it encourages you to focus on a small step today and repeat it tomorrow, and so on.

5. Today I will be nice

What you give, you get back ten times. Be kind, loving and caring to everyone, even if it’s not your favorite person in the world.

We all deserve love and kindness. At the end of the day, we will feel better when we have brought some light and love into someone’s day, even if it is only for a moment.

Even though it may seem a little overwhelming to live by all 5 Reiki rules of life every day, you can start today by just trying one. You will be much happier at the end of the day, I promise.

This is one of my favorite Reiki principles. Here one is reminded to be considerate of one’s environment and to strive not to cause unnecessary harm to other living beings, e.B. humans, food, plants and animals.

Everyone has different ideas, likes, dislikes and beliefs. Developing acceptance, understanding, and compassion for the people around you will help you increase your health and well-being.

Kindness also means being kind to yourself.

Daily practical Reiki is an easy way to be kind to yourself.

It is a wonderful practice of self-care. Practicing in the morning will help you better manage difficult situations during the day.

Giving strength to the 5 Reiki rules of life

What I started to wonder about the 5 Reiki rules of life were two things important to me.

First, if the view of hypnotherapists and self-help leaders is correct that our subconscious mind does not know the word “not”, why are phrases such as “today”, “I will not be annoyed” or “I will not worry” used in the 5 Reiki rules of life?

As I thought more about these formulations, it seemed as if they became less and less self-empowering the more I recited them.

Nevertheless, I have been teaching my students for years how the application of the 5 Reiki Rules of Life can lead to self-growth and greater personal empowerment.

Therefore, I suspected that there had to be a way to give more power to these principles.

Second, and with all due respect to Master Usui, if there is a way to modify the wording of the Principles to help me and my students achieve greater self-empowerment, I can then develop a step-by-step process that will help the 5 PriThat is why we have tabled a number of amendments.

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