7 Signs That There Is a Ghost in Your Home

We all deal with scary things from time to time, but when it comes to ghosts, they can be exciting or damn scary.

Most spirits aren’t necessarily evil, but knowing what you’re dealing with can be very effective.

If you feel some kind of presence or notice strange things in your house, it is very possible that a spirit is present.

This could be someone connected to the house, or even a deceased loved one.

Don’t discard this concept too quickly, you might be dealing with something from the spirit world.

Below, I’ll go over some of the signs, but remember that you should be willing to listen to your gut feeling when it tells you something.

1. Cold places and sudden temperature fluctuations

Ghosts are often accompanied by inexplicable temperature fluctuations or cold air holes.

Paranormal researchers often use digital thermometers to track temperature fluctuations in a building as evidence of a haunting.

However, these temperature fluctuations could also be a sign that you need to make some repairs to your air conditioning system.

When ghosts are around, there are temperature changes. You will notice that the temperature drops and the room gets cold in certain areas. This is due to the energies that spirits radiate.

2. Unexplained odours

Many people believe that a familiar but inappropriate smell is a clear sign of the presence of ghosts – perhaps the smell of cigarette smoke where no one has smoked, or the smell of perfume after everyone has left the building.

It can be very disturbing to perceive a smell that doesn’t make sense in context, but could it actually come from outside your building?

Use a control system to ensure that your ventilation system is working properly and that your air filters are replaced regularly, as air, particles and odors could enter from the outside world.

If you’ve determined that ventilation isn’t to blame, check your facility for mold, as dark, warm areas are often the culprit.

3. Hear voices or someone calling your name

Have you ever heard someone call your name but then turn around and find that no one is there?

Paranormal researchers record these voices with digital voice recorders, calling them electronic voice phenomena or tape voices.

When you hear voices, they must come from somewhere. With ghosts, we tend to hear our name from time to time or that someone familiar says something, only to not be there when you turn around. When I was younger, this happened to me quite often in my grandmother’s house.

It’s quite possible that a ghost is trying to grab your attention. But wait a minute… is this a ghost, or is it your boss who asks you to stop looking for ghosts and go back to work? You should check that.

4. Flickering lights

One of the most common signs of paranormal presence that we often see in horror movies is flickering light.

Since some believe that spirits can manipulate electricity and energy, a flickering light could be a sign that a spirit is trying to communicate with you.

More likely, however, is that your light bulbs are broken and need to be replaced.

Before you invest in a night vision camera, hoping to see ghosts in your home, you should replace your light bulbs and make sure they are screwed in tightly.

5. Slamming doors

It has happened to all of us before: you are alone in a building and hear the dreaded, distant sound of a slamming door.

It’s easy to jump to conclusions, assume it’s haunted in your building, and flee while you still can – but not so quickly!

Are you sure that there are no leaking windows in your building that could cause a strong draft that makes the doors slam on their own?

Other reasons for inexplicable airflows can come from air systems from other rooms escaping under doors or through hallways. Check this before you panicn.

6. See inexplicable shadows and apparitions

Nothing is scarier than thinking you’re alone and then seeing a shadow moving out of the corner of your eye.

It can be nerve-wracking to check if what you thought you were seeing is really there.

But are you sure it was a ghost, or was it just your dusty colleague who crawled into the break room after five hours of maintenance on a boiler in the basement to drink a much-needed glass of water?

It’s worth thinking about before you rush to place a work order and demand that someone else take care of the ghost haunting the engine room.

If you feel like someone is with you, you’re probably right.

Your subconscious mind is more connected to your higher self than you are, and it might tell you something interesting. Only time will tell.

7. Feeling anxious

A supposed sign of a mind that is difficult to narrow down is an inexplicable sense of horror.

People who experience this feeling describe it as the feeling of being watched or breaking out in a cold sweat.

Surprisingly, there is a scientific explanation for this – infrasound.

This is a sound that is below what people can hear, but is still within the range where people can feel the vibrations of sound.

Mechanical appliances in your home, such as .B a water heater or air conditioner, can produce this sound and give you that feeling.

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