7 Things That Bring Negative Energy to Your Home

At home it is most beautiful, says an old proverb, but sometimes even in our own home we do not find a quiet harbor.

Unless you’re being plagued by some worries that could make you feel uncomfortable, the problem may not be with you, but in your four walls.

If this seems a little exaggerated to you, remember that the Chinese have been using Feng Shui for thousands of years, and this ancient philosophy is based on the flow of positive energy through the living space.

Keep in mind that everything that happens in the room you live in is absorbed in some way in the walls, objects, furniture.

Ancient peoples lived in harmony with nature and were aware of the energy that surrounds them.

Even then, numerous techniques for cleaning negativity were developed.

According to the ancient rules of Feng Shui, the room must also be periodically cleansed of accumulated energies.

An important factor for good vibrations of any room is its order and cleanliness.

Over time, energy accumulates in the apartment, which must be cleaned and released occasionally.

The first step in cleaning the home is to throw away unnecessary things and eliminate the clutter.

While the second step refers to energetic cleansing, which eliminates the accumulated energy residue that is a consequence of negative emotions, events, thoughts and stress.

After energetic purification, the energy is fresh again, it rises, becomes brighter and can circulate freely in the room.

Sometimes you can simply feel the negative energy in your room, and it is the reason for an unbalanced life.

If you’re feeling exhausted or having trouble finding things around the house, these are some of the signs that it’s time to clean the space you live in.

1. You keep items that have no purpose

Old newspapers, magazines, scattered books, dirty laundry, or stacks of toys can really hold you back, both physically and emotionally.

Clean your home at least once a week to feel free, healthy and energized.

Get rid of unwanted gifts by giving them away or passing them on, and you, free yourself from the shackles of the past, and move on.

Some things simply belong in the past, and if something no longer has any use, it will not benefit your future.

Also, try donating these things as your past can become someone’s future.

2. Your wardrobe is crowded

If your closets are crowded and you don’t know where everything is, it immediately means you’re under stress in the morning.

Because you don’t know what to wear and where certain things are, you immediately feel negative.

Don’t focus too much on any things, because you could move away from people who could help you and who are close to your heart.

If you haven’t worn something in a few seasons, get rid of these things or give them away.

Empty out at least a third of your wardrobe and throw it away to make room for something new in your life.

3. Your main door will not be used as an entrance

Your front door is a symbol of your career advancement and your life path.

If you constantly enter your home through a garage or backyard door, you could very quickly lose sight of your life goals.

You limit yourself in your promotion or employment opportunities

Plus, they lose your creativity and possible opportunities that could enrich your life.

Make it a habit to use the main front door at least once a day, even if you need to make a detour.

4. Broken watches and old calenders

According to Feng Shui, broken things should be thrown out of the house, especially broken watches.

They supposedly point to unfortunate events in the future.

Even old calendars are a magnet for misfortune and negative energy.

If you haven’t turned the page to the current month or the calendar is outdated, it’s not good toat least according to the old beliefs.

The calendar is a symbol of the passing of time, and if you use it incorrectly, it can supposedly affect your life as well.

5. A mirror facing the bed

It is believed that a mirror placed towards the bed can cause problems in the love sphere.

Because it directs negative influences to a healthy and high-quality relationship, placing it near your bed is a bad choice.

If you’ve been arguing with your partner lately and you have a mirror pointed at the bed, then that could be the reason.

Remove it from the wall and watch what will happen, mirrors definitely do not belong in this area.

There’s a good chance that your problems will magically go away.

6. Artificial plants and cacti

Artificial plants are considered to bring misfortune, so according to Feng Shui, they should also be thrown out of the house.

Keeping artificial plants or dried plants is inadmissible because they symbolize growth and prosperity.

When it comes to sharp objects, as well as plants with thorns, it is good to know that they often invite unwanted negative energy into your home.

We recommend that you do not buy cacti or furniture with sharp edges.

If you already have them, remove them from your house for a while and see if there are any changes.

7. Shoes in front of the door entrance

No matter in front of which apartment door shoes are placed, shoes are real “negative energy magnets”.

Especially when they are dirty, they attract negative energy even more than clean shoes.

Since they are also an object that is constantly exposed to black magic spells that can be encountered while running, they must be treated with special care.

Your home is a temple and you don’t want anyone to enter it with dirty shoes, so in many countries this is a sign of disrespect.

Keep them closed in the shoe cabinet and never outside the door, as this can drastically affect your happiness and safety.

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