8 Signs That You Are Highly Sensitive to Energy

Every day, more and more people realize that they fall into the category of people with empathy – people who are highly sensitive to energy and emotions that come from their environment.

An empathetic person is a person who has the ability to understand the mental and emotional states of others.

These people have high social intelligence and are very good at helping others solve their problems.

But what if some of our thoughts, emotions and feelings come from the people who are in the same room with us? Or from the people who are close to us?

1. You know things you don’t have evidence for

You simply “know” things for which you have no logical evidence.

In other words, you have a very strong intuition and are able to interpret things, which gives you insight into things that other people can’t see.

If you are sensitive to energy, you may be able to look at someone and see if they are good or bad and whether they should be avoided.

Maybe you told your friends that you had a bad feeling about your partner and later you found out that he cheated on them.

2. You instinctively avoid energy vampires

You avoid people and relationships with people who suck your energy out.

Since you’ve had experience with energy vampires in the past, you know how to identify them.

Their energy field develops a kind of protective shield and instinctively prevents you from meeting with them.

3. You feel other people’s emotions even when they’re not around you

If you are an empathetic person, you can catch other people’s energy field even when they are not around you.

You may be on the other side of the city or country, but you are still able to absorb their emotions.

For someone who is sensitive to energy, it’s important to have the habit of asking yourself, “Are these feelings mine?”

You can save yourself a lot of suffering if you can tell if you’re feeling bad about someone else’s energy field or your own.

4. You are sensitive to light, sounds, scents and touches

They do not like bright light and have a pronounced sense of taste, touch and smell.

Being empathetic means that your mind and body are connected and that naturally makes you more sensitive to all energies in general, including electromagnetic energy and sensory information.

5. You feel overwhelmed in crowded places

Yes, you prefer small crowds or being alone rather than being in large groups of people where you can take on all the negativity of others.

6. People tell you you’re too sensitive

The people around you tell you that you are too sensitive. They feel more, think more, and experience the feelings on a deeper level than most people.

7. You know when you are being lied to

It’s easy for you to read body language. They are also able to get a mental picture of the emotions and psychological states of others.

When people lie to you, you can perceive the change in their energy field and the tone of their voice.

You know they’re lying to you, and you have a good idea of what exactly is going on in their energy field.

Having empathy gives you a strong lie detector.

8. It’s hard for you to see violence on TV

From time to time, you feel bad when you see violence on TV or in the cinema, as you are a person who puts yourself in the shoes of others and often thinks what it would be like if you experienced something similar.

Although it is only an idea, you will be placed in the psychological and emotional space as it happened in real life.

Living as an empath is not an easy thing, especially if you live as an empath with a victim mentality, which means you put the keys of your heart in the hands of other people.

However, they are more than just a sponge of energy. They have power, a will and a choice.

Don’t be afraid to use this power and take control of Ito reclaim your energy field.

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