8 Ways You Can Protect Your Energy as an Introverted Empath

Your nature of giving and your highly developed senses are a gift to this world, but without proper care, there is a risk that they will be lost.

If you are an empath, please have this list ready if the outer universe is harming your inner universe.

Empathetic and intuitive people easily absorb other people’s feelings and psychological problems and often project them onto themselves.

Therefore, it is important to learn to distinguish one’s own aura from that of another and to regularly cleanse it of foreign vibrations and negative energies that surround us, so that there are no cracks and energy losses.

This can exhaust you and rob you of your own life force if you’re not careful, and you might start to see your gift of empathy as a curse rather than a blessing.

That’s why it’s so important to apply all the coping mechanisms described below so that you don’t give away your wonderful energy where it’s not appreciated.

1. Don’t feel bad when you say no

Many people don’t like a no as an answer, but you have to get them to just accept it.

This is especially the case if you are more likely to belong to the empathetic spectrum.

As an empath, you have a harder time saying no than other people, and that’s why others can use your energy and time.

Even if you don’t feel good and don’t have time, they will ask you for something, and here you need to be careful.

Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of and pass off your no as a clear answer.

Your time and energy are valuable, and those who don’t respect that may not even be worth being in your life.

2. Don’t let others not respect your boundaries

Boundaries go beyond just saying no and also apply to other things.

In addition to saying no, these limits also include taking time for yourself, not responding to text messages, not getting involved in quarrels, and relying on those who don’t do you any good.

Obviously, so as not to waste valuable energy and mental strength, especially if you are an empath.

Because an empath is above all a person who understands others better than himself, but who should also take time to understand himself.

Empaths are therefore often confused about their own feelings, while clearly understanding those of others.

Whereby you need to know that sensitivity makes you susceptible to suffering, which you can prevent to some extent by having healthy boundaries and keeping your heart closed until you have really met a person.

3. Meditate when things get too much

It’s no secret that life can get hard, especially for empaths, because they tend to be greatly influenced by the energy around them.

Instead of replenishing this energy by watching a certain program or overeating, one should turn to meditation.

This is especially recommended if you are going through a difficult time and are being drained by the toxic people around you.

So find yourself a quiet place, light some incense and center yourself in your own heart.

Also, place some items in your environment that will immediately fill you with positive energy.

Maybe crystals, gifts from beloved friends, works of art and even candles with your favorite scent.

4. Take a full day to just switch off

Empaths tend to be more exhausted than others because they constantly soak up the bad energy around them.

This is not limited to absorbing the negative energy of the people around them, but also extends to those who suffer and are in need.

Even if an empath simply sees a beggar on the street or a hungry animal in distress, he can’t help but change his whole mood.

All the suffering and sadness around them affects them, and this becomes very exhausting over time.

Because in addition to their own sadness and suffering, there is also the general pain they carry on their bare shoulders.

That is why they sometimes have tooh take a break from all this and be alone in peace.

5. Remember that you should always choose the good no matter what happens

While empaths expend much of their own energy and mental health to build others up, unfortunately they also receive little or no in return.

Ironically, they are the ones who selflessly give others a part of themselves, only to be forgotten and abandoned.

That’s why empaths sometimes even wonder if they should change and if the things they do are right at all.

Because why should you help others and be a good person when it causes you so much pain.

You should do this even if you are not an empath, because everything bad that you send out into the universe comes back to you.

Even if you are hurt and offended at the moment, you should know that your happiness awaits you at the end of the tunnel as long as your hands are clean.

6. Stop rewarding the negative people around you

One of the most valuable quotes that can accompany you through life is:

“Bad behavior should not be rewarded.”

Also, always keep in mind that a violation of these words can always end badly for you.

Because as an empath, you always try to justify others and their behavior, but others may not do it for you.

Living by these words also protects the empath from feeling disrespectful and exploited.

After all, they can’t expect not to be hurt by people who don’t even appreciate how many times they had to burn themselves for them to keep their peace.

7. Exchange negative thoughts with positive ones

Empathy is a gift that helps us connect with others, but also takes away parts of ourselves when we do.

So in order for you to be empathetic without this having any negative effects, you need to develop a strong self-confidence.

This will help you stay grounded no matter what, and no matter how much bad energy you absorb on a daily basis.

After all, with self-confidence comes strength, and you need a lot of it if you choose to remain empathetic.

You also learn not to take everything personally and begin to understand that sometimes not everyone is worthy of your heavenly energy.

Some people will only use this energy against you and consider you weak, when in reality you are stronger than any coward who chooses ignorance.

8. Learn to be selfish and put yourself first

Behind every exhausted empath there is only one person who forgets to put himself in front of others.

No! You can’t always be the loving emotional nurse who makes everyone healthy when they’re feeling bad.

Sometimes you also have to take care of yourself and be selfish, because at the end of the day you are only dependent on yourself.

Empaths give a lot of love, but they don’t get half of it back, and that’s why they only have to give it to those who really deserve it.

So that they don’t feel like they’ve been taken advantage of or that all their love has been in vain.

So even if you want to embrace the whole world with all your love, you should understand that it is far too valuable to give away to certain evil people.

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