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We all know that a sufficient supply of water is necessary for the optimal functioning of the organism.

In Japan, however, this recommendation is taken very seriously and has even developed its own traditional method of water therapy.

Scientists around the world have also repeatedly proven that the cause of most diseases is known to be due to a lack of water in the body.

This lack of water leads to disruption of metabolic processes that lead to the development of the disease.

So we conclude from this that if the disease occurs on the background of lack of water, it can not be cured by medicines and water.

Thus, regular water consumption not only eliminates the symptoms of the disease, but also promotes the complete recovery of the patient.

This procedure thus allows the healing of the entire body.

So Japanese water therapy is the easiest way to not only prevent and cure a disease, but also to improve the whole body.

In addition, it does not require high financial expenses, so it is accessible to all.

Japanese water therapy: why water is so important

Water not only quenches thirst, but also has a healing effect, cleanses the body and breaks down negative energies.

Frequent showering and especially swimming eliminates the effects of stress, relaxes muscles and nerves, and frees us from negative energies.

There is even the belief that this eliminates magic, sorcery and the like.

In addition, traditional Japanese medicine recommends drinking water immediately after waking up and for medicinal purposes, and scientific studies confirm the effectiveness of this habit.

Japanese water therapy also shows excellent results in the treatment of many diseases.

It is used to treat meningitis, diabetes, gastritis, headache, asthma, bronchitis, arthritis, epilepsy, body pain, heart disease, blood lipids, kidney and urinary tract diseases, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, hemorrhoids, eye, ear, throat and nose diseases, uterus, menstrual disorders and even cancer.

Without water, blood circulation, the functioning of the kidneys, brain, intestines, muscles, nervous system, metabolism, regulation of body temperature, proper functioning of joints and skeletal systems, as well as the excretion of pollutants from the body are also inconceivable.

So it is clear that without water there is no life, so we need to drink more of it.

Why drink water in the morning?

During the night, the body does not receive fluid and in conjunction with this, the blood becomes thicker.

This complicates the work of many organs and systems, mainly because the heart works hard due to the thick blood, which affects its function and blood vessels, increasing pressure.

In addition, if you do not drink water immediately after waking up, but rely on coffee and sandwiches, the blood becomes even thicker, because it also requires moisture for the digestion of food.

In this regard, we suffer from chronic water deficiency and digestive problems.

Therefore, to enable normal digestive processes, it is necessary to drink water before meals.

Why should you drink hot water?

This has nothing to do with the fear of a cold.

However, cold water slows down the digestive process, as the fatty substances contained in it thicken and do not dissolve.

Warm water, on the other hand, promotes rapid lipolysis, because in the liquid state they react with oxygen and are quickly absorbed by the body.

The Chinese and Japanese also drink hot tea with meals… no cold water.

Perhaps, therefore, it is time to adopt their drinking habits (in small sips) during meals.

The effect of water therapy is already noticeable after a few days of use:

  • faster metabolism
  • more energy
  • Satiety
  • Beginning of weight loss
  • more beautiful skin

These tips are for prevention, but are also useful for treatment, as warm water is said to eliminate disease-causing toxins.

The Japanese Waterrtherapy: procedure

As the name suggests, Japanese water therapy comes from Japan.

The Japanese, considered one of the most long-lived peoples, recommend traditional water therapy for a number of ailments and diseases.

4 glasses of lukewarm water are drunk daily on an empty stomach.

In this Japanese method, a glass is measured at 1.6 dl, which means that you ultimately have to drink 6.4 dl of water every morning.

It is important that the water is lukewarm and not cold.

Cold water could slow down metabolism and digestion, and the main goal of Japanese water therapy is precisely to stimulate digestion for the purpose of healing.

After drinking four glasses of water, you are not allowed to eat or drink anything for the next 45 minutes.

After breakfast, you are not allowed to eat anything for the next two hours.

After that, continue with your usual circadian rhythm.

6.4 dl of water may seem like a lot at first and you won’t be able to drink that much right after waking up, but don’t give up.

Start with a glass of water, then try two and so on until you reach four glasses of water.

You should proceed step by step so as not to put too much strain on your body. After a while, you will easily be able to drink four glasses of water.

Japanese water therapy also has no negative consequences for the body.

In addition to healing and relieving numerous symptoms and diseases, your skin will also become more beautiful, radiant and wrinkle-free.

So let Japanese water therapy become your new lifestyle that you can practice all your life without fear of harmful consequences.

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