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A necklace that protects the child

The meaning of the angel caller, which in some cultures is also called harmony chain, angel chain or pregnancy chain, is fairytale and I advise you to wear it during your pregnancy.

It is a chain with a bell-like pendant that produces light and subtle sounds when moving.

You can find them in different colors and they are a very nice gift for pregnant women.

The angel caller has the shape of a ball with a smaller ball inside, which gives a very special tone when shaken.

According to legend, the gentle clinking, which is unique to each ball, has magical and wonderful properties: it has the power to call the wearer’s guardian angel to give protection, well-being and spiritual guidance.

It is a very meaningful piece of jewelry for motherhood.

Apart from their calming effect on the child and the spiritual protection that this amulet can provide, angel callers are pieces of jewelry that create a story of the common tradition of mother and child.

It tells the story of a bond that was maintained during pregnancy, that was present after birth in the first months of life and can accompany the child and mother throughout life, this sacred bond being strengthened by a magical object.

The gentle ringing symbolizes this powerful, unique and intimate connection between mother and child, a connection that transcends the boundaries of life, time and space.

The origin and legend of the angel caller

The angel caller is part of a tradition that goes back thousands of generations in civilizations as diverse as Mexico and Indonesia.

There are several legends about the history and origins of the angel callers, but always the angel caller has the same meaning.

Perhaps the most beautiful is a legend that says that thousands of years ago people lived in direct contact with their guardian angels and that for some reason probably related to original sin, they had to stop living with them.

The angels, mourning the loss of the people they loved most, gave them spherical pendants made of pure silver that, when shaken, rang like bells.

These balls were a symbol of protection.

The meaning of the angel caller was that if people felt defenseless or just sad in danger, they only had to shake the ball, because when they heard their sound, the guardian angel, of everyone, would come to their aid or accompaniment.

According to another legend, the angel call chain comes from Bali in Indonesia.

Pregnant women in Bali wore the angel caller chains to calm the children during and after pregnancy.

The spherical pendant, which contains a small metal ball, emits a gentle, melodic sound that conveys peace and harmony as the mother goes about her daily activities.

This legend also exists in the Mayan culture.

It is said that the gentle ringing of the ball, unique to each pendant, has the magical ability to summon the guardian angel of its wearer, who will protect her and accompany her through her life.

What is the significance of the angel caller for mother and child

I am fascinated by the meaning of the angel caller because it presents a covenant between mother and child.

Wearing this necklace during pregnancy means that the mother and child are protected.

Depending on the environment in which the pregnant woman lives, there can be a lot of negative energy around the child, so the angel callers are excellent for protecting the pure energy of the unborn child and continuing to protect it even after birth.

After birth, the necklace can be kept by the mother or given to the newborn to care for it during sleep and soothe it with the gentle, soothing sound and protect it daily by calling out the invisible presence of its guardian angel.

It is also said that the harmonic sound of the angel caller calms the little ones in the womb and that they can recognize the sound at birth, which helps them to relax and fall asleep faster.

From the 20th week of pregnancy, the fetus begins to hear the sounds of the outside worldören.

This is the perfect time to start wearing an angel call necklace, as the child can hear the sound of the gentle bell every time his mother moves.

After birth, the child is familiar with the soothing sound of the pendant and becomes calmer.

These necklaces are a great tool for calming the child, as a reminder of the warmth and comfort of the womb and the invisible presence of its mother.

The materials from which angel callers are made

As a rule, the angel caller is made of metal.

In most cases, silver is the material of choice, but golden angel callers can also be found.

They are also made from alpaca, a slightly cheaper, but also beautiful material.

The sound balls that are inside the pendant can be metal or glass splinters.

The idea is that the friction or collision of the pieces with the metal when shaken produces a delicate and harmonious sound at a very low frequency, which can often be ignored by the people around them.

Wearing of the angel caller

You wear it as a pendant around your neck.

It can also be installed in the apartment, preferably on the door or on the cot: on the door, because opening and closing the door makes the angel caller move and sound; at the cot, so that it sounds before the child falls asleep, thus protecting the child’s sleep.

Although the angel necklace is intended exclusively for the wearer, it already protects the child in the womb.

For this purpose, a chain of at least 70 centimeters in length is used, so that the angel caller is at the height of the child.

Once the child is born, however, it can only be used by one of the two, mother or child.

In some Asian countries, they are associated with the heart chakra, which is located at the level of the navel.

Therefore, an angel chain must have a certain length so that the ball is always at the level of the navel of the expectant mother.

Meaning of the colors of Engelsrufer sound spheres

The balls that are inside the angel caller usually have a symbolism that depends on their color.

In the following, we will explain the meaning of each color.

Red Angel Caller

You should use this color to enhance your relationships and love in your family.

Red is associated with optimism, triumph, strength, courage, bravery and the ability to achieve its goals.

It is also the color of choice for the most daring people.

Green Angel Caller

The color green stands for hope, health, balance and honesty.

It conveys a sense of prosperity, trust and freedom and is another color that stands strongly for nature.

For people, it stands for a good mood, emotional balance and inner peace.

Use it when you feel the presence of illness or when you want to fill your life with good wishes.

Brown Angel Caller

The color brown embodies fertility, awakens feelings of comfort and warmth.

It is a color that, in combination with other bright colors, creates an effect that highlights them.

It is also a strong symbol of nature, as it occurs in nature with all its shades, so warmth and wisdom are synonymous with the color brown.

Black Angel Caller

Black is mysterious and elegant.

Use it when you are looking for your inner strength.

It is a dark color that can dominate the light.

It stands for authority, elegance, mystery and thus also for the night.

Black is associated with sensuality, but also with order, foresight, strictness, inner life and strength.

White Angel Caller

White stands for perfection, innocence, purity and immortality.

This color is indispensable if you want to achieve a perfect state of peace in your life.

Use it when you feel stressed and disoriented.

It is considered the absolute color.

It is also associated with new beginnings, truth, cleanliness and, above all, peace.

White is the strongest color of alln, although their tone is not as imposing as the others, but rather natural and positive.

Grey Angel Caller

Grey stands for neutrality, wisdom, common sense and tolerance.

This color gives people an intellectual aspect and maturity.

Gray is strongly associated with self-confidence, self-control and independence.

Light pink angel caller

Light pink is friendly, delicate, gives hope and peace in difficult moments.

She manages to emphasize femininity in women, as it is a combination of red and white.

Rosa is able to radiate youth and beauty.

Dark Pink Angel Caller

Dark pink is the color of strong, dominant and style-conscious personalities.

Due to its red and blue tones, this color is suitable for dominant, confident and stylish people.

Pink radiates sensuality and courage.

Orange Angel Caller

Orange stands for energy.

It gives strength, self-esteem and stimulates activity.

It transmits positive emotions.

Orange is considered an exotic color and stands for success and family.

It calms people down immediately and is ideal for new stages of life.

Use it when you are starting a new phase of life and need spiritual support.

Yellow Angel Caller

Yellow brings happiness and creates vitality and optimism.

This color is associated with the light produced by the sun and stands for organization and good decision-making.

Yellow can facilitate communication and the good expression of words, as it is also associated with a good expression of thoughts.

Use it when you are depressed and full of negative feelings that you need to drive out of your life.

Golden Angel Caller

Gold stands for wealth.

It is the color of independence.

It is also the color of birth, sunshine, pure radiance, purity and success in different areas of life.

This color is synonymous with abundance, not only materially, but also intellectually, and is therefore associated with understanding and wisdom, but also with birth and new beginnings.

Use it to bring prosperity into your life.

Purple Angel Caller

Purple stands for freedom and balance.

It is the colour of independence, imagination and spirituality.

It is associated with emotional peace, as it has a cleansing and liberating effect on humans.

Use this color as protection during long journeys or if you are looking for the path of wisdom.

Turquoise Engelsruger

Turquoise stands for balance, communication, honesty and self-confidence.

Use it when your life changes a lot and you need as much balance as possible.

It is a color that evokes feelings of serenity as it is a combination of white and blue.

Blue Angel Caller

Blue stands for feelings, fluidity, responsibility and the ability to concentrate.

It stands for sensitivity, fluidity and responsibility.

Blue in all its shades evokes two very strong feelings of calm and purity.

For people, this color stands for honesty and sincerity, and it can contribute to the clarity of thoughts and the ability to concentrate of everyone.

Angel caller in the color Mint

This color belongs to the group of shades of green.

It stands for elegance, vitality and inner peace, but is also a fresh shade that creates peace, serenity, youth, fun and transparency.

Purification of the angel caller

As with any talisman or amulet, it is necessary to perform proper cleaning and charge it.

The angel caller is no exception, and there are several ways to do it.

One possibility is that you charge the angel call overnight with the energy of the full moon.

In other words, it’s a cleansing light bath.

Another option is to bury it in a pot of soil and thus purify it by connecting it to one of the elements of nature.

In almost all legends and also among the people who have used it, there is agreement that it isshould be used by the person who consecrates it and that no one else should touch it.

If it happens (because it is sometimes inevitable) that we drop it and someone kindly hands it to us, we need to clean it.

We may leave it on the desk and someone touches it to keep it so it doesn’t get lost.

Whatever the situation, you need to clean the chain and the pendant.

This amulet is charged with the energy of the person who gave it to us, and the same thing will happen if we give it to someone.

It is always important to clean it.

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