Angel numbers, their statements and meanings

Although we all have angels around us all the time, our guardian angels don’t always communicate with us in simple or clear ways that are easy to interpret and understand.

Most of the time, the angelic guidance comes in mysterious signs and unusual synchronistic events with which one must be in tune in order to understand them.

Remember that angels are celestial beings who live in a realm that has a higher vibration frequency than the physical world.

As heavenly messengers of our supreme truth, God or the Source, angels are bound by the laws of God and therefore cannot penetrate the events in our lives without our direct consent.

That is why our protectors must send their help to us in signs and symbolic messages.

What are angel numbers?

One of the most common and exciting ways our angels send their guidance and wisdom is through the use of angel numbers.

Angel numbers are series of numbers that carry divine guidance by referring to certain numerological meanings.

In numerology, the divine science of numbers, it is understood that each number has a specific vibrational meaning that goes beyond a simple number.

This vibration frequency is inherently similar to the frequencies with which angels and other celestial beings react. Often, when our guardian angels want to grab our attention, they send us a certain set of numbers that will keep popping up in our lives.

It’s the repetition of the order that will seem so scary and make you look for everything wherever you can to find out more about what it might mean.

How do angel numbers work?

Angel numbers generally work through meaningful coincidences or synchronicity. Synchronicity is a term developed by psychologist CG Jung, who believed that our mind is connected to a universal entity he called the collective subconscious.

Synchronicities are coincidences that are extremely significant, even strange. These events are like a push from an invisible guiding force that we understand as messages from the divine or angelic realm.

What does it mean to have a meaningful coincidence?

Let’s say you wake up in the middle of the night at 3:33 a.m. for no particular reason. A day after waking up at this time, you decide to stop at a coffee shop on your way to work and grab a drink that costs $3.33. This afternoon, at 3:33 p.m., an alarm sounds in the office and they are all taken out of the building.

If you’re standing outside and waiting, you’ll have a strange feeling when you realize you’ve been seeing this series of numbers for days, maybe weeks.

If there has been a real emergency, it may be a warning from your guardian angel of danger. If not, then there can be a deeper message. This is where the numerological meaning of numbers comes into play.

In this case, the number 3 is the number of the trinity, which stands for self-expression, creativity and spiritual growth. Have you been looking for ways to deepen your life experience? Through the angel number 333, your guardian angels can lead you on the spiritual path that gives you the meaning and depth you are looking for.

Why do angels use numbers to talk to us?

Angels are pure celestial beings who operate in an area that has a high vibration frequency. The physical or material area has a much slower vibration frequency. In order for angels to communicate with us, they must do so through our minds.

The human mind is the only one in the material realm capable of understanding and interpreting information from the higher, angelic realm.

Numbers have a vibrating nature similar to the vibration frequency of the angelic kingdom. Each number has its own vibrational meaning, which allows you to interpret the messages you get from the angels.

When you see repeated series of numbers, it actually carries specific information about your situation that you can use to improve your life.

The Sacred Science of Numerology

Numerology is quite simply the study of the vibrational meanings of numbers. In other words, it describes the relationships between the meaning of numbers and how they reflect certain qualities, qualities and talents related to life.

The history and details of numerology are quite fascinating, and although there is no clear answer as to when numerology first emerged, historical records of the use of numerology already exist in Egyptian and Babylonian times!

At the heart of the sacred science of numerology is the idea that the universe is mathematically precise and that each number has a clear and precise meaning that we can adjust to in order to understand our lives.

What is important in numerology to understand angel numbers and communicate with the angels is that each number 1-9, and then also the “master numbers” 11, 22 and 33 have a clear and significant meaning.

As you learn the meaning of these individual numbers, you can then connect them together to decipher and understand the basic message that your angels convey through the series of numbers you see.

The Secret of Learning the Deeper Meaning of Angel Numbers

The meaning of seeing a triple sequence of numbers is similar to seeing a single digit, but the meaning is multiplied! In addition, triple numbers really stand out in normal life, and for this reason they are some of the most common angel numbers received.

To help you further decipher the meaning of the angel numbers you see, I’ve described in much more detail the meanings of many of these numbers, which you can find below. Read the descriptions of the numbers, paying attention to your intuition to determine the guidance your angels will send you through the numbers!

How to interpret angel numbers easily

The angels are loving and caring beings who want only the best for you. When your angels send you messages, you can be sure that they want to show you how to make your life better.

Every day, when you use your phone, watch TV, or go to work, you’ll find many rows of numbers that are sure to carry vibration information from the sky.

Combinations of numbers should also be studied for specific meanings.

Here’s a basic guide to the keys to understanding the meaning of angel numbers:

1 – This is the number of originality, leadership and independence. When this number appears, it could signal the beginning of something new and original in your life.

2 – This is the number of collaboration, association and sensitivity to others and could be a sign that you need to collaborate more or be more sensitive to others.

3 – The number of spirituality, creativity and self-expression. The angels can use this number to show you new ways of socializing and creativity.

4 – This is the number associated with stability, work and career. When you see this number, it’s often a warning about your career.

5 – Combined with adventure, excitement and higher consciousness, it is a sign that good times are on the way.

6 – This number stands for everything that has to do with the house, including family ties and obligations.

7 – This is a sign that you agree with your spiritual goal, because 7 is the number of spirits. Opportunities to align oneself with the divine destiny will open up to you.

8 – The number of abundance and material wealth, the angels send you a guide on how to attract this abundance and at the same time achieve your deeper spiritual purpose.

9 – This is the number of fulfillment of the deeper purpose of your soul. It is a sign from the angels that it is time to start the real work.

11 – The number 11 is a master number and means that you should listen to your deeper intuitions. Maybe you will meet someone whose high energy will lift your vibration to new heights!

22 – This is the number of the builder who tells you that you have the ability to turn your dreams into reality.

The angelic message when you see your date of birth!

A date of birth is a number given to each of us by beis of particular importance. Your date of birth is the date on which your soul decided to take shape in the physical world. It contains clues to your deeper destiny here on Earth.

If your date of birth keeps coming up, it’s a message from the angels that’s full of guidance about your deeper purpose. When this number appears, look at the conditions under which they appear.

Maybe there’s something in this situation that holds the key to your bigger goal.

What does it mean when you stop seeing angel numbers…

After a time that was full of messages from the angels, you will surely be followed by a time when you do not seem to receive angelic guidance.

Don’t worry, if you saw the angel numbers all the time, they would begin to lose their special meaning.

Angels send us their guidance in many different forms, so keep your mind open and you will be able to adjust to the guidance that the angels send you in many different ways.


If there’s a combination of numbers you don’t see here, you can look at what each individual number means and put them together, as well as look up the definition of the total. Continue to add numbers until you get a single digit.

For example, 615 = (6+1+5=12. Add the numbers of 12: 1+2=3).

6 stands for balance and harmony.
1 represents self-realization and initiation.
5 represents change

Their sum is 12, which is reduced to 3 (1+2=3), which stands for warm expression and creativity. So when you see 615, you may need to find balance and harmony (6) while (1) starting some changes (5) in your life that allow you to have more independence (1) and personal expression (3).

Single-digit angel numbers

Angel number 1, angel number 2, angel number 3, angel number 4, angel number 5, angel number 6, angel number 7, angel number 8, angel number 9

Two-digit angel numbers

Three-digit angel numbers

Four-digit angel numbers

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