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Autogenic training to fall asleep: exercises against sleep disorders

Autogenic training to fall asleep can help you when you’re under stress, can’t relax, and can’t fall asleep.

Too little sleep can affect many things, including our immune system, which makes us more susceptible to disease. Stress hormones are increasingly released, which can lead to irritability, lack of concentration and weight gain.

This can be a vicious circle from which it is difficult to break out. The fear of not being able to sleep causes stress that makes sleeping even more difficult.

According to scientific studies, almost a third of adults suffer from chronic insomnia.

The cause of insomnia is anxiety and stress. In such situations, people resort to tablets, which have many side effects.

Autogenic training to fall asleep is an effective method that helps you fall asleep better and faster. It is a relaxation method based on self-suggestion.

This workout helps slow breathing, lower blood pressure, and slow down heart rate.

What is autogenic training to fall asleep?

Autogenic training to fall asleep is a relaxation process in which, by concentrating attention on the body and body sensations, a state of relaxation of the body and psyche is achieved, which has a positive effect on mental and physical health.

The method was introduced to medicine by the German psychiatrist and physician J. H. Shulz.

The most important effect of autogenic training is the reduction and elimination of
of fears.

In the course of many years of use in medicine in various psychiatric hospitals, the effectiveness of the method has been confirmed and helped physical disorders such as those in people with sleep problems.

For whom is autogenic training suitable for falling asleep?

Autogenic training to fall asleep can be practiced by anyone who wants to protect themselves from the negative effects of stress, by people with mental health problems, physical disabilities and healthy people without physical or mental disorders who want to strengthen their health.

In people with serious mental disorders, autogenic exercise is not recommended because it impairs their ability to function.

With serious physical diseases, it is necessary to consult a doctor before autogenic training. This is especially true for more severe heart patients.

If increased anxiety or other unpleasant experiences become noticeable during autogenic training to fall asleep, it is better to stop training and consult a trained trainer for autogenic training.

How often should autogenic training be used to fall asleep?

Already at the first workout you will feel that you are more relaxed, which leads to a better sleep.

On average, a person needs three to six months of regular exercise to master the introductory exercises and to put themselves in the autogenic state at will.

It is important to regularly apply autogenic training to fall asleep in order to achieve competent application of the technique and the desired psychophysical relaxation. The training should be done daily, once a day or when you feel the need to feel the positive effect of the exercise.

Benefits of autogenic training when falling asleep

Regular autogenic training to fall asleep restores the harmony between the activities of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. This leads to a significant improvement in the state of health.

When a person experiences that he can rely on his powers and control his fears, he develops a sense of self-worth, self-control and strength.

As a regular mental hygiene, autogenic training can be used to maintain mental and physical health, as the focus is on one’s own person.

Autogenic training is also used as a method to prevent burnout in the workplace, stress, anxiety, depression, anger management, fatigue, concentration, memory and decision-making difficulties.

Autogenic training as self-help

If the opportunity arises, the method of autogeTraining is practiced with an expert who guides the practitioner from exercise to practice until he has completed mastery of the technique in order to be able to continue to use it independently.

Autogenic training can also be a self-help technique. Here, the practitioner follows the instructions for the application and mastery of the technique.

The motivation to use the technique should be given not only during autogenic training to fall asleep, but also when you have other problems that you want to solve.

As a self-help, you can practice autogenic training yourself if you feel tension, anxiety or other unpleasant feelings and thoughts, if you experience physical symptoms such as headaches and body aches, or if you want to relax above all.

Preparation for the exercise

  • Go to a place where you will not be disturbed so that you feel comfortable.
  • Turn off your phone.
  • Before autogenic training, it is good to know the technique of slow breathing.
  • Progressive muscle relaxation can also be a good preparation for autogenic training.
  • Stay as calm as possible during the exercise.
  • It is best to lie down on your back.
  • You can rest your head on something if you want.
  • It is recommended to practice with your eyes closed. However, this is not absolutely necessary.


We now want to relax. To do this, we change our usual mental attitude.

We humans are interested in a series of events in external reality.

We are responsible beings. What happens in the family, in the workplace, in the world is important to us, so we focus our attention on it and deal with the events.

While we practice relaxation, it’s all completely irrelevant.

I am not interested in all these events.

We can say that we have now become completely unresponsive to all these events.

In reality, we live in two worlds. Apart from the outer world, we live in our own mental reality, which consists of our own thoughts, feelings, mental images, memories of past events and plans.

Mentally, we live above all in the past and in the future, least of all in the present.

Memories are particularly important, they impose themselves on us, especially, perhaps paradoxically, when they are unpleasant and difficult.

Now we want to explain that all these psychological events are not important to us: “I don’t care.”

We could detach ourselves from all external and internal events and pay as much attention as possible by focusing on the exercise.

Start of autogenic training to fall asleep

The criticism of our body, the desire that it should be different in some way and that we change it in some way does not interest us now.

When we accept our own body, we have accepted a large part of our experience with ourselves and we feel better.

And now we direct the attention from the whole body only to our main hand. What is the most important hand? For right-handers it is the right hand, and for left-handers the left. Once we have focused our attention, we have automatically focused it a little.

While holding our right hand in the focus of attention, we begin to notice that the muscles of the right forearm and upper arm are relaxed because we have calmed the right arm and supported it on the thigh.

We can also feel tension of the shells. The tension can be higher or lower, and it also depends on the strength of the load we feel.

While we are still learning the relaxation technique, the left hand also helps us on the path of relaxation. Let us focus our attention on the left hand. We notice a slight tension of the muscles of the left forearm and left upper arm. Intentionally press these muscles, we feel that they are tense, so we relax them as much as possible. We also relax the entire left arm. Now the left hand sends signals of relaxation and rest to the whole body, which is strengthened in this way.

In this way, we continue to do it with the whole body.

We go on to the legs, the Abdomen, chest and chest, shoulders, neck, head, eyes and forehead.We focus on this part of the body and try to relax it as much as possible.

Breathe in and feel like exhaling relaxes the part of the body where you have put the focus.

Autogenic heart training to fall asleep

Say to yourself, “My heart beats calmer and calmer.”

Repeat this affirmation six times.

Seek your heart.

Where is your heart?

Where do I feel it now?

What we feel in our hearts is his heartbeat.

You can feel your heart beating. But where?

Usually we feel the heartbeat in the chest, where the heart is. And you can also feel it in another part of the body.

If you can’t feel the heartbeat, you can easily put your finger on your wrist, and you’re sure to feel.

Realize that your heart is beating, and not just now. It beats your whole life, even now.

Focus your attention on your heartbeat. In this part of the exercise you are not interested in anything else, nothing else it is not important. When your attention wanders, focus it back on your heartbeat.

And now you add positive feelings about your heart. They give him positive attention.

You notice: The heart beats calmly, correctly, rhythmically, harmoniously. You are happy with your heart. It is dedicated and works reliably throughout its life.

Your heart was already beating before you were born. You are grateful for your heart. You can say (internally) to your heart: Thank you, heart, for your dedicated work. Keep working, my heart, keep beating calmly, neatly, rhythmically and harmoniously.

You feel that everything is fine with your heart now and that you have a very good relationship with it.

The heart is a trusted friend and a co-worker who is constantly working for you, and you are grateful to him for that.

Autogenic heat training to fall asleep

Say to yourself, “Warmth.”

Focus on feeling the warmth of your body.

The experience of body heat is constantly there, but usually not in the center of attention.

You can say to yourself, “Now I put the experience of my body heat at the center of attention and stay with it.”

Attention is focused precisely on this experience. If your attention wanders, do not get angry, but return to the exercise calmly and patiently.

This is now the experience of body heat. Feel that your body is really warm.

The experience of heat is not an abstract thought as you really feel the warmth of the body, you have a physical experience of warmth. You feel that the body is warm, even on the body.

Pay attention to the sensations of warmth. It is possible to feel one part of the body being warmer than other parts.

And now you take all the attention from the whole body and focus it only on the right/left hand.

Now that you have your attention focused on the right/left hand, imagine a psychic image that best evokes the experience of the warmth of the hand and that evokes the experience of the warmth of the right/left hand. You can imagine any image you like. The standard image is the idea of sunbathing for your own
right/left hand.

Pleasant, warm, not too strong sun shines and warms the right/left hand. You enjoy this picture and you feel that your right/left hand is pleasantly warm.

Repeat to yourself three times (with empathy): Here and now I feel that my right/left hand is pleasantly warm.

Now that you have felt the pleasant warmth of your right/left hand and intensified this experience a little, transfer this feeling to your whole body.

Autogenic abdominal muscle training to fall asleep

Say to yourself six times, “Here and now I feel a pleasant warmth flowing in my stomach.”

Focus on your gut. First on the skin that covers the abdomen. Feel the pleasant warmth of this skin.

You realize that it’s not just the skin that’s warm. Feel that your whole belly is warm. Pay attention to the feeling of warmth in the underneathbody.

Pay attention to your whole abdomen and perceive the body sensations in your abdomen.

And now that you have felt and perceived the pleasant experience of warmth in your stomach, intensify that experience a little.

Imagine drinking a warm, tasty, healthy drink right now. Which one?

A drink that tastes best to you. This can be a hot soup, or a tea, or a mulled wine.

Or you remember a situation where you really drank a hot drink or ate a hot soup, and now recall the pleasant feeling of warmth in your stomach that you had.

Or you can imagine that at this moment a small sun is shining in the middle of your body. Like a golden ball that warms your belly from the inside. You feel a pleasant warmth in your own stomach. Now add positive feelings to your belly as a whole and to all the organs in your abdomen.

All these organs are now doing their job flawlessly. You feel that everything in your stomach runs smoothly, harmoniously and healthily. You are grateful to all these bodies that work for you. Do not underestimate their work. You respect them, they are your co-workers and friends.

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