Beings. The Guardians of Light of Humanity

What are beings of light?

We are constantly surrounded by invisible companions, i.e. beings of light. The most famous and popular light beings are angels, fairies, elves and unicorns.

We can’t see them with the naked eye, but we can communicate with them in different ways.

With beings of light we can communicate through dreams, meditation and out of body experiences, and children talk to them as a matter of course.

They are there to show us and all humanity the way of light. They want us to rise as a collective and evolve spiritually.

With such a development, we eventually become beings of light ourselves.

Our minds must accept other worlds outside our world. It is important to understand that beings of light are omnipresent in our lives.


Angels are disembodied beings of light who are responsible for guarding people on their earthly journey.

They were created to carry out God’s will, to help people, and to spread unconditional love, grace, and blessings.

Every human being has his personal angel who takes care of him throughout his life.

These beings of light are mediators between God and man, hence divine messengers, as their name suggests, Greek Angelos means messenger.

They are arranged in nine angel choirs, and each choir is led by an archangel. The most famous archangels are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel.

All religions and cultures have guardian angels and protectors, but under different names. In Tibet, they are also called protectors (guardians).

Although these beings of light are with us all the time, our somewhat limited senses and the noise of the outside world can interfere with our communication with them.

Angels can communicate with us through dreams and visions, we can feel them as an inner voice or through a sense of presence of warmth, emotion, positive energy.

Less well known is that the arrival of angels can be accompanied by the scent of flowers, fruits or herbs. Thus, the appearance of these beings of light will be very pleasant.

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Fairies are beings of light who live in forests among flowers, although they prefer to stay on the peaks of high mountains.

They are the guardian angels of nature and animals. According to legend, they give people happiness and fulfill wishes.

At night you can see these beings of light dancing on meadows and forest clearings. And sometimes, when they want to hide from people, they turn into beautiful white swans.

Her life’s mission is to ensure the health of Mother Nature.

Unlike angels, whose bodies are exclusively astral, fairies have very bright etheric bodies of human size and are therefore easier to see than angels.

Unlike other beings of light, they live in the denser part of the astral plane, which is in contact with the physical plane.

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Elves are beings of light from Germanic mythology. They are not related to fairies, but a completely different kind of light being.

Elves have learned that it is very important to understand all the creatures they live with, be they good or evil.

So they learned the languages of the goblins, trolls and gnomes, and of course they know the language of the people they live with.

They always show interest in all things that help them understand all living beings on Earth.

The most important thing in the life of this being of light is freedom. Although there are elven cities, most elves live in small groups.

These smaller groups have their leader and all these groups together have a king or queen to whom they are loyal to death.

Their habitats are well hidden and guarded and since elves are very good friends of animals, they help to understand and to protect.

These beings of light live for several hundred years, so they think about the world very differently than humans. People seem to them like beings who are always in a hurry somewhere, which amazes them.

Because of their long lives, elves love long-lived things like music and nature. That’s why they love the company of other elves, so they can talk about things, that they love.

It is a well-known and widespread belief that elves leave a trail of fairy dust wherever they pass.

Elves are known to make items from precious metals very skillfully.

Unlike some types of fairies, these beings of light do not have wings and do not fly, so any elven flight can be traced back to magic or levitation.


The unicorn is a legendary creature similar to a white horse, but with a white horn that spirals and is placed in the middle of the forehead.

This being of light is a symbol of magic and its magical powers are legendary.

Its horn is harder than the hardest diamond and the unicorn’s tears can heal both physical wounds and heartache.

It is believed that anyone who kills this great being and drinks his blood is cursed forever.

In addition, his blood is supposed to save a man from death, but the rescued person is then subject to the curse of the half-life.

Powder from his horn is considered a miracle cure for all diseases.

A unicorn can communicate clearly with all other living beings and some of them can even fly. The magical unicorn is a symbol of freedom, healing and beauty.

Of all the beings of light, the unicorn is the most beautiful and popular. While the appearance of many other magical creatures heralds danger, the unicorn usually always brought good luck.

According to legend, the unicorn is a symbol for women. It was believed that only a young virgin with a pure heart could catch him.

Images of these beings of light, along with beautiful young virgins, were often seen on old canvases and in manuscripts.

Europeans believed in its existence for centuries as if it were a real animal living in a foreign country, for example in India, Persia or Abyssinia.

At the moment there is hardly a person who believes in the true existence of these beings of light.

Earth Angel

Earth angels are beings of light who, from birth, have a strong urge and a strong inner desire to spread the light of truth, knowledge, freedom and love on the planet.

This is their inner mission and their purpose in life.

These beings of light perceive this as their most important life task. They carry within them the seeds of spiritual awakening and healing of the planet.

They do not belong to any religion, philosophy or ideology, but are guided by unconditional love, compassion and the desire to help other immature souls.

These beings of light can help in several ways: as avatars, as spiritual teachers, as guides, therapists, healers, doctors, artists, inventors, scientists, writers, and the like.

They have consciously chosen to be born as human beings trapped in a karmic life cycle to experience and explore all forms of illusion that exist in the duality of human life.

Awakened and awake souls have accepted the limits of their human incarnation in time and space and see all their experiences as a whole, after which they determine in which areas they still need to develop.

Accordingly, these light beings determine the framework conditions for further growth, development and evolution.

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Humans as beings of light?

Every human being can become a being of light, or rather he feels the need to become a being of light deep within himself.

You may not see it with your eyes, but deep inside you feel it.

All of us who have a strong desire to make the world around us a better place to live shine a little brighter than other people.

Right now, those who shine less need us who shine a little more to amplify their light, to finally say goodbye to the darkness.

To know what we need to clean the unclean, we must first notice the impure.

At the moment, we are now witnessing the worldwide intensification of fear, insecurity, conflicts that have been hidden under the carpet for centuries.

That is why today it is more necessary than ever to take the path of light and become a being of light.

For darkness to become light, we must testify that there is darkness so that as many people as possible understand that it is time to make their lights shine brighter.

It is up to us to believe that there is always good in everything and that sometimes only a crumb of good has more power than a lump of evil.

Don’t stop thinking well, believing in good, and doing good just because someone who has lost hope for good tells you it’s not worth it.

What does it mean to become a being of light?

It means that you develop your non-physical and then your physical body to a state of absolute light conductivity.

This is how a human being becomes a being of light, but what does that mean exactly?

As you know, the human body on Earth is connected to an energy source of the sun. And with the sun, it metabolizes an energy with its entire frequency spectrum.

These different frequencies are perceived by the human mind as colors, and their clearest representation is the rainbow.

The same colors from this arrangement are the colors of the human chakras, the places of entry of this energy, first through the aura and then with the storage in the physical body.

This represents the complete development of a light body and thus man becomes a being of light.

The development phases of a light being

Phase 1

Sit down so that the soles of your feet touch the ground and your spine is straight. Relax with a few deep breaths.

Imagine and feel like a ray of white light from the sky passes through your head, your entire spine and further through your back and soles of your feet to the heart of the earth.

Do you feel how deeply connected you are to heaven, but also to earth?

Pay attention to your connection to the Earth, how deeply you are connected to the Earth. Then feel the red light of the Earth and pay attention to the red light of the solar system.

When inhaled, breathe them in at the same time and feel your whole body vibrate more vividly, colored by red light.

Then pay attention to the Earth and its orange light and to the orange light of the solar system. Do the same with this light.

Now feel your body vibrate orange in addition to red light. After that, do the same with yellow, green, pink, turquoise, indigo and violet light.

Do you feel the rainbow that is flowing through you now and how you are that rainbow?

Then place your hands on your thighs so that your left palm faces the sky and your right one faces the ground and breathe in the golden light.

Breathe until you feel completely permeated by the golden light.

Practice this until you truly experience yourself as a walking and shining rainbow, like a ray of cosmic light.

If you succeed, you will have successfully mastered the first step and started your process of becoming a being of light.

Phase 2

If you were successful in the first phase, proceed to phase two, spread the light consciously.

If you are in a problematic situation, consciously inhale the color that first flickers before your eyes and exhale it into the situation.

Radiate your light. Spread it to people, to events, to situations. Here and now and through space and time.

In this way, you achieve healing and are aware that you are beings of light.

And with this experience, you will be able to communicate telepathically with your star family and yourself.

Such an increase in vibration accelerates the desired changes in the world, so it is in the interest of more and more earthlings to develop their light properties.

To become all beings of light.

Teach children to be rainbows, teach those who need mental, emotional, mental or physical help and relief.

It takes time, effort and work to become a being of light. But deep down, we are all beings of light waiting to shine fully in this world.

How do you know that you have become a being of light?

1. You begin to notice that you do not fit into any group.

The feeling of incomprehension is increasing. You feel that you do not belong in this world and need to return home. The things you once tolerated, can no longer be tolerated.

Beings of light are not interested in the media and what others consider normal. Spirituality becomes your way of life and you don’t have to belong to any religion or philosophy.

2. You are compassionate

As a being of light, you are attracted to animals, children, seniors and nature. They would rather sit with a homeless person than go to an important social event.

They are friendly by nature and never feel the need for revenge. In addition, you are only satisfied when you help those who need help, and you know that help and healing come from the heart.

3. You start to feel things even when no one tells you anything

They no longer need words, experience deep feelings and need space for prayer, contemplation and meditation.

In addition, you can not be in crowded places, in a crowd you are aware of the energy and frequency.

They feel other people without obvious communication. Beings of light need solitude to recharge their batteries because they receive the vibrations of the people around them.

4. People are constantly telling you about their problems

Beings of light are connected to all beings in the universe with an invisible thread. They have an open heart and people entrust them with their secrets, problems and personal stories.

They listen attentively and guide other people in difficult times by imparting divine wisdom to them.

5. Beings of light are not afraid of death or dying

Death is a transitional phase into a new life. Many beings of light have experienced death and illness and have overcome great obstacles in their lives.

Their journey allowed them to let go of the illusion that death was final. They accept that life is transcendent.

6 – You change the world for the better

As a Being of Light, you have the task of keeping your heart open, cultivating consciousness, and helping others survive this time of change.

You don’t have to change anyone, accept their choice and spread the divine light. Their presence is a significant shift in consciousness and spiritual evolution for the whole world.

Warriors of Light: The Guardians of Our World


Take care of your being of light. The light within us, the trust in the greater meaning of everything that happens to us in life, saves us from the darkness of this world.

We all know that there is no darkness in which not a single candle or firefly can be seen.

It is up to us, regardless of the darkness that surrounds us, to remember that we came to this world to spread light into it and to become beings of light.

It may be dark inside us at times, but deep down we know that we came to this world with a desire to enlighten the whole world.

In addition, we would like to remind others that their true nature is to shine forever and become beings of light.

Let’s not stop shining for fear that we might die. Because when we let ourselves be overwhelmed by fear, we lose the being of light within us.

Fear always lies, love never.

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