Candle Magic: Basics and Explanation

Candle magic is one of the simplest types of sorcery, and as such, it does not require elaborate rituals or ceremonial aids.

To cast a spell, all you need is a candle.

The same applies to birthday candles, except that you don’t just hope that your wish will come true, but that you announce your intention.

When you think about it, the ritual of the birthday candle is based on three basic magical principles:

  • Decide on a concrete goal/wish
  • Visualize the final result
  • Align your intention or will to manifest this outcome

The choice of candle

Most practitioners of magical powers will tell you that the size of your candle is not important – but very large candles can be counterproductive.

For example, a candle that has a three-day burning time can be very distracting.

A short pointed candle or a votive candle is best suited.

In some cases, a spell may require a specific type of candle, such as a seven-day candle or a figure candle representing a specific person – a form of sympathy magic.

The most popular candle is the small menorah candle.

It is about ten centimeters long, white, unscented and thin.

You should always use a new candle for sorcery and not a candle that you have already used.

The candle should not have been lit before.

According to some magical traditions, a burning candle picks up vibrations from the surrounding objects, and therefore it is believed that this candle is already contaminated.

Candle Colors

  • Red: Courage and health, sexual love and lust
  • Pink: Friendship and tender love
  • Orange: Attraction and encouragement
  • Gold: Financial gain and business ventures
  • Yellow: Persuasiveness and protection
  • Green: Financial gain and fertility
  • Light blue: Health, patience and understanding
  • Dark blue: Depression and vulnerability
  • Purple: Ambition and power
  • Brown: Earth-related or animal-related activities
  • Black: Negativity and banishment
  • White: Purity and Truth
  • Silver: Reflection, intuition and lunar connections

Ritual use of the candle

After selecting a candle, oil it before lighting it.

This is a method by which you make a psychic connection between you and the candle.

To decorate a candle with oil, use a natural oil and preferably grape seed oil.

You start at the top of the candle and rub the oil to the middle.

Then rub the oil from bottom to top to the center of the candle and end where the first layer of oil left off.

If you also want to use herbs for your work, roll the oiled candle into the small herbs until the candle is covered all around.

The simplest form of candle magic uses a piece of colored paper that corresponds to the intention of the candle.

Decide what your goal is and write it down on paper.

If you want to make a money spell, write your intention/desire on paper: “I want to become financially wealthy.”

Since it is a money-oriented spell, take either a golden or green sheet of paper and a candle of the same color.

As you write down your goal, imagine how you achieve that goal.

Think about how your goal might manifest itself – for example, a raise.

Once you’ve written down your goal, fold the paper and focus on your intent all the time.

Some people speak a small incantation.

You can say something like:

Extra money comes to me,
I could use a little money today.
Extra money comes to me,
As I will, this is how it should be.

Place a corner of the folded paper in the flame of the candle and let it burn.

Hold the paper for as long as possible and then place it in a fireproof bowl or eA boiler so that the rest of the paper burns off independently.

Let the candle burn out completely.

When the candle has melted, dispose of it and stop using it.

All that remains of the candle is the wax residue, and you can either bury it outdoors or dispose of it in any way you like.

Candle magic for fortune telling

Some magical traditions use candles for fortune-telling purposes.

The two most commonly used methods of candle preservation are reading the wax and the way the candle burns.

To make fortune statements based on the burning behavior of the candle, you need to pay attention to whether the candle burns low or high, whether it flickers or whether there is more than one flame.

If there are two flames, it could mean that someone from the spirit world is helping you reach your goal.

The colors of the flame can also give you an indication of the effectiveness of your spell.

However, there is no consensus on the meaning of these signs.

Some practitioners of magic believe that a candle that burns high and strong is a sign that the wish is coming true, while others see it as the opposite.

Focus more on your intention than on how the candle burns.

If you want to read the candle wax, you have to drop the melted wax into a bowl of cold water.

The wax hardens almost immediately and forms shapes.

Use these forms to get the answers to your questions, just as you would when reading tea leaves.

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