Capricorn Ascendant Cancer: Sentimental and Sensitive

The Capricorn with Ascendant Cancer is obstinate disciplined, believes in fate, loves astrology, yoga and meditation.

They are calmer, shyer and more sensitive than a typical Capricorn and these people prefer the home and family environment.

They strive to grow a little bit inside every day. They have a rich level of imagination that allows them to plunge into unusual situations and adventures.

If the Capricorn with Ascendant Cancer is in a bad mood, it seems as if he sleeps through a certain time and does not get out of himself.

Although born in a somewhat opposite and increasingly contradictory combination, cancer helps a lot to free himself from the burden of karma, to get rid of everything accumulated, so that a person often has the impression that he is at the beginning and needs to make changes.

When it comes to learning, this person learns slowly but very thoroughly.

The Capricorn with Ascendant Cancer loves the sea and the mountains alike, and important events often take place for him on vacation.

He loves small gifts and books. He likes punctuality, although somehow he is always late because he makes a lot of commitments throughout the day to make him feel better.

This person is an excellent counselor and psychologist to others, but from his point of view, it often seems that he is sometimes an enemy to himself and that his problems are much bigger than they really seem.

Constantly confronted with the past, the Capricorn with Ascendant Cancer can not forget nostalgic words and events of the past.

His health is very important to him. He pays a lot of attention to what he eats. If he is not satisfied, he has no problem changing his diet, and he is always busy with hobbies because he loves to be on the move.

If the Capricorn with Ascendant Cancer came out of its snail shell a little, it would see that the world is not as threatening as it imagines.

Capricorn Ascendant Cancer: Virtues

With Capricorn with Ascendant Cancer, we have on the one hand the diligent and structured nature of Capricorn, but on the other hand also the emotional and sensitive ability of Cancer.

Their most important human virtues are based on the fact that they never forget their roots or the experiences they have had in life.

This person possesses an extraordinary inner emotional depth, bears the stamp of his ancestors and the feeling that he is the one who has to continue where he left off.

However, he tends to believe that patience always leads to the right situations, both at work and in life.

The Capricorn with Ascendant Cancer loves it when it can help someone and is very protective.

He is not afraid of life and is very well equipped, especially in risky situations.

People born under this astrological combination have a practical streak and orient themselves in every action to their common sense, which is abundant.

However, this person knows and feels that the best always comes for them and that their efforts and struggle under the influence of their ruler Saturn cannot be in vain.

The Capricorn with Ascendant Cancer is always looking for intimacy, the right senses and the right momentum in life, which is more important to him than anything else.

He loves the combination of old and new, so that he always combines new ideas and trends with traditional values in his personal life.

The Capricorn with Ascendant Cancer gives and likes to take.

TIP: If you want to achieve great success, you should work in pairs.

Capricorn Ascendant Cancer: Living Emotional World

It is a charismatic person who knows how to please, although he would like to control her emotions better.

Despite the hidden snobbish and arrogant energy that Capricorn with Ascendant Cancer occasionally displays, he is a father and a mother in one; one who cares and one who rescues from critical situations.

In case of difficulties, they are strong and objective, while they are very reserved and sensitive.

This person can make a collectionand it is very important for him to always have family pictures by his side, memories that give him strength in his more mature years.

The Capricorn with Ascendant Cancer is confronted with the nostalgia of a lost paradise all his life and remains attached to the past and sensitive, because his need for tenderness and warmth is enormous.

Defeats are harder for him to bear, but he has the strength to overcome them and keep going.

The fear of ridicule or criticism sometimes turns people born under these zodiac sign combinations into discreet, diplomatic and conventional people.

Cancer has a huge impact on the psychology and emotional dimension of this zodiac sign combination with which it is associated, enriching its creative and intuitive abilities. Someone with a cancer ascendant is sensitive, but very emotional and often insecure.

The desire of the Capricorn with Ascendant Cancer is a calm and balanced inner life, as he often comes into conflict with himself and with others.

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Capricorn Ascendant Cancer: The Dark Side

All the weak points that belong to their being are exacerbated by the cancer, which leads to a mixture of uncertainty and the inability to act at the right time, because of a constant need for reflection.

These people can suffer especially from their insecurity and their inability to deal with life according to their will to succeed.

There is also a hidden complex of lesser value, which, while unnecessary, is a heavy burden on Capricorn with Ascendant Cancer.

When these people are dissatisfied, they also become jealous of those they love and are suspicious of everything and everyone.

Although he is aware of himself, his origin, his quality, Capricorn with Ascendant Cancer often has a problem with mental satisfaction, self-confidence, so he should always have people around him who support him so that he can achieve something.

TIP: Take care of your moods, it can happen that you take everything too personally.

CAUTION: Don’t be too suspicious and jealous of your partner, family, and friends.

Capricorn Ascendant Cancer in Love

This person believes in love for life and is prone to secret relationships.

The Capricorn with Ascendant Cancer is very erotic and turned to the physical level, because this level is important for his overall health, so he can hardly bear loneliness.

In love, he is an idealist and a dreamer. He dreams of great emotions. He has no problem with the first blows, because he is somehow aware that his character does not break so easily.

He tends to idealize his children, but also gives them personal experiences, especially the tendency in a larger family for the older child to have to take care of the younger child. Somehow he has a picture and the desire to have as large a family as possible.

The person born under the zodiac sign Capricorn with Ascendant Cancer is occasionally strict with his loved one and tends to constantly test the person he loves.

Your dream partner is someone who can bring their most secret thoughts and concerns to the outside world.

Characteristic is his strong attachment to older family members, especially grandmothers.

Marriage will bring them little happiness, so they should approach the whole thing with all caution.

As they grow old, children will be their best support.

Capricorn Ascendant Cancer: Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

This person is always progressive on a social level, he likes to get to know sociability, changes and new people. He often has good friends that he meets while traveling, but he somehow always stays true to those he grew up with.

He is more attached to the people around him than it seems.

The emotionality of the people born under the zodiac sign Capricorn with Ascendant Cancer is strongly pronounced and is mainly directed at memories of their past, while their present is rationally present.

Above all, they remember their former birthplace, their classmates and the people they met.loved.

When it comes to friendship, they get along best with Scorpion and Lion.

On the one hand, they are very sensitive and love the home life beyond measure, on the other hand, they place too high demands on their loved one, which proves to be problematic when starting a family.

They need the feeling of being loved and appreciated by their partner, friends and colleagues.

In general, these zodiac signs are reliable, honest and caring partners.

When it comes to love, they get along best with Lions and Twins.

Capricorn Ascendant Cancer: Career and Money

In business, Capricorn with Ascendant Cancer is characterized by good concentration and good memory. He is overly responsible, authoritarian, ambitious, privately capricious, prone to mood swings, often under the influence of the moon, which pushes him to new challenges every day.

This person strives for an independent and responsible life, which often leads him to pursue several careers in parallel.

At work, these people are on the right track and show self-confidence, sense of responsibility and initiative, so that they can achieve their ambitious goals thanks to their rationality and good skills.

If this person does not get the recognition of others, he makes himself inaccessible in a melancholic attitude and becomes very sensitive.

The Capricorn with Ascendant Cancer does not like big prompts and dependent work.

Because of the feeling of insecurity, these people can no longer successfully implement their goals and satisfy their ambition.

In the area of finance, they may have fluctuations, but somehow they always have a good plan for the future.

In adolescence, their lives may not be particularly successful, but success will surely come to them over time.

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The main characteristics of woman and man born under the zodiac sign Capricorn with Ascendant Cancer

The combination of two signs that at first glance seem contradictory can lead to a complex and sometimes unstable personality in which mistakes are intensified.

Thanks to his patience, perseverance, tenacity to accept himself as he is and fight against all obstacles, Capricorn with Ascendant Cancer will learn over time to avoid spiritual division. Then reason will prevail over daydreaming, he will be able to realize his ideal, namely to devote himself to only one goal.

This closed but extremely sentimental nature gives the rigid Capricorn the meaning of life, the family, the offspring, where there can also be a struggle to find the right solution and seize opportunity.

Although he always subjective, protective it is difficult to understand his inner needs, and therefore capricorn must be able to react with Ascendant Cancertoo if he does not want to take care of himself step by step from year to year work. One has the feeling that he succumbs to a new temptation every year, but he emerges victorious from it.

These people have a multi-layered character. They don’t get upset when they see others confused about their words or actions.

The Capricorn with Ascendant Cancer always has an obligation to provide for his family to the end, even if he does not like to talk about death and illness.

The main characteristics of the woman born in this zodiac sign combination

This woman is much more sensitive and more emotional than you can read it from her face.

It is very intuitive and receives in Dangerous Situations regularly from their Inner Warnings. That’s why she should rely much more on her instincts.

She has it very much heavy, with to fight her emotional nature, because when she wants to use her logic and reason, her emotions almost always prevail.

This gives her the ever-present ambiguity, so that many things in their lives have a certain touch of contradiction or indeterminacy.

The Capricorn Woman With Ascendant Cancer always tries not to make mistakes, which makes them a Responsible Person who puts duties above their interests. She wants to have a good reputation, which is why she is very careful in her actions.

She only takes those tasks that she is sure she will accomplish.

This woman was born to be a mother because as a mother she is very protective and warm-hearted.

As a family man, the Capricorn woman with ascendant cancer can get along well with older family members, as well as with younger ones. Everyone loves her because she is a lovely person.

Physical structure:

Her face and eyes radiate a kind of melancholy. You always think that this woman is sad.

Her body is female and she has a bright Complexion.

The Capricorn woman with ascendant cancer may have problems with weight, which is why she should eat healthier and regular should visit the gym.

If she becomes overweight, she could have problems with her knees and bones.

Professional inclinations:

Since they are attracted to children and the elderly, they could take care of these groups of people in institutions.

These women also have good cooking and housekeeping skills and can work from housekeeper to cook to hotel manager.

The most important qualities of the man born in this zodiac sign combination

These are men who, with their feelings and the circumstances that impose a cooler and more reasonable attitude on them, are in constant conflict with life.

Although he is very sensitive and easy to move, his reason and logic force him to be more practical and colder, as a result of which his external image does not really coincide with what is going on inside him.

The Capricorn man with ascendant cancer can be very dissatisfied.

All his actions and movements are questioned again and again.

Because of these qualities mentioned above, this man is in constant worry and always has some fears.

He is a traditional man who attaches great importance to the family and his origins.

This man moves out of home very early because very early on he feels the need to create his own home.

This emotional man can be hurt very easily, which is why you should be careful with him.

It does not mean that these characteristics make the Capricorn man with ascendant cancer a bad person. No. These men just think a lot about all sorts of things and mostly act impulsively and emotionally. They don’t rely so much on their ratio.

The woman at his side can consider herself very lucky.

Physical structure:

The Capricorn man with ascendant cancer has broad shoulders and strong bones.

His Features are soft and he has a round face.

He tends to Hypochondriabecause he thinks a lot about his health.

Arthritic Problems could be a real threat to this person.

Professional inclinations:

Especially recommended are works related to food or nutrition, as well as any kind of humanitarian work.

Famous people born under the zodiac sign Capricorn with Ascendant Cancer:

Ariana Grande, Gisele Bündchen, Jean-Luc Delarue, Sabrina Ferilli, LL Cool J, Logan Lerman, Vanessa Paradis, Chris Carmack, Kate Middleton, Janis Joplin, John Amos, Jimmy Page, Michael Schumacher, Lee Van Cleef, Mary J. Blige, Lewis Hamilton, Isaac Newton, Mel Gibson.

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