Capricorn Ascendant Libra: Alive and Philanthropic

Capricorn with Ascendant Libra is charming, astute, attentive, seductive, rational and diplomatic.

As young people, they are not very communicative and socially active. But as they get older, they become more and more self-confident and gain self-confidence.

Because Capricorn is ruled by Uranus and Libra by Venus, these people are silk and wool at the same time, winter and summer.

Libra as an ascendant plays a big role in the interpersonal relationships of these people. Thanks to libra, they have very good relationships with their friends, colleagues and family.

Because Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, these people are romantic souls. Nevertheless, they are well able to keep their emotions under control.

They have very firm moral values and are not unstable at all because they know how best to keep your feelings under control.

People born under the zodiac sign Capricorn with Ascendant Libra tend to think a lot, whether it’s about love, work, or life in general.

They have clear ideas about what their lives should look like and therefore they pursue their goals, even if they fail in some ways. They get up and carry on without shedding a tear. This makes them very flexible because they can overcome changes in the form of difficulties with brilliance.

Capricorn with Ascendant Libra does not like quarrels, shouting, drama and constantly strives for personal pleasure.

Their goals, which they try to achieve with all their might, are always clear and defined.

One of the biggest dreams of these people is to have their own house or apartment.

Before marriage, he is often emotionally attached to slightly more unconventional people, while in marriage he still chooses a person who is a little more traditional.

Capricorn Ascendant Libra: Virtues

This person has a fantastic imagination. He also has an extraordinary responsibility towards the people closest to him.

Capricorn with Ascendant Libra is creative and has no problem implementing what he feels.

He is not afraid of defeat.

People born under this astrological combination are very friendly and with their polite nature and ihem charm, they please everyone who meets them.

You have a great talent: you can read people like open books. In this way, they can see through the wishes and weaknesses of others and use this information to their advantage.

Hygiene is very important to them.

They are constantly susceptible to some changes.

They love animals very much and are especially attached to older family members, even if they have left this world.

Because of Libra as an ascendant, these people strive for balance, which is why they strive for inner peace, which they do not always succeed in, but the will is great and they make it sometimes to find nirvana within oneself.

They love to travel and always find time to explore places that have a strong historical and fashion significance.

Although they were explosive and elusive during puberty, they complete their studies very successfully and on time, because they are aware that they can achieve nothing without higher education.

You can always rely on these caring people. They are not only for the people they love, there, they are also concerned about the animals and can work in humanitarian animal organizations. It’s not seldom that People who are under the Star sign Capricorn with Ascendant Libra, have adopted one or two dogs from the shelter.

Because of this constant search for inner peace, these people can have a long and active life.

Capricorn Ascendant Libra: A Great Philanthropist

His social status is very important to Capricorn with Ascendant Libra, and he often has a large circle of friends.

He loves sophisticated places, nature, he loves and likes more successful and characterful people.

We have already mentioned that people born under this astral combination are good at reading people. They can be seen in the eyes of their interlocutorsn read their hidden desires and fears. Because of their empathy, they will not use it for evil, but will try to give them help.

There are only a few people who cannot get along with Capricorn with Ascendant Libra. If someone can’t get along with them, then it’s not because of that zodiac sign combination, it’s because of that other person.

They are very warm and friendly, especially when it comes to new acquaintances. People feel very comfortable in their vicinity because Capricorn with Ascendant Libra knows exactly how to get the best out of people.

Their charming and harmonious attitude leaves a very good impression on people, so almost everyone wants to be friends with them.

But in this matter there is also a disadvantage. Because they give a lot of their energy to others, they can feel exhausted at the end of the day.

Because they have been surrounded by many people since childhood, have many friends and acquaintances, they were able to get to know themselves early on and thus understand other people better.

Capricorn Ascendant Libra: The Dark Side

With the Capricorn with Ascendant Libra, there are some contradictions. Inside, he struggles with tension and unrest.

When it comes to inner restlessness, they try to strike a balance between the Seriousness and the desire to find fun so that one side does not become more dominant than the other is. They manage this juggling with the feelings very well, despite the constant struggle.

Because of their contradictions, they sometimes know not where to go with themselves and what step they take as nächstes should be done. It takes them a long time to decide to take the next step. The indecision robs them of a lot of time and energy.

They are not good in it, bad To accept criticism because they want to be appreciated. They try very hard not to make mistakes, and if someone draws their attention to their bad quality, they can get very angry because they Opinion are that they with their good qualities the bad annul.

Capricorn with Ascendant Libra is very good at dealing with difficult situations, but sometimes it can be pessimistic and bitter, most often when it gives a lot of energy to other people and has nothing left to fight with its demons.

He can be strict when it comes to designing the space in which he is supposed to live, but he finds it difficult to detach himself from the memories of his family, which is why he is reluctant to leave his home where he grew up.

TIP: They should avoid the impulsiveness and haste, because they always have a chaos of feelings. experience, on that they are usually not prepared.

Capricorn Ascendant Libra in Love

In love, Capricorn with Ascendant Libra form the first love experiences. As they made the first experiences, so their whole life will be the attitude to love.

This person looks at the world on the basis of bad or good events that have happened to him. But it must be mentioned that they are by no means closed because of their bad experiences in love.

These people love it to flirtto conquer and be conquered. Their restless heart never stands still because they are always interested in someone and try to Heart of this person to conquer.

If they have found the right person, then love will be fundamental in their lives.

One can think that the Capricorn with Ascendant Libra unable to do so because of his brief affairs is faithful to but that The opposite is true. When he thinks he has found what he was looking for, he gives his whole heart to that person and is the most faithful person in the world.

Because this zodiac sign combination can be suspicious, even if it falls in love, the partner of these people should patiently until their love is perceived by Capricorn with Ascendant Libra.

Because of of his occasional inner restlessness he has Difficulties with expressing one’s feelings correctly.

These people are aware that because of this quality in Difficulties can be advised, especially when it comes to: someone who they love to declare love. But they try with all their might to find the right words so that they do not lose the loved one.

They have a modern but always conscientious relationship with children.

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Capricorn Ascendant Libra: Compatibility with other zodiac signs

This sociable and polite person is very popular with his fellow human beings. He loves conviviality, with People about Talking about many different topics and discussing is one of his favorite pastimes.

If someone from his friends in Difficulties , he first turns to Capricorn with Ascendant Librabecause he whitethat he will get the best advice from this person.

One can say that this zodiac sign combination is one of the most helpful is of all and even at the expense of their own needs.

When it comes to friendship goes, understand they are best with Cancer and Aquarius.

Flirting gives them a certain kick that they keep looking for. It increases your Adrenaline, with which they feel very alive.

It can be said that flirting with this zodiac sign combination is something of a hobby.

They need a partner with whom they can have fun and who has many interests.

Despite the fact that these two zodiac signs are opposing personalities, they have a good affinity for watermarkswith whom they can have a calm and very passionate relationship.

Usually, Capricorn with Ascendant Libra fits well with the signs Ram or Sagittarius, but also too Scorpion and Aquarius.

Capricorn Ascendant Libra: Career and Money

Because they have a great sense of responsibility, they consider their work a sacred mission and strive for itself, everything perfect.

People born under the zodiac sign Capricorn with Ascendant Libra are looking for a stable Workplace, and if they have found it, they can up to hers Pension working in a company if it meets their expectations.

These people have no problem taking on important and difficult projects, because they are not afraid of difficulties.

At work, they know how to sacrifice themselves. In some situations, they show naivety and emotionality, which they need to correct.

You will find in these Difficulties always something exciting, which gives them the opportunity to learn and develop.

With their effective tactics and strategic sense, they create it, in of the professional world good Acquaintances that help them on their way to their goal.

The most ideal professions for Capricorn with Ascendant Libra are those that require tact and empathy.

Motivation and compliments he receives from friends, as well as recognition and all kinds of Promotions mean A lot for him, because he expects it, but he will never say that publicly.

It is often difficult for him to separate private and business relationships, because it is important to him to have a personal relationship and intimacy with the people he works with.

The most important characteristics of woman and man born under the zodiac sign Capricorn with Ascendant Libra

Those born with the sun in Capricorn and the ascendant in Libra are determined, orderly and persistent. They pursue their ambitious goals with perseverance until they are fully realized.

They are among the extremely fair people and among the people who were involved in the firstThat is why we have tabled a number of amendments.

This person possesses a lot of inner perfectionism, sometimes his head is overloaded with details.

With capricorn with Ascendant Libra, there is a strong material pursuit of security and also a strong spiritual optimism that advances this person.

The interest in other cultures, a strong need for knowledge, first general, then spiritual, gives this person a strong spiritual imprint in relation to the environment. However, it never forgets its roots, its tradition. She is very attached to her home, her place and persistently takes care of her family and her home.

The Capricorn with Ascendant Libra should take good care of his psyche, because he tends to keep a lot to himself, while outwardly he does not seem to have any problems.

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The main characteristics of the woman born in this zodiac sign combination

The Capricorn woman with Ascendant Libra is a sociable person. She loves it, with to do things to their friends and to go on holiday with them.

She has many great qualities and she is aware of them. She tries to make the best of her life, which she usually succeeds.

The Capricorn woman with Ascendant Libra is at the same time practical and sensitive and with these contradictions she has a lot to struggle with, because sometimes she can not find a middle.

When it comes to love, it can be very picky. She is looking for a man who will give her her freedom and who will not be jealous. She must have time for her friends, and if her partner does not agree with this, she can use this People not being together.

She needs a partner who, like her, has many friends and understands her if she wants to spend time without him.

Physical structure:

The Capricorn woman with Ascendant Libra has a female figure and beautiful facial features.

She should pay attention to her diet and exercise regularly because she is prone to weight gain.

She could have problems with the cervical spine.

She should regularly check the functioning of her ovaries.

Professional inclinations:

The Capricorn woman with Ascendant Libra has a good sense of aesthetics and beauty.

Because of her artistic talent, she could be very successful in the field of art.

She would be a good journalist or presenter.

All Operationswho engage in public speaking could be fulfilling for them.

The most important qualities of the man born in this zodiac sign combination

The Capricorn man with Ascendant Libra enjoys life and is a very optimistic person who captivates all people around him with his sympathetic nature.

Ascendant Libra gives this man warmth and sensitivity. The influence can also be seen in his taste for clothes.

He is a sociable and friendly person who likes to be on the road and loves to be circled by his friends.

Because he has a lot to offer, he also strives to cultivate this image.

The Capricorn man with Ascendant Libra finds it very difficult to express his feelings correctly, which is why he can be frustrated.

His fellow human beings love to talk to him because he is an excellent interlocutor. With him you can talk from politics to the latest trends in technology. He is interested in various topics.

If he has found a partner for life, it can happen that he only gives this person his free time and neglects his friends.

Physical structure:

The Capricorn man with Ascendant Libra is usually large.

Over the years, its tendency to gain weight increases.

He may have problems with the kidneys.

Professional inclinations:

The Capricorn man with Ascendant Libra is artistically gifted. He has a lot of ideas that he can easily bring to the screen. Art can lead him to success.

If he is interested in and engages in music, it can be a good way to give his sensibility an end.

Because he is diplomatic, he could also be a good politician.

Famous people born under the zodiac sign Capricorn with Ascendant Libra:

Alison Brie, Olivia Cooke, Denzel Washington, Eddie Redmayne, Lauren Cohan, Rowan Atkinson, Jim Carrey, Jeremy Renner, Rudyard Kipling, Haruki Murakami, Christy Turlington, Edmund Burke, LeBron James, Ricky Martin, Jean-Baptiste Maunier.

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