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Capricorn Ascendant Pisces: Rational and Sensitive

The Capricorn with Ascendant Pisces is rational in character and at the same time emotional.

These people have their lives under control and hardly anything can throw them off balance.

Thanks to the Capricorn, they are able to achieve all their goals and the fish give them imagination, so that their imagination none Border knows.

People born under this astrological combination are really something Special. They are universal and have a balance in their character like hardly any other zodiac sign combination.

The fish give these people a gentle way that helps them in dealing with people and makes them very popular. The fish also give them flexibility and adaptability.

Capricorn with Ascendant Pisces sometimes finds it difficult to deal with the variability of its mental states. He doesn’t always know how to express his feelings, but he has a real generosity and a deep need to be really useful.

These people have an extraordinary trait: they will always take a step back to put someone else in the foreground. They are sure of their success, but if they see that someone needs support to move forward, they will help that person do it.

Even though work takes up a lot of space in their lives, they always have time for their friends, family and their own interests.

If this combination loses some of its consistency, it gains in purity of feelings, and the sensitive life of Pisces is partly regulated by the clear and masculine mentality of Capricorn.

Capricorn Ascendant Pisces: Virtues

With the Capricorn with Ascendant Pisces, the dreams do not remain cloud castles. They will give everything to make their dreams come true. With them there is no giving up and they do not run away from problems.

These caring and loving people take care of their fellow human beings and their door is always open when someone needs their advice.

The Capricorn with Ascendant Fish has a strong Desire to for the good of others. Its altruistic nature manages to enlighten man’s life and lead them on the right path. He fights against social injustice and all kinds of human injuries with great sincerity.

They live their lives passionately and their emotional life plays the central role for them.

It is basically a quiet nature that is not aggressive at all.

It must also be said that these people are much more sensitive than others can be.

They are idealists who are willing to endure even the greatest efforts without complaining, which sometimes leads to sacrifices.

You can show a special talent for writing, high politics, antiques and tradition. They love the sea, although they prefer the mountains.

People born under the zodiac sign Capricorn with Ascendant Pisces look life directly in the eye.

It can be said that the lives of these people are full of joy. They know how to make the most of all situations.

Capricorn Ascendant Pisces: The Helping Hand

People born under the zodiac sign Capricorn with Ascendant Pisces believe in fate. They believe that in some way they were chosen for special deeds.

For these people, morality is at the top of the scale when it comes to the way they live.

Above all, they show strong protective properties against children and are particularly sensitive to female offspring. They can be very mild towards children be, also when it comes to education.

These people despise injustice and defend anyone who is offended, especially when it comes to weaker people who are unable to fight for themselves. They put their whole heart into this cause and always win the battles against these people who give someone something Do To want.

One can meet the Capricorn with Ascendant Fish in various charities. They are very interested in humanitarian action and in everything that has to do with helping others.lfen.

There is a need to take care of family problems and solve them, although similar problems can recur from year to year, which can be very stressful.

Because they invest a lot of energy in other people, they also need a lot of rest.

Because of their great sensitivity, they love it, in to spend a lot of time with nature, where they can gather energy and recover from everyday life. If they are also in the company of a loved one, their inner world becomes cloudy.

Charging the batteries is also done through music, hobbies, especially through contact with quiet places.

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Capricorn Ascendant Pisces: The Dark Side

The Capricorn with Ascendant Pisces has to struggle with opposites: With Utopia and dystopia, Ambition and sluggishness, happiness and depression. All of this can confuse and confuse them.

Sometimes border When these people fall away from others, they fall into lethargy, where they use a lot of strength to get out of it.

Laziness occurs in waves, so this person needs to have a well-prepared schedule and constantly deal with something so that it doesn’t happen again.

They can be used in interpersonal relationships uncompromising and be critical, which can make them unpopular people, especially at work. When it comes to their close friends and family, they quickly give in, but when it comes to someone they are not close to, their opinion remains unchanged.

Sometimes they deal too much with the future, with planning and reverie, so that they forget to live in the present.

The Capricorn with Ascendant Pisces does not like to talk too much. His sentences are short, and when he needs to explain something, he makes it as simple as possible and with a lot of gestures. It can be said that he is not a particularly good speaker.

It happens that they put their trust in the wrong people.

These people are very afraid of disappointing their loved ones. They live in eternal fear of not hurting them, because their prosperity is most important to them.

The Capricorn with Ascendant Pisces can understand everything around it. He can be a great intermediary and friend to everyone, but if he gets into a problem, then he can show instability and more unusual behavior. In such moments, you should leave it alone until it has collected itself again.

Often, when these people seem to be happiest, they go through times of crisis.

CAUTION: Beware of the flight from reality and the tendency to sacrifice

Capricorn Ascendant Pisces in Love

This charming zodiac sign combination knows exactly how to seduce someone.

If the Capricorn with Ascendant Pisces likes someone, then they know exactly what they should do to conquer this person.

Thanks to the tenderness and sensuality of the fish and the determination of Capricorn, their success is guaranteed.

Neptune turns them into dreamy people who tend to rave and fall in love easily.

They give their partners the feeling that they are the most important and special person in the world. You give as a gift boundless her heart and her tenderness, and even if they break up with someone, their ex-partner will never forget them because no one is like that. beloved has, as the Capricorn did with Ascendant Fish.

Because of their warmth, everyone around them feels special.

The fish in them are responsible for the romantic side, but the Capricorn is practical, and when it comes to choosing a partner, they also think about the practical details.

One can think that they love like children, selfless and unlimited, but you have to know that they are not naïve.

Often these people meet their great love either very early or late in life, but they are destined to experience various emotional temptations.

The Capricorn with Ascendant Pisces is a faithful partner who physically very rarely cheats, but it happens that he secretly falls in love with someone else kAnn. Platonic love is not uncommon in this zodiac sign combination.

They often choose friendship, even when love knocks on their door because they are afraid of suffering, and also because they cannot bear the thought of ruining a relationship.

Capricorn Ascendant Pisces: Compatibility with other zodiac signs

The Capricorn with Ascendant Pisces has great empathy, which makes it a great friend.

They are loyal and generous friends. Because of their likeable nature, they all want to have friends and be around them.

If his friends need his protection, the Capricorn with Ascendant Pisces will defend them by all means.

In terms of friendship, they get along best with Virgin and Scorpion.

On the emotional level, this person is very sensitive, vulnerable, occasionally insecure, tends to bind easily, choose the wrong people and often goes through serious crises in this regard. He is destined for long-term relationships, and unconsciously, what his family thinks is very important to him.

When choosing a partner, they can be very picky, but they can also fall in love at first sight if they feel a great attraction.

The Cancer will highlight the sensitivity and inner beauty of Capricorn with Ascendant Pisces, and the Cancer will draw strength from its versatile abilities and talents.

With Earth Signs Capricorns have good compatibility with Ascendant Pisces, not necessarily boring, but with moments of passion and happiness.

With the Fire signal, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and with the Air signs. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, the mergers are very difficult or unlikely, which leads to very frequent antagonisms and disputes.

However, a Capricorn man can have a lasting and cheerful love affair with a Libra.

Capricorn Ascendant Pisces: Career and Money

You can’t have a better combination of traits than these people. They have a great imagination and have a practical mind. This results in a successful person who is firmly established in life.

It may be that not all people of this zodiac sign combination are successful because some of them have not exploited their full potential given to them by the stars. Even if someone is born with many talents, he can’t do anything without working a lot.

The Capricorn ensures that these people strive to do their job in the best possible way and also that the profession has a central importance in their lives.

Due to many hidden talents, but especially due to its natural ingenuity, Capricorn can be very successful with Ascendant Pisces. He always plays it safe and can be a great organizer, boss, representative, and someone who never changes his business habits and principles.

He may sometimes seem hesitant to make his decision, but the truth is that he likes to look for a solution and try to check things more than once without hurrying, especially when it comes to making difficult decisions.

The Capricorn with Ascendant Pisces has no problem proving itself at work and respecting its mentors.

These people are professionally happy and often have the opportunity to travel to get to know different parts of the world. They find special peace in countries that radiate exoticism and unusual cultures.

They can easily make money, but they also spend a lot. They are sophisticated and love quality, and especially in old age they can be prone to luxury.

The Capricorn with Ascendant Pisces loves jewelry and unusual objects, history, architecture and design. He can often have several properties in different places.

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The main characteristics of woman and man born under the zodiac sign Capricorn with Ascendant Pisces

There are two types of people born in this zodiac sign combination. The first type are active people who know how to draw energy from higher sources who have good intuition, who work calmly and quietly, compassionately and a little distantly. The second type consists of dreamers who are not able to cope with failures, so that they do not even try to do anything because they are not sure of success. These are two extremes of the people born in this astrological combination, but we are trying to find the middle here.

Combining Sagittarius with the sign Pisces is complicated at first glance, so it can’t be more complicated.
However, when you meet a person of this combination, you meet a great imaginative nature that is strong inside.

The rationality of Capricorn leads the people of this zodiac sign combination not only to dream about their goals, but also to realize them. The reveries of Pisces are realized and this person can count himself lucky because he has these two zodiac signs in his horoscope.

The Capricorn with Ascendant Pisces always strives for more privacy and discretion. What he shows publicly is only a small part of his life.

It often happens that this synthesis of zodiac signs and ascendants forms a person who knows how to combine feelings and rationality, benefiting from his intuition. He has good intuition and feels what is good and what is not, but often his compassion and kindness to always make reasonable decisions bothers him.

The main characteristics of the woman born in this zodiac sign combination

The Capricorn woman with ascendant Pisces is often not understood by her fellow human beings because she does not do things the way “normal” people do.

Their love is limitless when it comes to their friends and family. If someone asked her for help, she would go as far as sacrificing.

She sometimes has trouble organizing her day and that’s why her life can sometimes be chaotic. It’s best for her to have someone by her side in these situations to show her the direction where to go.

The Capricorn woman with Ascendant Pisces is always looking for the great love. If she finds it, she will surrender to it without conditions.

She tends to platonic infatuation and in a partnership she is loyal and faithful.

Physical structure:

The Capricorn woman with ascendant Pisces has a youthful and cheerful face, female body and stronger legs.

She may experience periods of fatigue and insomnia, which she can improve with her stay in nature.

Professional inclinations:

Working with flowers and plants is made for them.

She would also be a great veterinarian.

The most important qualities of the man born in this zodiac sign combination

The Capricorn man with Ascendant Pisces is a flexible human being who is also adaptable.

When people have problems, he can put himself in their situation and thanks to this characteristic, he can find a solution to almost any problem and help his fellow human beings.

His friends would describe him as a generous, generous and loyal person.

He may have problems with his self-confidence. Sometimes a little something can get him off the rails bring, which is a great pity, because it is the Success is born without to fail. But everyone has bad moments, some overcome them better, others worse. That’s life.

The man born under the zodiac sign Capricorn with Ascendant Pisces is either spiritual or religious. He believes in a higher power and something that gives man the power to Life gives. If he does not whiteWhat he should do to improve something, he turns to the higher Power and asks them for advice or help.

It’s not that this man is unrealistic and floating in the clouds. He is a down-to-earth person who is very practical, but the feelings are the most important thing to him and they dominate his being.

His partner can count herself lucky because he is very caring. When he feels that his Love reciprocated is, then dignity he does everything for his partner and carries her on her hands when she has to cross a thorny path.

Physical structure:

Because of the influence of Neptune, this man may be slim, but if the influence from Jupiter is greater, the man may be stronger and have a round face.

The Capricorn man with ascendant Pisces may suffer from arthritis and have problems with blood circulation as they age.

Professional inclinations:

The most ideal profession for this man would be horticulture. Also working in the field and with animals would be perfect for him.

Music and art are also a direction in which the Capricorn man with Ascendant Pisces could go.

Famous people born under the zodiac sign Capricorn with Ascendant Pisces:

Zayn Malik, Al Capone, Salman Khan, Ben Kingsley, Kirstie Alley, Emily Watson, Elvis Presley, Michelle Obama, Ava Gardner, Edgar Allan Poe, Helena Christensen, Martin Luther King Jr., Elizabeth Arden.

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