Choose a flower and get a message

Flowers have always had a special symbolism and message that they can convey to us.

They are the language that Mother Nature uses when she wants to reach us and perhaps accompany us on the way.

Seeing or feeling connected to a particular flower is not just a coincidence, but a sign that we should be aware of.

There is a code of the goddess Flora that ensures that certain flowers have a particularly strong meaning.

They may appear to us in nature, on magazines or in vases when we enter a shop.

Nevertheless, their influence and magical powers are palpable and now it is also time to consider their meaning and message for us.

Depending on which flower you choose, you will receive the magical message that Mother Nature has in store for you.

1. Snowdrops – I want to be free

If you have chosen the snow bell as your flower, then you have a deep need for personal freedom.

You want to pursue the things you love, your dream job as well as the partner you believe will enrich your life.

In your youth, you also had this infinite creativity that made everyone admire you, but somehow your family never supported you.

Your family never really understood the things you were doing, and they didn’t like the fact that you had to stand out all the time.

That’s why you felt like you had to hide your individuality, and now you feel like you’ve lost yourself.

With the decision to become like everyone else, a part of you that defined you has died.

Whatever that talent you had in the past, or what defined you, now is the time to regain it.

If it was painting, take a brush and paint that memory from your soul, and don’t worry that you forgot that particular skill.

This special talent will never leave you and no matter how much time has passed, you will see that it has been a part of you all along, you just have not been able to be free.

2. Blue rain – I want to become wiser

If you’ve chosen the blue rain as your flower, you might feel like you need to change your outlook on life and behavior.

Maybe you’re happy with your life and appearance in general, but deep down you’re sad because you’re having trouble connecting with other people.

Presumably, in the past, you had friends who left you, a partner who soon changed his mind about you and now you blame yourself and your behavior.

This blame is also something that should stop, and you need to stop explaining yourself to others and ask to be understood.

From that day on, you need to write down what kind of person you want to be and stick to it.

You want respect, demand it, you want to be taken seriously, be serious, and so on for any desirable quality.

There is an old Buddhist proverb that teaches us that what we think we will become, so don’t expect positivity when your mind is full of darkness.

Let go of the things that do not benefit you in life, and above all envy, because your life will never be like that of other people.

You go your own way based on your own conditions and possibilities, so embrace it with all your might.

3. Tulip – I want a new beginning

If you have chosen the tulip, then you may feel that you need to change your career and find a new purpose.

Maybe you’ve made decisions in the past that haven’t really paid off, or you’ve chosen a career that makes you unhappy.

In your heart, you know what you want to do, but you are afraid and have little or no support from others.

Financially, you may also have difficulty realizing this dream, so the fear becomes more powerful than the desire to hold on to that dream.

Still, you feel like this is your calling and something you could do well if you only got a chance.

So if you’re reading this, you know that there’s no reason to be afraid, because nothing stops you from trying.

Would you rather fail or regret trying something you’ve wanted for so long?

Whether you fail or not, your journey will eventually take you to where you need to be.

There is a path to happiness for you, but only if you are willing to take risks, because nothing comes from nothing.

4. Lily – I want my ex-boyfriend back

If you have chosen the lily blossom, then you are currently in mourning for someone you love very much.

This person is your ex-partner, but one with whom you have had wonderful and magical moments.

The relationship with him was a happy one for you, and you really felt that he was your soul mate.

No man has made you feel this way before, but he has suddenly left you without a logical explanation.

You may also have the impression that the separation was not the best, so you suffer terribly from this decision.

There might also be a need to take steps to get that person back or write to them, but don’t do that.

The more you write to this person, the lower they will think about you. Try to use this time of pain as a reason to transform.

Go to the gym, read a book, meet up with friends again, change your hairstyle and strive to change.

Once that person comes back, you may not need them at all, and you’ll find that someone better was meant for you all along.

5. Scented violets – I want to alleviate loneliness

If you have chosen the scented violet, you are an individual who often feels excluded and forgotten by others.

You have a good heart, a wonderful soul, but somehow others do not want to understand you and you are usually the one who has to explain yourself.

Like this flower, you bloom somewhere in solitude and are often picked by others for your beauty, only to be thrown away and forgotten later.

Similar to how the children pick this flower in the spring and forget its existence until the next year.

So you have to pay a lot of attention to how you get treated by others and don’t let them determine your value.

Don’t go back to the ex-partner who abused you, to the friends you betrayed, and find new people who really value you.

Remember the beautiful moments you had with these people, but don’t give them the power to influence you.

There’s great potential and beauty in you, but not everyone deserves to be part of your world, so quickly get rid of the ones you can only love during spring.

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