Clear signs that you are a white witch

Witches, according to legends, myths, and folk beliefs, are women who practice witchcraft to gain supernatural powers that they can use for good or evil purposes. A male warlock is called a wizard.

Tradition distinguishes the so-called white and black witch. White witches are good and are often considered earthly angels. Witches have a deep connection to nature, while angels are beings of the air.

Both serve the common good in everything they do.

White magic is an ancient art of consciously dealing with this energy and thus making life more positive for oneself and others.

Using the power of white magic positively for one’s own life is a desire that many spiritually interested people cherish.

For some, unfortunately, it remains only the wish, despite often good books they do not really dare to approach the matter.

Have you ever felt that you understand and feel things that others find difficult to comprehend? You can probably be a white witch!

Read 9 Sure Signs You’re a White Witch

9. You are intuitive

Can you feel the atmosphere and how everything revolves around you? Your body feels great events in advance. Your blood gets hot and you feel a tingling sensation all over your body?

These are all signs that you are a white witch.

You easily miss feeling the tension between two people floating in the air, even to the point where you foresee both verbal and physical conflicts.  So you know when it’s time to leave the place, as it can be dangerous for you.

It’s easy for you to figure out who your friend and who your enemy is when you’re with a group of people. This is because you feel people’s energy.

You can easily recognize other people’s feelings insincerely, even if someone is lying to you.

Whenever you had to make a quick judgment, you were guided by intuition. In case you are not sure of a person’s motives, intuition has taken you out of this situation.

If you were annoyed by a decision and finally decided on your gut feeling, you followed your intuition and made the right decision.

8. You often have prophetic dreams

You have a dream, and a few days later your dream develops in real life – just as you saw it in your sleep.

Sometimes your dreams seem incredible and completely unreasonable, but then you realize their meaning when they come true.

Are your dreams often apocalyptic or do you perhaps meet the deceased in them? You can also dream of different shapes – especially a five-pointed star, a triangle or a circle.

When you dream of evil or long hook noses, it speaks of your inner beauty. They have a natural charm that will soon manifest itself more and more.

To understand what a witch dreams of in a dream, one must pay attention to what she does, because each of her actions has its own meaning and interpretation.

7. You love nature

Nature is a spiritual teacher for witches, because all spiritual lessons can be learned from nature.

Nature seems natural to you? If you are in nature, in the garden, in the forest, or in the park, you feel like you belong there. Nature renews your being by connecting with grass, trees, oceans and rocks.

You want to be outside in any weather, because in nature you feel calm. You may want to be outdoors at different times of the day and night. In fact, you may even feel more alive at night.

The smell of grass after mowing or the smell of summer rain will delight you. Maybe you can even smell the snow that comes in winter, because witches are children of nature.

You always use all your senses and like to hear, see, smell, taste and touch. You can’t just walk past an interesting tree without touching it.

The sound of birds and insects relaxes you, you acknowledge their existence and are grateful for their presence on the planet.

Storms and heavy rain excite you and you would like to go out and be there. The visible power of nature gives you haste.

You like no crowds and the energy of all these people seems to revolve around you.

If you get stuck in the middle of a large crowd in the house, you may get a headache or feel grumpy or slightly nauseous.

6. You have a special connection to animals

You are attracted to animals, and the animals are also attracted to you. Not only to pets, but also to wild animals there is such an attraction.

For centuries, it was believed that pets accompanying a witch were a gift from the wicked. In fact, witches have invested years of patient training and full mental contact in their animal.

Of course, witch animals are not evil creatures, this belief is just an ancient prejudice against witches.

Going back to your childhood, it was an animal that was always with you, whether you found it or they found you. It can be anything from a dog, a spider to a cat or a crow.

Even stray dogs seem to follow you. These animals come to you because they see in you their new family. You feel that these animals enrich your mind by guarding you and taking care of you.

The energy of these animals calms you down and that’s exactly how these animals feel towards you.

5. You love making home remedies

Here, too, your incredible connection with nature comes to the fore. Do you like to spend time making homemade herbal remedies?

You may also be able to cure yourself of headaches or even some viral and bacterial conditions. You don’t even know where you got that knowledge from, but you know it from somewhere. As if it were innate to you.

In addition, you will enjoy the scents of plants and understand which ones will relax and soothe you, and which will clear your airways. You can use lavender for sleeping or peppermint tea to soothe and cool the stomach.

An indication that you are a witch may also be that you believe you can become a midwife.

Witches were famous healers and pharmacists, but they were midwives and nurses long before there were doctors. In fact, the witch hunt weakened the birth rate of the peasant population and their fighting potential.

4. You are interested in the universe and the solar system

According to the belief of the witches, nothing disappears in the universe, it just takes on a different form. Every end is a new beginning. If you understand this ancient belief, then you are certainly a white witch.

Likewise, if you like to watch documentaries about the universe or privately like to read about astrology or study astrology, it means that you have a strong connection to the universe.

Feel a strong connection with the universe and with all of humanity. Here, too, your incredible connection with nature comes to the fore.

You may know that there are other living beings in the universe, but you also know that we are all connected. They believe that all the orbits and movements of the planets affect us here on planet Earth.

Great interest and understanding of astrology can be an indication that you are a white witch.

The moon seems to be important to you spiritually, but you’re not quite sure why. Sometimes its beauty takes your breath away.

Every time you notice a full moon, your heart is rising.

3. You always collect some things

These can be unusual pebbles, shells, bird feathers, bones, coins, fabric or paper remnants, or old things. Things that other people wouldn’t look at anymore. And cats or other animals.

You’ll also collect items that reveal your magic. Books on your shelf, closet contents, animals around you and other random items. These items reflect a touch of your inner truth.

Witches especially love silver and therefore also silver things. They even prefer silver over gold. Witches love silver because it is the color of the moon. Silver is soft and shiny, while gold is rough and loud.

2. They absorb knowledge like a sponge

They have always been attracted to the Dark Arts, perhaps tarot, astrology, working with magic or healing. You think there is so much about us and the world that we don’t understand, but the more you learn about magic, the more you want to learn.

Death and what happens after our death have always fascinated you. They often feel that the people who died are not gone forever.

They are right behind a thin veil and have their freaks and characters like the living. At the same time, you know that we are all part of a whole.

They are a sponge for knowledge. You always like to read and discover new things, and there is almost no topic that does not interest you.

1. They believe in the higher good

Witches always end their magical rituals with these words: “Provided it is for the benefit of all”.
According to tradition, black magic does not belong to witches at all.

Witches use knowledge and wisdom from nature, but they also use magic and the sixth sense, i.e. intuition, to heal and spread love and peace.

In this way, they solve countless frustrations and live with much more life energy and inspiration in life. For witches, life is a circle in which everything has a place.

There is enough room for birth and growth, for decay and death, and for rebirth.

Do everything with kindness in your heart and give your best in all things.

When you recognize the witch in you, you accept this power, this decision, and this responsibility. It’s as if you’ve taken off some kind of coat and woke up.

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