connect with your previous life

Past lives have helped some resolve traumas, explain fears, and even make a connection with an illness.

That’s what they did with the help of reincarnation therapy.

Here you can learn how reincarnation therapy works and if it’s something for you.

Reincarnation therapy, also known as regression therapy, helps us connect to our past.

Could repatriating memories from a previous life help you in your current life?

This therapy is the return to the former life, a kind of journey in a relaxed meditative state, where a person can remember past lives they have lived through sight, hearing or feeling.

If you can make friends with the idea that consciousness doesn’t die when the heart stops beating, you may want to learn more about it.

Often we meet a person who seems somehow familiar to us, even though we have never met them before.

We feel like we might have an acquaintance from our previous lives.

To learn more about our past lives and get answers to these strange feelings, we can do this therapy.

This form of therapy assumes reincarnation.

It refers to the concept of our consciousness or soul that lives on throughout several lives.

Experts have already emphasized this several times.

According to the experts, this reincarnation therapy stems from the idea that our past life passes into another life.

In addition, we have a kind of soul unity that passes into the next life.

Many people believe in the influence of memories, traumas and also feelings from past lives on their current lives.

Man explores his past life to get answers to their questions and they hope to solve the problems that plague them in their present life.

They want to explore the past life to better understand their relationships, themselves and life.

How does a session on repatriation to past lives work?

First of all, it is helpful to know what needs to be addressed, so you should make a list.

It could be a fear, an injury, or a painful relationship that you can’t understand.

Maybe you just want to gain insight and explore the meaning of life.

On some people there is an energy that is not their own, and that can be the energy of a loved one from the past who does not want to let go of this person.

A typical session looks like clients relax in a lying position and with the help of a therapist they are brought into a meditative state (some also call it hypnosis).

The idea is to go back to earlier stages of life to find information that can improve life today.

Treatment of problems from previous lives

When someone learns more about their past life, it certainly helps them get a better perspective.

Such therapy helps people to take a closer look at the things they have taken with them into their current lives, which helps them process their emotions and let go of all ballast.

Our experiences from our previous lives can affect us in various ways without us being aware of it.

Reincarnation therapy helps us to recognize details about the type of person we were, key events, the circumstances of the time, emotions experienced, and also the people we met at the time.

During the session one can face the events of death and rebirth.

In many ways, reincarnation therapy is proving to be purifying and we are finally able to let go of the emotions that have been suppressed in the deepest corners of our minds.

This helps us to remove the obstacles in our current lives.

Solve your current problems with reincarnation therapy

In therapy, people are introduced to deep and powerful guidance that helps them get an important message about their past.

There are a few strategies to tap into the inner knowledge that can enlighten us about our past lives:

1. Search for instructions

Although science does not support the idea of reincarnation therapy for past lives, believers will certainly find some clues to get clear answers.

In addition to therapy, we can also practice meditation and other spiritual rituals to get a clearer idea of our past lives and get the answers we are looking for.

2. Dream symbolism

Dreams that seem particularly realistic and alive stand for our former lives, so we have to interpret them well.

They are our strongest clues, which often give us the insight into our former lives.

3. References to past lifetimes

The feeling of familiarity with certain people or places is a clear indication of our past lives.

We should pursue them in order to gain more knowledge about them.

Who can benefit from this type of therapy

This type of therapy benefits people with chronichealth problems,the origin of which is not known; People with unexplained phobias, as well as people with persistent pregnancy problems.

Women who could not get pregnant can also be helped.

Reincarnation therapy is also useful for anyone who has a losing streak and is trying to figure out what to do with their life, as well as for people who want to know if they have the ability to work as healers or intuitives.

It’s not always about uncovering past traumas – sometimes you’re shown happiness in a previous life, which can be inspiring and help you remember how to live a good life today.

Seeing how you shined in a previous life can remind you of your worth and strength.

The task of the therapist is to be a channel.

It acts as a bridge and helps people to find their strength again.

Reincarnation therapy helps people overcome fears and process confusing feelings

Sometimes you can discover in a person that he has suffered from a disease in a previous life, which sometimes affects his current well-being and can be associated with current phobias and fears.

Some women had breast cancer and the disease was related to the sadness or grief from a previous life.

Sometimes this type of therapy sheds light on why you have certain relationships with people in your life.

For example, a woman had a father who never supported her financially.

She discovered that she was friends with her father in a previous life and that she had money but didn’t help him.

Now, in this life, she learns what she did to him.

It can be very powerful and healing to look at interpersonal dynamics through the lens of the past. There is a perspective.

The opinions of the critics

The critics say that the results are not scientifically proven.

Opponents of reincarnation therapy say that people in hypnotic states are extremely influenceable and the role that imagination plays is unclear.

Another point of criticism is that the results are not scientifically proven.

Practitioners and other proponents like to point out that spiritual concepts have long been controversial in Western cultures and therefore no research funding has been provided.

Some researchers agreed that science urgently needs to be expanded in a direction that allows it to consider real spiritual experiences without loss of scientific integrity.

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