Does everything really always come back?

What you do good to others will eventually come back to you. As it resounds into the forest, so it resounds again.

This is the universal law of karma.

We’ve all heard it before. What you sow, you will reap. What goes around comes around.

But what is karma and does karma come back to you like a boomerang?

What is karma?

The Law of Karma:

When birds are alive, they eat ants. When the birds die, the ants eat the birds.

You can make a million matches out of a tree. Only one match is needed to burn down a million trees.

Circumstances are subject to change at any time.

Karma is powerful. Don’t hurt anyone. Be good and do good.

Karma is a Hindu term that comes from Sanskrit and refers to fate and action. Man alone is responsible for his actions.

It is the law of cause and effect, an incontrovertible rule of the cosmos, according to which every human being deserves everything that happens to him in his life, whether good or bad.

Essentially, this means that each effect has a specific cause. In the same way, there is a certain effect for each cause.

The simple explanation of the Great Law is that with all our thoughts, feelings and actions comes a consequence, whether immediate or not, good or bad.

They create a wave in the universe and for every action there will always be a reaction.

Karma is the consequence, both good and bad, that happens to you as a result of your actions.

You have created your happiness and misfortune. One day you will be in the same circumstances that you put someone else in.

Whatever you do and whatever you put into the universe will come back to you. Karma always comes back.

Karma is the invisible force that teaches you.

Karma is not there to punish us. Karma teaches you and makes your knowledge of the world more complete.

It is here to show us that we cannot escape the consequences of our actions.

To fully understand why what you did was good or bad takes some time. Many lessons can be learned immediately, but some things can only be learned over time.

The effects of karma sometimes occur immediately, in other cases there is a delay. There will always be an effect, no matter how long the delay is.

The consequences of your actions, whether good or bad, can even follow you into the next life.

Remember that the purpose of karma is not revenge. The universe is not vindictive. The purpose of karma is to help you become a better person and decide whether you want to change or maintain your behavior.

What you do is your choice, and you have free will. What happens to you as a result of your decisions is no longer in your hands. Karma will decide.

Your future is an echo of your past.

Karma is your attachment to the past and nothing ever goes away until it has taught you what you need to know.

Karma treats everyone equally. You will not receive any special treatment. We are served what we deserve because of what we send out.

The way you’ll know when you’re creating bad karma is when you feel a level of resistance, when you feel guilt or fear, or when you start shaking.

Feelings of guilt are a form of punishment. Painful results in your life come from the actions you took that collided with the goals of the universe.

The universe wants you to understand the suffering of others. To do that, you need to experience life from many different perspectives.

  • Accept – Don’t judge other people. If you judge, then you will also be judged. Accept others as they are.
  • Forgive – When you forgive other people, you free yourself from pain. Great things happen to those who forgive.
  • Appreciate – Whoever is grateful is happy. Express your gratitude. It will give you inner peace.
  • Energy – The energy you send out always comes back to you. Type Liebe and love comes back to you.
  • Reaction – The way others behave towards you is their karma; the way you react to it will determine your karma.

How does bad karma arise?

Bad karma arises when you do something with bad intentions and intentionally harm someone. It is the intention that generates karma.

An example of how bad karma arises:

Think of a person you don’t like. Think of a way to upset or intentionally hurt that person.

Now imagine that you have executed your plan. You smile as you see this person feel uncomfortable and eventually feel hurt and upset. They have just created “bad karma” for themselves.

You should keep in mind that good intentions always create “good karma” and that you will never be happy at the expense of other people.

You will never be happy if you knowingly hurt those around you. Even if you think that you are alone and that no one sees what you are doing, there is always someone who notices.

The law of karma does not work if you really had no intention of harming or hurting someone.

It is solely your intention that produces either good or bad karma. No one can violate the natural law of karma or escape the universal law.

Can I change my karma?

Now that you know that karma always comes back, ask yourself if you can change your karma? The answer is yes.

You can’t stop karma, but you can change the direction of your karma. Everything you’ve done in your past can be “undone” by doing good now.

You have reaped what you have sown. You created your own destiny, now you can recreate it. And how?

They have free will. You can learn from the past.

A clear conscience cannot be bought with a moment of regret or shame. If you want forgiveness for your actions, you must first take responsibility for them.

Regret is the starting point. Regretting what you have done sends a signal to the universe. You have to be serious about what you say.

It’s about learning through compassion. This is due to the fact that you imagine very carefully how others feel. You are saying that you understand that your past actions were wrong.

Sometimes you have to experience what you have done to others. No matter how bad you’ve been, you can always start over.

One can only eradicate bad karma with remorse and then practice kindness and love. There is no other way.

If you’ve ever done harm to someone, ask them for forgiveness. Your forgiveness will dissolve any bad karma and turn it into good karma.

Their feelings of guilt will disappear and they will feel wonderful.

Avoid thoughts of revenge, because these will only harm them themselves. If you hate or dislike someone, it creates negativity.

Allow the universe to use its infinite powers to help you. No one can harm you if your intentions are pure.

Wishing someone who has hurt you all the best allows you to let go of bad energy. You must wish him all the best in your mind and mean it.

Anyone who has hurt you will receive their karma. All you have to do is forgive. This is a difficult thing, but it will give you an incredible sense of relief.

You will be liberated to move on with the good things in your life.

The more spiritual you are, the faster your karma will be returned. The more you know, the more responsibility you have. A person who understands the spiritual laws and does not practice them suffers greatly.

The opposite is also true. If you are kind and loving, you will have good karma.

Do to others what you want to be done to you, because it will be done to you!

Finally, I would like to recommend a short story that summarizes karma as a whole.

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Karma who lived with her parents in a small cottage. Her family didn’t have much money, but they were happy.

One day, Karma’s mother sent her to the store to buy milk. On the way to the store, she met an old beggar who was very hungry.

Karma wanted to give him her money for the milk, but she realized that her mother would be very angry if she came home without milk.

So she walked on and soon she saw a little boy crying. He has lost the money his mother gave him to buy a loaf of bread.

Karma felt terrible that she couldn’t help anyone, but she had no choice and moved on.

When she stood in front of the shop, she saw a brand new hundred-euro bill in the grass. She looked around and when she realized that no one was looking for the bill, she carefully folded it up and put it in her pocket.

In the shop she bought the milk, a loaf of bread and some extra food. On the way back home, the little boy still found crying on the side of the road.

She gave the little boy a loaf of bread. The boy was very happy and grateful that Karma had helped him.

She also stopped by the hungry old beggar and gave him something to eat. The old man accepted the food with a smile and was very grateful.

Karma was very happy that she could help everyone and sang to herself with a smile:

Karma comes back to you

No matter what you do…

Karma comes back to you

Or kick yourself with her shoe…

Karma just giggled and smiled to herself as she gave her mother the milk. She put the rest of the money into her little piggy bank.

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