Energize water to realize your intentions

You may have heard of the terms energized water/water energizing and dead water.

Filtered and sterilized water is basically “dead” water, empty of essential minerals and natural ingredients.

It is also not certain which minerals important for our body are still present in the water we drink.

Water always has the same chemical composition, but water is different in its natural state.

The water that flows in mountain streams naturally rolls over rocks and thus gains energy.

It is also powered by sunlight and at midnight by the magnetism of the moon.

In water pipes, the water flows straight, in the dark and often in complete peace.

In public waterworks, there are chlorine stations at the wells, which automatically add a certain amount of chlorine to the water if the water quality is appropriate.

Chlorine in water is harmful in itself, in any form. But it is used as a necessary evil, to disinfect water and kill microorganisms in the water.

Unfortunately, this is by no means energized water and we need to give it back its natural essence by energizing it again.

Since pure spring water is not drinkable, there are certainly alternatives that return our water to its natural state with the help of energizing water.

Water memory: Does water really remember its natural state?

Life on Earth began in water, and so it is not surprising that it is needed by all living things on our Blue Planet.

Its chemical composition is simple and it seems as if there is nothing simpler than water.

But if you take a closer look at the water itself, you come to the conclusion that it is a really special and unique substance in the whole universe, which is anything but “ordinary”.

As scientists, the hypothesis of the existence of the Water memory An incredible perspective opened up for humanity.

Water memory is the ability of water to remember which particles were previously contained in it.

This “memory” allows the water to maintain the properties of the original solution, even if there are no particles of the original solution in it.

In recent years, the wonders of water have begun to be revealed, but modern science is still amazed by this miraculous phenomenon.

For its discovery obviously requires a new scientific thinking that is not limited to schematic scientific opinions.

Masaru Emoto: The message from the water

One person who has also dealt intensively with water is the Japanese businessman, author and scientist Masaru Emoto.

He regarded water as a transmitter of information and tried to make the information contained in it visible.

Emoto explained that under certain conditions, water goes into a solid state, forming ice crystals, which he called water crystals.

The crystals took on different shapes, depending on the environment in which they were located.

He exposed the water to various pieces of music, used vessels with inscriptions and directed his thoughts to the water, trying to influence the information it contained.

Music that was not harmonious led to the formation of irregular, disordered crystals, while pleasant music influenced the formation of harmonious and regular crystal structures.

Positive inscriptions and had a similar effect to positive thoughts and energy.

Can we energize water?

Numerous spiritualists have proven that water transmits information and that it matters what kind of water we drink.

Energized water in nature carries the message of life, which can be seen in the stable and harmonious structure of the molecules.

The water that comes out of the pipes is often “tormented”, has no proper structure, not enough energy and no positive message.

Therefore, it is important that it is energized by water and returned to its natural state.

Here’s how to energize water, improve your health, and manifest your goals:

1. Energize water by producing pure solar water

Solar water is one of the most effective ways to energize water.

Solar or sun water is water that is energized directly by the sun’s rays and thus has many benefits for our health.

Normally, in the production of this powerful water, the glass must be colorless.

Should a glass with a specific Colour are used, so the energizing water has various purposes.

Each chakra is represented by a different color, and so the water will have different advantages through the use of a certain colored glass.

So when we use a colorless glass, we promote overall well-being, mindfulness, inner satisfaction and positivity.

For energizing water and producing solar water, a glass bottle, a glass or a glass vase can be used.

This water cannot be filled in a plastic bottle because it is toxic and full of bacteria.

While the water is energized, the water must be covered with a glass plate.

This must be done so that the water is protected, but the covering must be made of glass so that the sun’s rays can energize the water.

Then the water must 5-8 hours to be charged with the energy of the sun.

The water must then be drunk, and its effect only lasts 24 hours at.

After that, new solar water must be produced, it can also not be stored in the refrigerator, but only used fresh.

The benefits of drinking solar water:

When the water is energized in this way, you will get a product that has certain health benefits.

Sunlight water has a purifying and energizing effect, which we promote through its drinking.

It also helps balance and revitalize the body when used daily.

In addition, when we energize water, we get rid of fixed ideas and blockages.

Solar water is one of the most powerful tools that promotes spiritual healing and helps us overcome our past and negative tendencies.

It certainly helps us to become our higher self, without fear and judgment.

This works because by consuming solar water, we allow these benefits to become a part of us, change us and promote our health.

How does the color of the glass affect the solar water?

Depending on the color of the glass you are using, the solar water also has different advantages.

Each of these colors is associated with a chakra, and thus helps with certain states.

After energizing the water, the water will thus absorb this color and gain certain healing powers based on it.

When a clear glass is used to make solar water, the water promotes overall health, but when a colored one is used, it helps with certain ailments.

Here are the advantages depending on the glass color used:

  • Red glass – Helps with anxiety, low sex drive, promotes self-love, helps with unmotivatedness, depression and muscle pain
  • Violet glass – Helps with weight loss, promotes beauty, helps with skin conditions, fatigue, gives confidence, gives shiny hair when used as a conditioner, lowers blood pressure
  • Blue glass – Helps with sinus infections, migraines, helps with painful joints, gives energy, heals dandruff and acne
  • Green glass – Helps with cough, relieves fever, improves flu symptoms, relieves anxiety, stress, sleep problems
  • Orange glass – Helps with inflamed gums, can be used as a mouthwash, makes teeth whiter, helps with hydration, improves concentration, helps memorize as a learning aid
  • Yellow glass – Helps with all kinds of emotional problems, it helps us to become happier, more motivated, more honest, more mindful, more loving, more focused, it helps us to get closer to our higher self

2. Energize water by You make blue healing water

All you need is a glass, bottle, or vase in blue color if you want to energize your water.

The shade of the blue container is also not important if you want to make blue healing water.

The lightest ones are just as effective as the dark blue ones, as the color blue has a strong positive energy.

The only important thing is that you fill the glass, bottle or vase with tap water and cover it.

Nevertheless, it must be noted that the lid must not be made of metal, it can be made of cork, glass or even plastic, just not of metal.

The lid also only serves as protection against dust or insects, which love this water very much.

You must then place the water bottle between 15 minutes and put in the sun for an hour.

If you keep it longer, the taste will become sweeter, so leave it there depending on your preference.

If you can’t expose the water to the sun, put the water under a light bulb.

In addition to drinking, use this water to:

  • As a spray against negative energy
  • As a facial sprayer for beauty
  • As essential drops in a bath for skin problems
  • Drops while cooking to bless the food with love
  • As water for pets for protection
  • As water for flowers to promote health and growth
  • As a room fragrance for protection and emotional well-being

Once you have made blue solar water, you can pour it into any other vessel, plastic glass.

You can store it in the refrigerator or at daytime temperature, whichever you prefer.

If you’re on the go, somewhere where you can’t possibly make your own Blue Solar Water, use it mentally.

Remember that the mental use of this water only makes sense if you cannot objectively reach the blue solar water, otherwise this method will not work.

Advantages of blue solar water:

The blue solar water is a powerful energized water that has many advantages.

Blue solar water releases blockages, relaxes and helps to bring us back to a pure state, without negative thoughts.

The blue solar water offers the best: the powerful energy of the sun, the source of all life and the fascinating properties of the healing and soothing blue color.

Not only is this water extremely healthy, but it also helps clean deep negative subconscious programs that we automatically repeat over and over again.

The water also promotes beauty, the health of the skin, provides us with protection and helps us to overcome negativity.

Energizing the water with crystals is a very simple and effective way to bring water into its natural state.

Crystals are full of positive energy and transfer it not only directly to us, but also to the water itself.

Each crystal has its own benefits for our health and emotional well-being and charges the water with them by soaking them in it.

To make water enriched with crystals and to energize water, you need one or more crystals and a glass vessel.

The jar should also have a lid, as the water must be protected from dust and impurities.

Similar to solar water, the glass is then placed outside so that the crystals can absorb the solar energy.

In contrast to the production of the solar water, it also does not matter whether the lid of the glass is transparent, since the crystals are located on the lid and absorb the sunlight.

There are definitely some crystals that can be placed directly in the water, but since not all crystals have the ideal hardness to soak, we recommend placing them on the lid of the jar.

After your glass has been placed outside in the sunlight and the crystals have been placed on the lid, it must remain there for 24 hours.

The Benefits of Drinking Crystal Water

If you energize water with the help of crystals, there must also be an intention.

The water is energized with the help of sunlight, but the benefits come when we set certain goals.

In the production, but also when taking the crystal water, you have to clearly imagine the benefits you want to manifest.

This can be anything from attracting love to promoting health and the crystal water will manifest it.

Another way to use this water to manifest its goals is to write the goal or goals on a simple piece of paper.

After that, the paper is attached to the glass vessel used for energizing the water.

In addition to goals, the paper can also contain positive affirmations such as “You are enough”, “You are beautiful” or “You are loved”.

4. Energize water with fruits and herbs

Energizing the water is also possible with fruits and herbs.

Many people are certainly familiar with supplementing their water with sweet fruits, vegetables, and herbs, but did you know that by doing so, they energize the water?

Fruits, vegetables and herbs are part of nature itself and by reconnecting them with water, positive energy is released.

The water receives not only positive energy, but also taste and all the good that the fruits, vegetables and herbs carry in them.

It is also important to mention that the focus here should not be on the fruits, vegetables and herbs, but on the water, which has now received new life and new energy.

Before it was lifeless and deprived of its energy, but now it has come alive in such a wonderful way.

For the production of this water you need again a glass jar and some fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Fruits that are commonly used are:

  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Kiwi
  • Apple
  • Watermelon
  • Cherries
  • Strawberry
  • Blueberries
  • Cranberries

The vegetables that can be used are:

  • Celery
  • Radish
  • Cucumber
  • Spinach
  • Tomato
  • Green pepper

The herbs that are ideal for energizing the water:

  • Thyme
  • Sage
  • Mint
  • Peppermint
  • Rosemary
  • Basil

Then you need to let the ingredients steep for at least 2 hours or overnight to get the full flavor.

Energizing the water will also be more successful if done overnight.

The benefits of water energized in this way are the same as those of crystal water with additional health benefits of the ingredients.

This water personally also has a greater ability to shape our mood and emotional well-being as it directly affects our taste buds.

The water can also be stored in the refrigerator or served with ice.

Serving the drink cold is a good idea on warmer days, but the water can also be heated on colder days.

One should also keep in mind the symbolism of fruits, vegetables and herbs that they use when they want to manifest something.

5. Energize water with the use of energy plates

To energize water, you can also use coasters that serve as energy plates.

So water that is energized in this way has higher frequencies and many benefits for us, both spiritually and emotionally.

Water energized with plates helps us to remove negative energy, relieve depression, remove toxins from the body.

In addition, having a higher energy level, increasing intuition, as well as harmony, wound healing, strength, the immune system and it also promotes good night’s sleep and protects us from curses.

When water is energized, with the help of coasters, a special kind must be used.

The coaster must have the motif of these symbols:

If you also don’t own this type of coaster, you can simply make them yourself by drawing these symbols on them.

Once the symbol is painted, the material from the coasters is no longer important.

Nevertheless, if the symbol is drawn on a crystal or glass coaster, the effect will be even stronger.

In addition to these symbols, personal symbols and symbols to which you feel strongly connected can also be used.

A special type of energy plate is also the Tesla purple plate made of aluminum, whiche increases the frequency of the water.

Energizing the water with this method is extremely powerful, so you can be sure that it has come back to life.

This extraordinary method also has many advantages, because after all, every living being and even non-living thing has its own energy.

The Tesla Purple Plate

The Tesla plate acts as a transmitter of cosmic energy, creating a positive field around it that heals.

In many experiments, it has been found that the basic principle of operation of the purple plate is the emission of energy capable of penetrating the tissues of any living being.

This is a special plate that prevents the development of diseases, reduces the effects of stress and improves the general mood.

Purple or purple represents the seventh ray and violet flame known in metaphysics as the healing part of the spectrum.

Our body knows how to connect the energy of the universe, which permeates the basis of our existence, with the mind.

But also how to heal injuries, reduce stress and fatigue and maintain the vitality of the body.

As a result, the Tesla plate, as well as other energy sources in the field of space energy, contains information that serves as an aid for further development.

“If you want to discover the secrets of the universe, think of them as energy, frequency and vibrations,” Nikola Tesla.

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