Harmony for body & soul

Looking for ways to relieve stress, relax and restore inner balance, singing bowl meditation may be the ideal solution for you.

Our civilization is extremely loud and oversaturated with bad and destructive sounds. The sounds of the modern world are synonymous with chaos and disease.

Noise pollution and the noise chaos we are exposed to do much more damage than we can imagine.

As a result, we become restless, tense, irritable, unfocused and lose the ability to listen to other people.

Such sounds gradually poison our body and soul and eventually lead to illness – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Singing bowl meditation cleanses body and soul of negative energy and brings them harmony, order and health.

Once the true inner peace is achieved, it does not leave us even in the most difficult circumstances of life.

What is singing bowl meditation?

Singing bowl meditation is a form of treatment in which the vibration of the sound of the bowl recognizes and releases energetic, physical and mental blockages.

Singing bowls create sounds that promote the state of deep relaxation required to enter meditation.

Singing bowl meditation is an effective and proven way to reduce stress, raise awareness, and create a deep sense of peace, well-being, and generally better health.

They are used as aids in many spiritual practices, religious rituals, for purifying negative energy, in sound therapy and for balancing the chakras.

The sound produced by singing bowls has been shown to be an essential part of the healing process in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, especially in pain relief.

Sound Meditation: Soothing and Healing Power of Sound

How does singing bowl meditation work?

Sound is an essential part of our lives. Sounds can strongly influence our mood and alertness and thus our ability to function.

The body reacts very well to vibrations, as it consists mainly of water. Water is known as a means that can absorb and hold vibrations and respond to all kinds of sound waves.

Sound waves therefore penetrate very easily into the human body and affect it.

Singing bowl meditation works according to the principle of induction of the alpha and theta states of the brain, which corresponds to a deep meditation.

The brain waves slow down, the left and right hemispheres of the brain balance each other out and the self-healing process begins.

Due to the change in the state of the brain and under the influence of different frequencies in the body, various changes occur.

Thus, the muscles relax, breathing slows down and becomes harmonious, the heartbeat calms down and affects the calming of the mind.

Singing bowl meditation balances your physical, emotional and spiritual energies. Balanced energies create the perfect basis for healing.

Many people believe that various diseases and disorders arise from an imbalance of energies.

Energy from the past is blocked in our cells, muscles and organs, leading to an imbalance in the present.

Singing bowl meditation acts directly on cell memory, which helps release blocked energy and bring the body into balance.

Spiritual Transformation: The Awakening of the Soul

Advantages of singing bowl meditation

It has been scientifically proven that sound has a positive effect on the immune and hormonal systems.

Singing bowl meditation helps to oxygenate the body and brain, slow down the pulse, normalize blood pressure, relax blood vessels and strengthen immunity.

In addition, it releases hormones such as endorphins and melatonin, speeding up recovery and wound healing.

Singing bowl meditation has a beneficial effect on depressive states, anxiety and aching joints. It also successfully relieves headaches and colds.

Further advantages:

• Singing bowl meditation has a positive effect on problems of nocturnal urination in children and achieves excellent results in autistic children and ADHD disorders.

• Singing bowl meditation stimulates healthy people, gives them extra strength for daily activities, increases productivity and creativity.

• For people with limited physical, mental and psychological health, singing bowl meditation brings relief from the pain that causes stress and tension.

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How is the singing bowl meditation performed?

Singing bowl meditation can be performed individually or in a group.

During the singing bowl meditation, the person lies in a comfortable position, and the sound therapist creates sounds through the singing bowls that affect the patient in many beneficial ways.

The singing bowl meditation is based on the teaching of the 7 chakras. Chakra literally means circle in Sanskrit. Thus, 7 round bowls are used, which produce 7 different tones for each chakra.

The singing bowls are placed around the patient’s body on the part of the body where the chakras are located.

The treatments last about an hour and the patient lies clothed on a mat on the floor.

Patients are comfortably dressed in clothes without buttons and zippers and do not wear jewelry during singing bowl meditation.

How many treatments are necessary?

Singing bowl meditation is usually performed once a week, but if necessary, it can also be performed two to three times a week.

In general, a 4-week treatment is recommended, followed by two treatments after a two-week break.

The first two treatments often serve to release blockages, stressors and toxins physically and mentally.

This also creates an atmosphere of trust and relaxation for the patient to achieve maximum further results. The following treatments are intended to strengthen the strengthening and the inner balance.

This creates a strong connection between body and mind and improves the ability to heal. After treatment, progress and needs are assessed.

Most people go to singing bowl meditation several times a year to stay in tune with their energies.

Even people who already feel physically and mentally healthy can benefit from singing bowl meditation?

Many people have been using singing bowls for centuries to raise awareness and enter deeper meditative states.

Some people use singing bowl meditation to see a solution to a problem more clearly, revitalize, feel great, and connect better with the universe.

The Levels of Consciousness: How to Ascend

The Tibetan Singing Bowls

Singing bowl meditation is most effectively performed with Tibetan singing bowls.

Tibetan singing bowls have been used for centuries in the daily practice of healing and restoring inner harmony and balance.

Made of a special material in the hands of experts, they can give you a unique pleasure and help you to achieve a balanced flow of energy.

Tibetan singing bowls have been used throughout history in various countries such as Tibet, Nepal, India, Bhutan, China, Japan and Korea.

Today they are produced only in Nepal, India, Japan and Korea.

Today, Tibetan singing bowls are indispensable tools in many spiritual practices, religious rituals and sound therapies, contributing to personal health, relaxation and purification of negative energy.

How do you create the sound?

Place the bowl at chest level and try to rub the bobbin along its edges, slowly forming circles without stopping.

Do this with a slow pace and a lot of patience and in a few seconds or minutes you will hear the first vibrating sound.

If at first you have trouble creating the sound just by rubbing, lightly hit the center of the shell or the edge of the shell, and then start rubbing the edges with the bobbin again.

This is another useful option, but remember that it is better to create the sound by rubbing the shell.

Once you have created a vibrating sound, all you have to do is immerse yourself in its vibration, breathe calmly and meditateThat is why we have tabled a number of amendments.

The bobbins can be made of wood, metal or even plastic, the head of which is covered with a soft cloth to create a bell effect.

Singing bowls belong to the group of polyphonic instruments according to tonal properties, which means that together with the basic tone they can produce several harmonic tones at the same time.

But as with other instruments, the rule “the older, the better” also applies to singing bowls. The better the sound of the singing bowl, the more effective the singing bowl meditation becomes.

Old or antique bowls produce a very warm and pleasant sound of rich sound harmony, which in some cases can last several minutes with a bobbin beat.

The production of Tibetan singing bowls

Old or antique singing bowls were made of 5 types of metal. Made of bronze and alloys of tin, copper, iron and zinc, but also other metals.

In addition, most ancient shells are made of additional precious metals such as gold, silver or very expensive celestial iron extracted from meteorites and tetit.

The better the quality of bronze and other alloys, the better the tonal properties of the shell itself.

Today it is believed that the method of making ancient bowls has been lost, but in some corners of Nepal and India there are masters who are still able to forge a bowl according to ancient instructions.

Ancient Tibetan singing bowls can also be recognized by their appearance or decorations such as lines, circles or rings engraved on the surface of the bowl.

Such decorations can also be found on the outer edge of the inside of the floor, the upper outer edge or the outer floor of the shell.

New shells are made of bronze and other alloys as in ancient shells, but in today’s shells we find neither silver nor gold.

High-quality bowls come from Nepal and India. High-quality and good bowls are also produced in Japan and Korea, but are difficult to import and therefore very rare in the West.

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