How to Connect with Your Inner Goddess

The female energy is the basis for the world, where this creative power drives the male energy into action and progress.

Both the female energy and the male energy must be in balance for the world to unfold.

Unfortunately, many women today lose touch with their feminine energy because they think they live in a male-dominated world.

The truth is actually that if you believe that you live in a male-dominated world, with the only task of cooking in the kitchen and raising children so that your husband’s career can grow, you will probably live in that reality as well.

The feminine energy is the essence of every woman, but it is her choice how she wants to live her life.

There has never been a time when women had more rights, opportunities and choices to shape their own future.

They are able to make careers, pursue their dreams, run businesses and all that while raising children and being wonderful wives.

Female energy is a strength and not a disadvantage and every woman should be aware of this fact.

The feminine energy and the fact that men and women have different qualities is also less appreciated today because it does not favor the fight for equality that many women lead.

But unfortunately, this fight for equality has taken the wrong turn, fatally for female energy.

Today, it is almost shameful to be a housewife, to have the family and a husband as a priority.

Being a wife and mother is no longer even considered a success, which devalues the feminine energy and empties a woman from the inside out.

Because of these norms, women are put under pressure, mostly by other women. (not by men)to have several jobs, to work until you drop and to give up everything for your career.

But is this really what women need and want?

Why is it a shame for a woman if she only raises her child for a while, cooks for her husband, takes warm baths and has amazing sex.

All of this connects her to her divine feminine and heals her spiritually, and it is never shameful for a woman to be aware of her feminine energy.

What is feminine energy?

Female energy is a set of characteristics that are different from the usual characteristics of male energy.

This feminine energy is the energy of being, while the masculine energy is the energy of action.

The male energy is purposeful and creates progress, while the female energy helps us to enjoy the moment and recover.

Because the modern woman is no longer in contact with her feminine energy and the man as well, they are stressed, overworked and have no balance in life.

That’s because the wonderful feminine energy is the one that creates life and art, as well as the love that nourishes us and helps us heal.

So when we detach ourselves from this energy, we become victims of modern survival and lose a lot of emotional sense as well as the feeling of being alive.

Having a career is a wonderful thing, but you also need love for others and yourself to live a truly balanced life.

Do women also have male energy?

Women naturally have more feminine energy, but also just enough male energy to balance it.

A woman’s masculine energy shows up as she works toward her goals, progresses, and learns new things.

On the other hand, her feminine energy shows up when she dances, sings, loves, enjoys life and simply creates art.

The masculine energy is the energy that helps us sustain life, but the feminine energy expresses the things worth living for.

It is also important to mention that female and male energy do not express gender roles.

Female and male energy are different modes of existence, and both men and women can have these energies, and as far as their roles are concerned, they themselves decide on these.

A man carries more masculine energy in himself, but can still be in a female stereoptic gender role.

On the other hand, although a woman carries more feminine energy, she can also enjoy the benefits of a male gender role in addition to this positive energy.

The female energy is above all nourishing and many women are ashamed that they accept it.

A woman can live out her feminine energy and female gender role to the full without hiding behind her degree, resume and business, and without proving herself to anyone.

So when a woman chooses to be a housewife and take care of others, she chooses to be herself and work towards her goals – out of passion and not out of a need to prove that she is worth something.

How female energy is suppressed

Nowadays, many modern women suppress their feminine energy because they are ashamed of it.

They get caught up in multiple projects and jobs and are so focused on their careers that they’ve become callous to the things around them.

All this to secure a kind of freedom, as if it were slipping out of their hands at any moment.

That’s why a woman who embraces her feminine energy is happy if she focuses only on her baby, is a wife, and is cared for.

She sees nothing wrong with being financially supported by a man who finds his honor in caring for his family.

This is a woman who is proud of her womanhood and who knows that success and a degree do not define her.

If a woman really feels that motherhood is the top priority in her life, then she can choose to do so.

When she does, she accepts her feminine energy – the power to nourish others and help them grow while enjoying and exploring her own self by simply being what she wants to be.

On the other hand, women who make a career and run a business lose the connection to their feminine energy because they are so dependent on their male energy.

They are so controlling and independent that they directly tell a man that he is not necessary in their lives.

Thus, many even unintentionally begin to see female energy as a weakness and underestimate the masculinity of a man.

As a result, many career-oriented women have bad luck in love, feel uncomfortable as a mother and have a hard time being cared for by the man.

They do not manage to balance their career life with their feminine energy and are therefore overwhelmed by stress and work and often feel that they always have to prove something to someone.

Fortunately, when a woman reconnects with her feminine energy, she finally feels comfortable in her skin and her being, whether she’s a mother of three or CEO of an ambitious company.

What are the benefits of embracing the feminine energy?

Once a woman embraces her feminine energy, she will feel completely comfortable in the role of educator and will be irresistible to her partner, even if she is very business-minded.

If she is a housewife, she will realize the importance of her feminine powers and slowly work towards her personal goals without stress.

But if she is a woman who is constantly expanding in the field of work, she will know when to turn off her masculine energy and become more aware of her womanhood.

She becomes a woman who is aware of her creative, loving and divine feminine energy and who understands that she can have a family and at the same time achieve her goals.

But also a woman who is both emotionally and spiritually fulfilled when she is a mother, wife and a wonderful educator.

Good men are naturally attracted to women who express a lot of feminine energy, which does not mean that this energy means a kind of submission and weakness playing.

Feminine energy is the power to be warm, gentle and kind and the willingness to put others before oneself.

It is the ability to use female wisdom in the right way to balance life itself, and therefore it is important never to suppress this energy.

Finally, male energy and feminine energy such as ying and yang, andDifferent forces that complement each other and are needed for everything to exist in equilibrium.

Ways to Embrace Your Feminine Energy

Female energy is suppressed more than ever by modern lifestyles.

People and especially women work all the time without having the opportunity to just live and enjoy the moment.

They work toward something that seems to have no end or a purpose higher than survival without rewarding themselves along the way.

Women and men who do not accept this energy in their lives work towards profitable goals, but as a result do not love enough.

As a result, they think they are living life properly, but they regret most of it, consumed by meterialism and work without ever being completely free.

But the feminine energy is comprehensive and fluctuating like the ocean, unbound and does not like to be constricted.

1. Dance and wear loose clothes

The feminine energy is felt when we wear skirts, underwear or any kind of clothing that allows us to be free.

That’s why it’s a wonderful idea to turn up the music and just dance in a slightly flowing skirt or lingerie set.

Enjoy the present moment and admire your body, accepting and loving every inch of it.

Become aware that this is your natural form and embrace your feminine energy.

After all, the female energy is constantly in motion and does not like it when you deprive it of its freedom.

2. Allow yourself to be emotional and vulnerable

The feminine energy gives us the strength to overcome hardships and process pain, but it also gives us empathy and allows us to express feelings.

So to embrace your feminine energy, turn on a romantic or emotional movie and allow yourself to feel.

Also, look back at all the emotions you have suppressed with the help of your male energy to be functional at work and in life.

Allow yourself to be human and feel and accept every inch of that pain.

Because as soon as we become callous, we also lose empathy, which makes us empty shells without humanity.

3. Be creative and motivated

Female energy is also a flow of creativity and to feel that energy, you don’t have to be a professional artist.

Express your inner goddess by drawing, painting, dancing and simply creating beauty.

Feminine energy gives life, and without it there would be no beauty in this world.

That energy is the one that creates the songs we sing, the poems we read, and the art we admire.

Without them, the world would be empty, as a quote I live by says:

“If you think you’re in hell, ask the artist, but if you can’t find the artist, then you’re already in hell.”

4. Make your partner feel needed and appreciate their masculine energy

A woman does not have to behave unintelligently or weakly for a man to feel dominant and needy.

When a woman is truly connected to her feminine energy, she lets a man lead the relationship while simply relaxing and enjoying every aspect of being treated like a queen.

She does not criticize her partner, does not control him or makes him feel that he is not needed, but is loved.

That is, she lets him plan the appointments and never asks him to do so or teaches him to be the provider, but lets him take on this role naturally.

Through them, his overwhelmed and exhausted male energy is healed and refueled with their warmth and love.

Other ways you can connect with your feminine energy:

1. Choose what it means for you to be female

2. Be responsible for your actions and choose your goals

3. Allow yourself to relax and take care of your body

4. Make creativity your habit and surround yourself with beauty

5. Be proud of your appearance and dress the way you like

6. Do not suppress emotions and allowen you to feel

7. Spend more time with animals and children

8. Take walks and enjoy nature

9. Get rid of negative people and don’t engage with those who spread hatred

10. Let your husband prevail in a relationship

11. Allow yourself to be pampered and appreciated

12. Accept help from others and stop if the work becomes too much for you

13. Enjoy love games and tender moments with your loved one

14. Focus on being happy and satisfied

15. Value yourself and remember that you are valuable and loved

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