How to make and use lunar water

Astrologers, witches and mystics alike agree on the power of the moon and lunar water.

The moon is one of the two celestial bodies (next to the sun) that are an incredibly powerful tool for manifestation and magic. That’s why it can be very useful to be able to produce moonwater.

The moon rules over the subtle, subconscious, and intuitive sides of the self, and its growth and waning reflects our own feelings.

When we focus on the moon, we fall back on an ancient stream of energy.

An easy way to do this is to make moonwater.

You can make moon water by leaving water outside to charge it under the moonlight.

Since the moon affects the ocean tides, there is already an energetic connection between the element of water and the moon. When you make moon water, you get that energy at hand.

If you add some intent (and maybe a crystal or two), you can create a tool that can be used for anything. They can water their flowers, pour them into their bathroom or clean their house. These are just a few examples of how you can use your moon water.

With the full moon approaching, it’s time to prepare for all sorts of magic and mysticism.

One of my oldest and most popular moon spells is making moon water.

Witches and spirituals like to charge all sorts of things under the full moon: crystals, tarot cards, even candles.

Water is the perfect vessel for charging in the moonlight, as water is the element associated with the moon. So why not make moonwater? It’s very simple!

The sign, the moon phase + the energetic

When there is a new moon, it is in the same sign as the sun. For example: New moon in Libra means that the sun is also in Libra. At this time you can make moon water.

When there is a full moon, it is in the opposite sign where the sun is. For example, a full moon in Libra means that the sun is in Aries.

This is important because when you make your lunar water, you have the choice of which energetics you want to charge and work with.

If you make your lunar water at new moon, it means that it has a stronger alignment in its sign than if it were at full moon.

That being said, there’s a lot of magic and power in the full moon water. The dance between a sign and its opposite contains a lot of energy, meaning in the magic that we create with this water.

There is a balance and tension here that needs to be explored.

Moon as female energy

The moon is the female energy, while the sun is the male one.

It represents our intuition and creativity, the rhythm of creation and time, enlightenment and shadow work.

The cycles of the moon teach us to let go and invite, to surrender and reflect; that we are constantly changing.

The moon guides us to go inward and encourages us to do our own work, while its energy nourishes our soul and favors our growth.

Its dark side and light side are very revealing for what we need to learn in order to grow.

The two sides of the moon

Are you wondering when to make moonwater?

The moon is a mirror. It reflects both the shadow side of the sun and the radiant light.

Under the new moon (dark side) our fears are reflected back to us.

We are inspired to bring our shadows to the surface. To face all that we hide from ourselves and what we cannot see.

When we are able to use the moon as a mirror and see ourselves in its reflection, we are better able to give up our fears and shadows and create new space for healing and growth.

This is the time when we invite the new and create intentions and manifest the new into our lives and also a good time to make lunar water.

The new moon also reminds us that it is not dark forever.

Under the full moon (light side) we are able to see our brilliance.

The illuminating moonlight shines evenly on all of us to to remind ourselves that we should live in balance; a perfect harmony of female and male energy.

Under this glorious light, we are better able to see our conscious self, which is better guided by our Higher Self.

We are being reflected back all our growth of the last 28 days, a vision of what is to come and a testament to what we are capable of.

This is when we complete aspects of our soul work to begin the next stage of our journey with newfound confidence.

What is lunar water

Simply put, lunar water is water charged by the energy of the moon.

Most of the energy on Earth is emitted by the sun. But the moon’s energy is extremely healing and charges our energy fields.

Lunar energy focuses on our subconscious. It gives us insights into our spirit, our Higher Self and our soul work.

When you set up your water at new moon and full moon, the water is essentially filled with the energy of that particular phase of the moon.

As already mentioned, the new moon and the full moon each represent different energies and the water will take on the energy of the respective phase.

To be able to produce lunar water, you need:

1. A jar or container (I recommend a mason jar). Take as many containers as you like. Glass is more suitable.

2. Water (from the tap, from a bottle, from a river… just make sure it’s safe to drink if you want to do that)

3. A sticker to date your lunar water and note what sign and phase the moon is in (e.B”Full Moon in Taurus, October 31, 2020″)

4. Water-grade crystals, such as rose quartz, clear quartz or amethyst (optional)

5. Cleansing herbs such as mugwort (ruled by the moon), lavender (for relaxation and healing), rosemary (for protection) or sweet grass (for positive energy) (optional)

6. A lighter and a bowl for burning the herbs (optional)

7. An intention you want to focus on, such as.B. peace, love, or acceptance (optional)

How to make moon water

Making moon water is really one of the easiest spells to use.

Simply fill a glass, bowl or other container with water and place it in the moonlight.

Fill the vessels with drinking water. Whether you want to use your own filtered water or water from the store, make sure it’s not fluoridated.

We have a well for our water. I use our tap water so that the minerals are charged.

It’s helpful to set an intent for the water as you complete this task.

If you’re still not sure what you want to use the lunar water for, you can say a prayer to your favorite moon goddess or simply think about your own connection to the moon.

Some people claim you should bottle the glass with water before sunrise.

Actually, I would agree with that, but since I’m not a morning person and it’s almost impossible to wake up before 7:00 a.m., I usually pick up my charged moon water as soon as I get out of bed.

Whether it’s okay for you when sunlight touches the water, you can decide for yourself.

But the big question is: Once you’ve charged your moonwater, what should you do with it?

Luckily, there are endless possibilities! Water is the elixir of life, as they say, so we use it in a variety of situations.

You can use your moon water in any situation where you would use regular water to make the activity a little more magical.

Or use your moonwater in specifically magical concerns. Here are a few ideas.

How to use lunar water:

There are so many different ways you can use your moonwater. Below is a list of the most common uses of lunar water:

Add moonwater to your bath for intense relaxation and clarity.

Fill your bathtub as usual while pouring some water from your glass into the tub.

Start a cycle in which you pour the combined water over yourself, everywheret, where you feel it needs to be cleaned, and let anything that no longer serves you out of your energy field.

When the water charge enters your interior, its light amplifies any intention you associate with it, while promoting intense peace and relaxation.

Wash your hair with the pure moon water to promote thick, lush hair growth and a divine shine.

Dab moonwater on your third eye chakra to boost your supernatural consciousness.

The first step to strengthening your skills is to acknowledge their existence.

Acknowledging the existence of your powers is the cornerstone of realizing their full potential.

Trust your inner consciousness and listen to your intuition.

Ground yourself deeply and dab your moon water on your Third Eye Chakra to open your inner eye to divine wisdom and revelation.

Find a quiet place within yourself and around you, and feel your visions come to you with powerful clarity.

Place a glass of moonwater on your altar to enhance your rituals.

Rub your money with moonwater to create wealth.

Money is energy – it flows. Or it doesn’t flow.

And what stops the flow is fear. In manifestation work, it’s important to have a vision and be able to have that vision for exactly what you want.

In addition, you need the appropriate tools to call this vision into existence in a magical and energetic way.

As you rub your money with moon water, imagine exactly what you want.

Imagine possibilities. Great, infinite, beautiful, exhilarating amazing possibilities.

Bless your gems with moon water to purify them and increase their effect.

Gemstones are a powerful tool that you can use to increase and direct energy.

It is important to remember that you are using gemstones to work with energy.

The gemstone itself is not the energy, but a conductor, amplifier, generator and director.

Charging your gems involves determining your intent and purpose.

When you charge them under the moon, they are imbued with the deep moon magic of intuition, dreams and mystery.

Put your selected stones out to bathe under the full moon, next to your glass of water.

After charging your lunar water, let the rest of your stone collection bathe in it for 24 hours to clean it and increase its vibrations.

How you can still use lunar water:

Drink it! You will consume the energy of the moon’s water. The water will not only hydrate you, but also help remove stagnant energy from your body and recharge and strengthen you.

Use it in your oil diffuser at home. Mixed with the energy of essential oils, the lunar water will purify, clean and recharge the energy of your home.

– Make tea with it. Herbal teas carry healing and soothing energy. This can be reinforced with moon water.

Fill a vase with it and put flowers in the vase.

– Cook with it.

– Wash your hair with it.

– Put it in a small tub along with Epsom salts and fresh herbs to wash your feet in it.

– Pour it into an ice cube container and freeze it to add it to cold drinks.

– Pour it into a dog or cat bowl so your pet can drink it.

– Wash your clothes in it.

Care and storage of lunar water

– Use clean, pure water – filtered, bottled, etc.

– Keep the bottle covered when not in use.

– If you want to drink the moon water, use it within the first 2 weeks when you have kept it covered. Treat it like bottled water.

– If you use the moon water as an ingredient for other potions that should not be ingested, it can be stored longer to indefinitely. An example would be adding salt to make a moon water for a cleansing ritual. Diit can be kept for as long as it is needed.

– If you have kept your lunar water for an entire solar year, dispose of it and make a new charge for that particular moon sign.


If you plan to consume your moon water in any way or give it to an animal or even a plant, please be sure to use safe, filtered water.

Do not take water from the sea, streams, rain, or other sources that could be contaminated and unhealthy to consume if you want to make lunar water.

If you want to make lunar water from these beautiful, natural sources, make sure you use it only for disposable purposes and not for consumption.

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