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If these things apply to you, you’re actually a cat

Our furry cat friends may be a bit selfish, but we love them anyway. Chances are, you or someone you know have a lot in common with them, and in the midst of the chaos that reigns in the world, it’s always fun to explore that side of things.

Below, I’ll go over some signs that might indicate that you’re a cat than you realize.

If you do these things, then you are a real hangover. That doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, but depending on how things unfold, it’s a bit unsettling.

These are all characteristics that are common in cats. How many have you seen at your own cat friends? For my part, I’ve seen them all over the years.

8 signs that you are a cat:

1. Your mood swings can catch you out of nowhere.

You’re totally into this bar! Your mood is definitely good, and you feel those rhythms! What cool people surround you! Oh, wait, no, you hate society in general and especially this stupid bar with these unhappy people.

You have to retire to your apartment as quickly as possible to complain about it in the security of your crumb-laden blanket on the Internet.

For some reason, you are a very moody person. You’re constantly changing your mind about things and trying to flip things around that don’t need to be turned around. The smallest thing can upset you and from then on all hell breaks loose.

2. Affection is great if you want it, but otherwise not so great.

You can be very affectionate and want to be loved extensively, but it all depends on your mood.

When you’re not feeling well, beat around and make things a bit strange.

Although you try not to do that, sometimes you overdo it a bit.

3. The way you define fun is not the way others do it.

What’s funny to you isn’t always funny to other people. While you don’t worry about it, many others do. That can never be your fault, no way.

4. You’re a pretty picky eater.

There are very few foods you really love and many that you don’t even look at.

If you are offered something to eat, it must be something you like, otherwise you will turn up your nose over it. They are simply not ready to move in this area.

But if there is something to eat that is free..

It’s magical. You radiate your usual smelly reservations and judgments when suddenly someone even casually mentions something that sounds like a meal, and you turn into a beauty queen.

There will be fresh donuts. Muffins. Snacks from the deli downstairs in the house. Hell, a bowl with a can of Pringles and two liters of sprite.

It’s all good. The food is coming, and you can feel it, and you won’t have to pay for it – that’s the best life has ever had to offer.

5. You seem to be annoyed by most other people.

The more others try to communicate with you, the more irritable you become. You just want to do your own thing, on your own terms. It’s quite frustrating that no one else understands that.

Your roommate has a few friends visiting. Theoretically, you like these friends.

They’re cool people, and you’ve spent a lot of time with them in the past.

But even the idea of seeing people who aren’t your own reflection or the pizza delivery man for 15 seconds is unimaginable.

And so you become this “weird roommate” who doesn’t even come out for a beer or anything, but just stays in his room and plays on the computer. And you’re glad to be that roommate.

6. Unlike most others, you are quite antisocial.

They don’t particularly like others, even if they have a similar opinion to you. You are more likely to stay on their own and sometimes beat around when others get too close to you. You’re more of a loner, and that’s a good thing.

Although you are aware of your chronic zigzag face, most people don’t really hate you.

But with most people you meet, that first intrusion remains.k back.

You walk away wondering if they said anything to offend you, when in reality you were just perfectly diplomatic and didn’t cover every thought with a syrupy layer of false flattery. Or at least that’s the point of view you choose.

7. Your happiness lies in both expensive and cheap things.

You love the finer things in life, but you also want the cheap things. For example, you may love your new refrigerator, but the box is great too.

You can do so much with both, and whether you ever touch the box again or not, you still want it.

8. You prefer to sleep.

To be honest, you’re not even that embarrassed to admit that.

When you think of all the great things you’re going to do this coming weekend, at the top of your list is that you stretch out on your bed like a skydiver in pajamas and don’t move for 12 hours.

You just fall asleep whenever you want and chill in the sun until you wake up completely confused, only to fall asleep again three hours later if you want.

It’s your biggest vice and your sweetest lover. And if you’re such a bore during the week, it’s because they deprive you of the sweet nectar of sleepers.

It’s not your fault, you just want to relax in the fetal position for a while.

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