Learn how to read the future from a cup of coffee

Drinking coffee is one of the most common activities today, but in the past, this delicious drink was not only enjoyed in entertainment or for pure pleasure, but also drunk for predictive purposes.

Coffee grounds reading, the art of reading the future from the coffee grounds, has been practiced for centuries and is now a very popular fortune-telling technique, especially in the Middle East.

Its origin is uncertain, but according to records, coffee saga may have first been practiced in Egypt or Persia, although many claim it originated in China.

It is known that it increased exponentially in Europe from the 17th century onwards, and a century later the first writings on this subject were written in Germany.

What is reading coffee grounds?

Coffee reading is a form of fortune telling or tassel.

That is, it is a way to make predictions or gain insights into a person, their past and their future, which is usually considered unknown.

The term tasseography is derived from the French word “tasse” for cup and the Arabic word “graph” for writing.

Tasseography is a larger and broader term that also includes reading tea leaves, coffee grounds, and wine deposits.

The magic behind it

The practitioners of this fortune-telling art say that the energy and vibration of the person who drinks the cup and thinks about what they want to know form the figures on the bottom of the cup that help to experience the details of a person’s life.

This form of divination became very famous in Europe because it was so easy to do, did not require any other tools and you could enjoy a cup of coffee at the same time.

The preparation of the coffee

A small amount of water, ground coffee beans and sugar are boiled (Turkish coffee).

Then you let it steep for a few minutes and serve it in a cup, in which you also let it steep before drinking.

The coffee grounds should remain at the bottom of the cup.

After drinking, you need to turn the cup on the cup plate and wait a few minutes.

There are three ways to read the coffee grounds:

  • directly from the bottom of the cup
  • by pouring the coffee grounds on a plate.
  • on a white cloth

The figures that form on the walls of the cup we need to analyze to find out what they say about our future.

Before you get to the meanings, you should know that the silhouettes that form at the bottom of the cup speak of your past, those that remain on the walls, of your present, and those that remain at the edges, of your future.

The meaning of the symbols

Symbols, letters and numbers play the biggest role in reading coffee grounds.

When reading coffee, symbols can have a variety of meanings, from shapes to food to vehicles and animals and much more.

For example, an airplane can mean a journey, wavy lines can indicate uncertainty, fire means passion, a fish can be a blessing, etc.

Letters, such as .B initials, can stand for a person from the past, the present, or a person you will meet in the future.

Numbers in coffee grounds reading can also be understood as the time when things happen in a certain number of days or months.

The numbers

Occasionally, spots appear that can be interpreted as numbers.

It can be a single digit or a sequence of digits.

Here is the meaning of numbers:

  • 1: It stands for departure, leadership, strength, courage and energy.
  • 2: Refers to associations, partnerships, friendships and projections.
  • 3: Displays dispersion and unpunctuality.
  • 4: Promotes family cohesion, tenacity and stubbornness.
  • 5: Influences communication, travel, fluency.
  • 6: Denotes family, sensitivity, tenderness and art.
  • 7: He promises spiritualism, restraint, introversion and study.
  • 8: It indicates material goods, professional changes and power.
  • 9: Manifests altruism, solidarity and community.

Geometric figures

  • Cross: You soto be more generous to your fellow human beings.
  • Spiral: Take care of your money. Avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Arrow: You should be more relaxed and thoughtful. Pay attention to your impulses.
  • Square: Announces materialism, selfishness, stubbornness and pain.
  • Circle: Indicates ambivalence, diplomacy and social competence.
  • Stern: Stands for success, rebirth, worthiness and pride.
  • Triangle: Stands for imagination, creativity and mental level.
  • Line: Promises nobility, speed, efficiency and success.
  • Curved line: Future difficulties.
  • Parallel lines: Open path to prosperity.


  • Bed: Stands for pain, illness, torment.
  • Door: Indicates changes in the house and at work.
  • Horseshoes: Announces happiness in gambling, associations, happiness.
  • Fan: Meeting a loved one.
  • Heart: It promises love, affection, romance, tenderness.
  • Mouthwork: Encourages dialogue, but announces slander and lies.
  • Nose: Reminiscent of prudence, distance, restraint.
  • Double ring: marriage and birth in the family.
  • Bow: Envy. They don’t let anyone get close to you. Progress.
  • Moon: You need to finish what you started (especially if it looks like a crescent moon).
  • Human Body: Hand: Symbolizes help, solidarity and executive action.
  • Krone: Stands for strength, courage, serenity and power.
  • Hat: Stands for efficiency, will and tenacity.
  • Stock: The advice from someone you didn’t expect will help you resolve a conflict.
  • Sword: Stands for action, strength, courage, boldness and vitality.
  • Presidency: Advises prudence, hope, calm and silence.
  • Ring: Your happiness will change in the not too distant future. Next sexual relationship.
  • Broken ring: separation.
  • Foot: Stands for materialism, evolution, short-term changes.
  • Eye: Associated with intuition, insight and honor.
  • Ohr: It stands for advice, help from allies and friends.

Animal figures

  • Turtle: Stands for protection, outside help, perseverance.
  • Snail: Means home, slowness, unstoppable and eternal.
  • Elephant: embodies serenity and peace. Advice and love.
  • Spider: Upcoming conflicts. Potentially difficult process.
  • Vogel: Stands for creativity, freedom, speed, imagination.
  • Cat: Stands for rudeness, pain, irreparable harm.
  • Snake: Manifests betrayal, insecurity and regret.

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