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learn the Jin Shin Jyutsu

Healing is an ancient healing method that helps us overcome our emotional and health problems by using only our hands and mindfulness.

With this method, you do not need devices, pills, exercises or complex instructions, but already have everything you need in yourself.

Since the healing currents focus on the flow of energy in our body, this should be optimized to avoid blockages.

Because these blockages are the reason why we develop diseases and negative states, based on Asian alternative medicine.

However, the Heilströmen Method should never be used as a substitute for professional medical treatment, but rather as a self-help method that helps you balance your overall health and mind.

So the principle underlying Jin Shin Jyutsu or healing currents is that we function best when our inner energy flows freely.

However, when certain energy points in our body are blocked, we begin to suffer from their consequences.

Healing is therefore not only a healing practice, but also a philosophy of life that connects us to our inner core.

It allows us to heal ourselves before anyone else can.

Because the flowing energy within us is like a flowing flow of life that can only keep moving if we prevent blockages from drying it out.

Healing streams: The origins of this healing method

The Jin Shin Jyutsu or Healing Streams is an ancient practice that was rediscovered at the beginning of the 20th century and has proven to be excellent for anyone who feels sad, anxious, nervous or depressed.

The one who put this method into practice was Master Jiro Murai, who used this method of treatment for his own disease, which doctors classified as fatal.

Since he came from a family of doctors, but was not the eldest son, he lived to an extent that negatively affected his health.

So he became terminally ill at the age of only 23 and even his family could no longer help him.

In search of loneliness, he retired to his family’s mountain hut in his last days to die.

He instructed his relatives to return after seven days to retrieve his body.

Here he practiced Zen meditation, breathing, and mudras associated with Tantric Buddhism to prepare for his transmigration.

For six days, his body cooled down, and on the seventh day he was enveloped by an enormous heat.

When his body returned to normal, he knew that he had overcome his crisis and was healed.

So, after winning several battles with his poor health, he dedicated his life to the study of this healing method, which he called healing streams.

Later, this method was brought to the West by Mary Burmeister, a young American woman who taught English in Japan.

At that time, Master Jiro Murai asked her directly if she would be interested in bringing a gift from Japan to the United States.

Honored, she immediately agreed, and so the practice of healing currents spread from beautiful Japan to help people around the world.

We all know that acupuncture is often used to relieve trauma, pain, illness or stress, but the healing current is a little different.

Healing is also an ancient Japanese healing method, but it is very easy to learn and can be used at any time.

Thus, this practice is mainly used to treat anxiety, hip pain, chronic back and neck pain, depression and similar ailments.

It is therefore an unusually simple form of acupressure that acts at 26 points along the main energy flows in the body.

A person who practices or mediates healing also uses both hands, which he gently places on the main points where energy stagnation often occurs.

How does healing current work?

Healing is a very powerful yet simple way to harmonize the whole being and reconnect with its core energy.

Each finger is assigned energy pathways that are connected to different Aspects of the whole being, as well as associated with the emotions associated with it.

The Heilströmen practice can therefore help you to connect with the aspects with which you no longer have contact, as well as when working with triggers and emotions.

Emotions and triggers are like energy waves that move through body, mind and soul.

With strong or overwhelming feelings, the energy can be blocked or suppressed, causing pain or congestion in the body.

Holding each finger during deep breathing can bring about emotional and physical liberation and healing.

The fingers are therefore a very helpful tool for daily life because they are connected to our emotional and mental core.

Therefore, in difficult or challenging situations where anger or fear arises, the fingers can be held to bring peace, concentration and calm so that an appropriate reaction or action can be taken.

Healing can also be done as meditation with music or before falling asleep to let go of the problems of the day and bring about a deep relaxation of body, mind and soul.

The Heilströmen practice can be done on themselves or on another person, especially if they do not know how to help themselves at this moment.

Healing currents can be used anywhere and at any time, which is why it is also called the “self-help method”.

You can also use the healing current to transform your negative emotional state into a positive one, regardless of what subliminal dark circumstances are causing it.

Healing Currents: The Connection of Fingers to Emotions and Body Parts

Healing currents contribute to the harmonization of life energy and help to release energy blockages.

This does not require a therapist, but appropriate guidance.

Freely translated means Jin Shin Jyutsu the art of recognizing and dealing with one’s own inner self (“Jin = one who knows, feels”, “Shin = Creator”, “Jyutsu = Art”).

Sometimes it only takes a few minutes to release a blockage.

The arms also act like a cable to start the motor and get the energy flowing again.

So we use this method when the energy flow is stopped at certain key points.

This can indeed happen when we don’t care about our bodies, when we have bad lifestyle habits, are filled with negative emotions, are affected by our environment, eat an unhealthy diet, and are exposed to some kind of stress.

In addition, healing currents have also been shown to be effective in combating addictions, as the pressure one puts on a particular finger provides comfort and helps addicts deal with negative feelings related to their addiction.

Each finger is also associated with a different organ, emotional problem, addiction, or physical pain.

Once you understand this connection, you can then press the appropriate finger associated with the negative appearance you want to fight at that moment.

Asian medicine sees in the disharmony of body, mind and soul the cause of all diseases, and so it is no wonder that so many people benefit from the Heilströmen practice.

To perform healing currents on your fingers:

Put pressure on the selected finger, for about 3-5 minutes, or longer, until you feel calmer.

Apply this to both hands for a better effect or if you feel it will benefit you more.

However, if you want to improve your overall health, you can put pressure on all your fingers.

But always only on a single one to promote the healing of body, mind and soul.

In case of worries: keep your thumb

Organs: Abdominal organs

Emotions: Depression and tension

Physical symptoms: Stomach pain, skin problems, headaches, nervousness.

Pressure on the thumb relieves problems in the abdomen and stomach.

In addition, this thumb pressure relieves anxiety, depression, sadness and nervousness.

In case of fear: hold the index finger

Organs: Kidneys and bladder

Emotions: Frustration, fear, psychological stress

Physical symptoms: Joint and muscle pain, toothache and gum problems, addictive behavior, indigestion.

If you have bladder or kidney problems, press your index finger.

This relieves cramps and back pain as well as digestive disorders.

For anger: holding the middle finger

Organs: Liver and bile

Emotions: Indecision, anger, irritability

Physical symptoms: Circulatory problems, menstrual cramps, eye and vision problems, fatigue, migraines, headaches.

If you have liver or nerve problems, squeeze your middle finger tightly and hold it that way for a while.

This is a good way to get rid of stress and uncertainty.

You can also improve your cardiovascular health and get rid of menstrual problems, vision problems or headaches.

For sadness: hold the ring finger

Organs: Lungs and colon

Emotions: Negativity, sadness, fear of rejection

Physical symptoms: Indigestion, tinnitus, breathing problems such as asthma, profound changes in the skin.

Pressing on the ring finger will help you with lung problems and indigestion, breathing or when you are under stress.

For extra strength: hold the little finger

Organs: Heart and small intestine

Emotions: Insecurity, nervousness, feelings of inferiority

Physical symptoms: Pressure problems, heart problems, sore throat, problems of the bone and nervous system, flatulence.

By pressing the little finger, you act on the heart and get rid of nervousness, anxiety, panic attacks, sore throat, flatulence and bone problems.

In case of fatigue: press the middle of the palm

Organs: Diaphragm and the entire body

Emotions: Depression, Mental Confusion, Mental Distress

Physical symptoms: Helps balance cholesterol levels, abdominal cramps, eye strain, deep fatigue

When one feels the feeling of restlessness, depression and disharmony, the simple holding of the palms or the gentle folding of the hands when exhaling and then deep inhalation, even if only for a few minutes, brings the harmony back into balance.

You can also give yourself a loving affirmation daily by squeezing your palms together.

Healing Currents: Alleviating Depression

When sad thoughts weigh on us, they can disrupt the energy of the stomach and colon and contribute to depression.

To bring the energies of these two organs back into harmony, simply relieve yourself by crossing your arms and placing your fingers under your armpits.

– Exhale and in and hold these points for 36 breaths or until you feel calm and safe.

– Hold your left thumb with your right hand and then your ring finger with your right hand for a few minutes.

– After that, hold the right thumb with the left hand and then the right ring finger with the left hand for a few minutes.

These actions and grips thus have the potential to calm you down and elevate you.

Healing Currents: The Security Energy Locks

The Jin Shin Jyutsu or Healing Currents also uses 26 security energy locks along the body’s energy pathways.

However, these should be seen in the image above, as they are not as easy to recognize as with the finger method.

Thus, this is the advanced form of healing current that you can perform at home, or when you have more time.

The gentle holding of these security energy locks thus helps to solve stagnation, so that the energy (circulation) can flow evenly again.

So that the balance of mind, soul and body is restored, and you can alleviate your negative states.


To open the lungs and allow for a better oxygen supply, apply the following healing currents:

– Place your right hand over your left shoulder on the security energy lock 11.

– Then place your left hand under the center of the left hip on the security energy lock 25.

Hold this position for a few minutes until the shortness of breath Subsides.


Hold the wrist on the security energy lock 17 and/or the security energy lock 18 until the nausea stops.


Hold both big toes/safety energy hole 7 until the pain subsides.


– Place your right hand on the security energy lock 13.

– After that, place your left hand on the security energy locks 14.

– Repeat the process on the other side and hold it for a few minutes.

Constipation or diarrhea:

– Place one hand on the coccyx and the other hand on the outside of the knee at Security Energy Lock 8.

– Hold this position for 15 minutes.

– Or hold the index finger, then the ring finger for 3-5 minutes at a time.


– Place your left hand on the outside of the left ankle on the security energy lock 16.

– While placing the right hand on the inside of the left ankle at Security Energy Lock 5.

– Then place your right hand on the inside of the right ankle on the security energy lock 5 and your left hand on the outside of the right ankle on the security energy lock 16 until the pain subsides.

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