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Magical days of the week

It might help you to know that all days of the week carry their own spell, are all connected to a particular planet and carry its energy within them.

If you deal with the spell, then you should pay attention to which day you do magic, because the energy in which this day stands supports or inhibits the spell.

In the times when Pagans lived, the days of the week were very important to them, because the magic had more effect on some days than on other days.

Thursday is associated with wealth and is suitable for making a spell that is supposed to influence prosperity.

Wednesday is associated with many things, so you can cast or make a spell that day that relates to business or communication.

If you perform spells, then you should write down what day it was, and you will be surprised later when you discover a connection.

The seven days of the week are in connection with seven planets that form a heptagram.

The seven is a mystical number that forms the ten with the three and this is the perfect number according to the opinions of many scientists. There are seven continents, seven seas, and the original seven planets, and that’s why the Seven is so magical and an important number in the world.


Monday, as its name tells us, is under the sign of the moon.

The colors of the moon, as well as of Monday are silver, gray, white and light blue.

Precious stones and metals are moonstone, opal and rose quartz.

For smoking use willow and wormwood.

herbs and plants, that they should use for their magic on Mondays are peppermint, sage and chamomile.

The deities associated with the moon are Diana, Thoth and my favorite Greek goddess Selena, which means “bright” in the Greek language and its Roman equivalent Luna is.

On this day, the moon will help you with everything related to emotions and your family life. For example, if you are planning offspring, then it is the right day to take the first step.

Monday is also the day of virginity, healing and wisdom. On the first day of the week, you should work on your intuition; they test, develop and see how well you can rely on your gut feeling.


Tuesday is under the sign of Mars.

The colors are red and orange.

Precious stones and metals are iron, carnelian and steel.

For smoking patchouli and dragon gold are suitable.

Herbs and plants of Tuesday are cacti, holly, sun hats and thistles (prickly plants).

Tuesday is a very warlike day because it is after the Norse god Tyr (Deity of Struggle and Heroism).

In my family, it is known that we are not starting anything new on this day. So, Tuesday is a bad day for new beginnings.

For the ancient Romans, this day was called Martis after the warrior god Mar. Other gods are also related to Tuesday, such as Aresand Morrighan, the gods of battles and wars.

This day has to do with the conflicts with friends and family and you can try to banish the bad and foreign energy on this day.

Tuesday is also associated with marriage and if you want to do magic on this day, then do something for protection and initiation.

Sexual magic is a must on Tuesdays because on this day is the best position of Mars to strengthen your potency.


Wednesday is associated with Mercury.

The color is violet.

Precious stones and metals Amber, mercury and agate.

For smoking Lavender and jasmine.

Herbs and plants of Wednesday are lilies, aspen and lavender.

The deities associated with Mercury are Odin, Hermes and Athena.

Wednesday, the one of the Romans Mercurii is the best day of the week to travel. It’s not good that it doesn’t take a weekndtag, but here we will trust Mercury.

It’s a good day for communication, especially if your actions prevent you from being a good speaker or listener. It is also a good day for applications, because the power of Mercury will help you with communication and negotiation skills.

If you have any questions about the future, then you should practice fortune-telling and looking for the future on this day.


Thursday is under the sign of Jupiter.

The colors are blue and green.

Precious stones and metals Lapis lazuli, tin and sapphire.

For smoking Cinnamon and sage.

Herbs and plants Honeysuckle, fingerwort and oaks.

As for deities, you should consider gods like Thor, Zeus, and Jupiter as leaders. These are all main deities and thunder deities, as it is also written in this day of the week: Thunder Day.

This day is the day of prosperity, harvest and success. That’s why you should do everything that money does that day. It’s an ideal day to make a financial plan, or a money spell.

It is also a day of family and their solidarity, fidelity and recognition. Do a family home evening, or call your loved ones.


Friday is under the sign of Venus.

The colors are pink and blue.

Precious stones and metals Copper, coral, emerald, aquamarine and jade.

For smoking Sandalwood and saffron.

Herbs and plants Strawberries, apple blossoms and feverfew.

This day is after the Norse goddess Freya Aphrodite is also associated with Friday because Venus reigns with Friday and that’s why these two goddesses of love and beauty are important here.

There are discussions as to whether the Friday after Freya or Frigga and whether these are perhaps two identical deities, or two different ones.

If you have an unfulfilled desire to have children, then this day is perfect for any action around the new happiness and family life, because this day is under love and fertility. It is good to plant a seed on this day, you will certainly be blessed.

We also know that Friday, when it falls on the 13th, has a bad reputation and that most people are afraid of it. I was born on the 13th and many times in my life I had my birthday on Friday the 13th. I can only tell you that nothing bad has happened to me and if it were so, I am so happy on this day that nothing can ruin this day.


Saturday is associated with Saturn.

The color Black and violet.

Precious stones and metals Lead, hematite, obsidian, onyx and Apache tear.

For smoking Poppy seeds, sage and myrrh.

Herbs and plants of Saturday are thyme, mullein and cypress.

Saturday is associated with the goddess Hecate. She is the goddess of magic, theurgy (practices that make it possible to connect with a deity and ask for her help) and necromancy (a practice of magic that involves communication with the dead).

It is an ideal day to draw a line. If you need a fresh start or want to start, Saturday is the day where you can leave everything behind.

Build a barrier to keep unwanted people away, eliminate anything that makes you unhappy, and wash your hands of anything that doesn’t have to do with your hopes, dreams, and goals.

This day rearranges the energy, so it’s good for revenge spells and curses. If you feel cursed, then Saturday is the day you erase bad thoughts and bind good energy to you.


Sunday is under the sign of sun.

The colors are yellow and gold.

Precious stones and metals Rock crystal, quartz crystal, diamond and amber.

For smoking Citrus, birch and frankincense.

Herbs and plants that you should use on Sunday are marigolds, sunflowers and cinnamon.

Sunday is the day of sun and relaxation. This day feels ripe and we are ready for new conquests of life.

This day will be with the deities Helios and Ra associated because they are the sun deities.

Many associations are associated with this day – agriculture, beauty, hope, victory, self-realization and creativity.

On this day you should plant something new. It should not only be something material, but also something metaphysical.

Sunday is perfect for healing and recovery spells. The day supports the energy and makes the aura work performed more easily.

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