People born in these years have a special kind of karma

Karma is understood as the law of cause and effect and refers to an action that affects a future state.

The answer to the question of whether karma is real lies in every area of contemplation or thinking.

There is a principle that governs people’s lives, there is an invisible rule that no one can ever break, no matter what they do.

It is the universal law of the entire cosmos and all worlds, planets, nations and all higher beings are subject to it.

This law is called karma and has been known to people since the beginning of the world, and it has been explained more or less similarly in all cultures and civilizations.

The law of cause and effect or action and reaction is known for the simple reason that everyone feels it on their skin.

That’s why at certain points in life we feel that something from the past has a big impact on our current situation.

Finally, we should be held accountable for something we have done that has also affected other people’s lives.

This is the power of karma, which always slowly but surely establishes the longed-for justice for one’s own misconduct.

“If you want to know something about your past, look at your present state; if you want to know something about your future life, look at your current deeds. “

If you are born in one of the following years, you carry a special kind of karma within you and this can affect your life in a certain way:

  • 12/16/1959 – 06.10.1961.
  • 05/07/1978 – 01.12.1980
  • 01/26/1997 – 10.19.1998.
  • 11/10/2015 – 09.05.2017.

Their karma refers to the following:

To help others by speaking directly from the heart and having the ability to recognize their pain.

Recognize the problems in other people’s behavior and do your best to get them to change their actions.

Return to the true virtues after being blinded for a while by things that are not important.

To find one’s own way of life and to realize that true happiness sometimes lies in simplicity.

To heal others with the help of knowledge when the path of health care is taken.

Their karmic abilities are:

The ability to feel other people’s pain and fears

Strong intuition and the ability to recognize dark individuals

Creativity and an idealistic view of life

Strong spirituality and belief in karma

A unique way of self-expression and freedom

The presence of spiritual leaders in one’s own life and a strange memory of a past life

The ability to greatly influence others in a positive way

Transformation that is present in every aspect of life

If you do not develop these karmic abilities, you will suffer the following fate:

A life based on illusions or unrealistic expectations

The strong urge to indulge in drug abuse

Self-pity and the constant feeling of being worth less than others

Fear of life and of changes in one’s own environment

Lack of trust in others and fear of being abandoned

Depression and low self-esteem

The feeling of having earned nothing in life and the envy of others

As you develop your karmic skills, it will bring you the following:

You will learn to think critically and consistently pursue your goals

You will help people in the field of health, training and business in general.

They will not help everyone, but only those who really need it

You will teach people to take responsibility for their lives

Common sense and logic are your foundation for decisions, not beliefs, illusions, or speculation that come to mind.

You admit your mistakes and learn from them

You will not forget your past, but you will accept it in all modesty.

You’ll also let go of the negative patterns of the past that your developmenticklung negatively influenced

Their karmic roles in previous lives were:

  • Doctor, nurse, nurse
  • Writer, journalist, lawyer
  • Police officer, military member, bodyguard
  • Psychologist, social worker, salesman
  • Engineer, construction worker, computer technician

Your karmic partners (who will draw you into your life):

  • People who have suffered a lot – they will help you to fathom your own identity
  • Unorganized people – they will teach you logic and the ability to live practically, set clear goals and give up illusions
  • Alcoholics and drug addictse – you will feel sorry for them and you will help them as long as you have the strength to do so. You have to learn to selectively help and understand people when those people are worth the effort.
  • Sexually deviant people – those who have strange preferences, or those who are still at a crossroads when it comes to their preferences
  • People with extreme tendencies – either in faith or in the way of life, for they will teach you that an ideal life is based on balance

The biggest challenge your karma brings:

Learn that your own emotions and illusions make it difficult to manage a situation sensibly

Understanding that selfish people can take advantage of your kindness in an ugly way

Becoming aware that you are more capable and valuable than you really believe

Realizing that your soulmate will come when you least expect it

The insight that sometimes it is better to leave some things unsaid

Stop thinking that others have a better life than you do

Defending yourself against people who want to negatively influence you

Trust the process in life and not overly plan every next step

How to get rid of karma from a previous life:

Learn to think critically and not to believe everything at its word

Don’t trust everyone and keep certain things just to yourself

Believe only the facts you have seen with your own eyes and do not participate in gossip

Learn to say no to those who expect you to always agree with everything

Value yourself and your life and also do something for yourself, not just for others

Forgive those who have wronged you, but never reunite with them

Believe when someone says you don’t matter to them and respect their decision

Respect everyone, but only appreciate those who really care about you and your life

Don’t listen too much to the opinion of others, because only you can know what you really need to be happy

How our past karma makes us suffer and why we need to take it seriously:

Symptoms with the help of which we recognize the presence of a problem from a previous life:

  • An unwanted physical condition
  • Negative feelings
  • The inability to find love
  • Bitterness and the feeling of being lost
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Uncertain identity or an inappropriate value system

A person who wants to solve his problem is rarely aware of the cause, let alone the source of the problem, only one or more symptoms he wants to get rid of.

But these symptoms did not arise by chance, and therefore no problem can be solved by eliminating these symptoms.

If we want to dissolve them permanently, we have to deal with the causes and the source, i.e. their meaning.

The only cause of the karmic pattern is a traumatic experience with psychological and spiritual consequences, and the source is an unskilled lesson or an inappropriate level of consciousness.

Therefore, the process of dissolution of the karmic pattern goes from the symptoms to the cause, and then to its source.

Only then can we expect such a pattern to be permanently dissolved and our karma healed.

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