Pisces Ascendant Aquarius: Idealistic and Dreamy

Pisces Ascendant Aquarius: Imagination and ingenuity meet! What a combination!

Impossible to keep your feet on the ground, your ascendant emphasizes your dreamy, idealistic and instinctive side.

Pisces with an ascendant in Aquarius are often telepathically gifted, or they may remember something from a previous life.

With Aquarius’ original approach to everything and The Eye of the Fish for illusions, these people can come up with the most wondrous things, from a glamorous painting on the wall to the most beautiful piece of music you’ve ever heard.

This instinct is your greatest asset because it gives you the incredible talent to understand others so that you are always on the same wavelength.

Many are afraid of them because with a look in the eyes they can see something about the past person – this is frightening.

Your intuition is a valuable help in daily life and in choosing your friends.

Those who do not possess or have not developed this gift (perhaps because of the insufficient level) fatally surrender to the pleasures of life.

They want to think of their dreams as a premonition of the future. When they paint their dreams, a very modern picture is created.

Pisces Ascendant Aquarius: Virtues

Pisces Ascendant Aquarius: Virtues

Pisces Ascendant Aquarius: Virtues

With your psychological skills and intuition, you always know how to behave perfectly in any situation.

You are a very caring and deeply emotional person, but also amazingly business-minded, which is not the impression you make on others.

However, the Pisces with Aquarius Ascendant lack the necessary perseverance and determination to use their diverse talents and special talents.

They seem disorganized and completely detached from worldly worries, but this is a false impression. You are very inquisitive, very collected and know your own value.

And you are very adept at helping others. Your calm and level-headed nature allows you to make rational decisions to get the best results.

Pisces Ascendant Aquarius: Idealistic and Dreamy

Pisces Ascendant Aquarius: Idealistic and Dreamy

Pisces Ascendant Aquarius: Idealistic and Dreamy

They are Pisces and a typical Neptune person. Your sun stands in a changeable watermark that likes to suddenly or nonchalantly plunge into its emotions and pay attention to its moods and inspirations.

And your challenge is to be in the body, like the spirit in matter, and make the most of it.

Their talents usually don’t go unnoticed when it comes to a powerful goal, and they love being part of the team.

You feel comfortable having friends who support you and help you understand all that’s going on in your head and heart.

Your will is indomitable, and it’s hard for you to change your mind. You are a cheerful, cheerful and extremely sociable person.

You are a wonderful friend. Although you are quite quick-tempered, you are quick-witted, not spoiled and mostly friendly and nice.

Pisces Ascendant Aquarius: The Dark Side

The connection between the Sun of Pisces and the Ascendant of Aquarius is anything but simple.

With a clear conscience, these people must be described more as chaotic people. As never reliable people, these people are really unbearable as partners.

They have a wonderful charm, behind which hides a rather slippery type.

People who are born as Pisces-Sun with Aquarius ascendant are only occasionally understood by their environment, as they confuse it with their behavior again and again.

At certain times of the day they are very aware of themselves and at other times it seems as if they have little or no self-confidence.

Basically, you’re busy growing your bank account and aren’t too picky about the means to achieve that goal.

Overall, both characters result in a mix, dit is not always smooth and full of harmony, but does not always make dealing with them easy.

Your family is very concerned about you. They are usually busy either keeping you on the path of virtue or even squeezing a little money out of you for the most necessary things.

Pisces Ascendant Aquarius: Love and Passion

Pisces Ascendant Aquarius: Love and Passion

Pisces Ascendant Aquarius: Love and Passion

Rising Aquarius brings a touch of romance to your relationship, which isn’t always your strong side.

It’s about bringing some magic and idealism into your daily life and that of your partner.

They believe that the spirit of partnership, communication and mutual understanding should be at the heart of marriage.

When you find love, you are attentive, tender and lovable.

When you commit in marriage, your bond with your spouse is enduring, and you will love them passionately into old age.

You are romantic and know how to bring magic into your daily life.

Your spouse will likely be a man of artistic origin and from a good family.

Pisces Ascendant Aquarius: Compatibility with Other Signs

Pisces Ascendant Aquarius: Compatibility with Other Signs

Pisces Ascendant Aquarius: Compatibility with Other Signs


This relationship will not be easy at all, since Aquarius does not like the arbitrariness that his partner usually shows at all. However, since Aquarius is more of a sociable person than Aries and Aries is often more open-minded, they can learn a lot from each other. Aries signs are sometimes considered impractical and naïve, and Aquarius signs are often perceived as crazy and exaggerated. You both need to make an effort for the relationship to last.


Although Aquarius and Taurus are not opposite in the zodiac, as humans they are very opposite, and this romantic compatibility is likely to be uncomfortable. Their zodiac signs have so little in common that it’s hard to do that. The old-fashioned bull longs for tradition, order and security. Both the water carrier and the bull tend to be a bit stubborn and see the world through their own glasses, which can make it hard for them to take the same side.


Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, is full of surprises and sudden changes. Although both have the same element and the dialogue they have is important for any type of relationship, Aquarius can’t get along very well with the twin because of his inclined duality. Relying on their innate tendency to be open-minded and accept each other’s peculiarities, this airy couple can stay on the same side.


The airy Aquarius ruled by revolutionary Uranus is unapproachable, cool and forward-looking, preferring to prefer rational thinking to emotions, while Cancer rarely pushes his intuitive feelings aside to use only his head. These signs are not very easy to harmonize, since Aquarius is very intellectual and disturbs by the emotional personality of cancer.


Aquarius Leo love compatibility embodies a relationship that is fun, playful and exciting, with both feeling a great affection for each other. This combination is quite contradictory, as they are completely opposite, but it can be supplemented very well. Leo also tends to put himself at the center and would like to be seen as a thought leader, while the contrarian Aquarius prefers eccentricity, abhors conformity, and puts society above itself.


Aquarius and Virgo are two peculiar zodiac signs, both of which are a little unapproachable and emotionally detached from the world. But while Aquarius is obsessed with what is happening on a universal level, and Virgo is totally sinking into the weeds, these two can find common ground when it comes to their big, humanitarian hearts, rational mindset, and kindness. In this respect, however, the components are very different, the freedom in all the ideas that characterize Aquarius is not compatible with the analytical and meticulous spirit of Virgo.


Aquarius and Libra already understand each other on the first date, because both are air signs. Both are super-social and possess high mental energy, and they often seem like an influential power couple. Together, it’s twice as much fun. Although Libra is more the dashing diva and Aquarius is the quirky bohemian, your sunny social inclinations go well together. However, the willingness to engage with each other’s passions will keep this airy couple on the same page.


Aquarians are known to be friendly but unapproachable, future-oriented, but stubborn and idealistic, but contradictory. A solid friendship between the two is necessary for the love between the two to blossom. You are certainly an unequal couple in terms of your values, style and interests. When both are an unusual couple, a relationship is formed that is adventurous and interesting and constantly evolving.


Sagittarius and Aquarius are two of the most free-spirited zodiac signs who, with their joie de vivre and idealism, are the perfect partners for a relationship. Both prefer to take an unconventional, free-spirited path. Another good factor in this relationship is their focus on mental processes and the rational nature of both signs. This allows them to talk about their feelings, emotions, whatever they are, without feeling emotional pressure or guilt.


Capricorn is ambitious and so is Aquarius, but they differ in the way they pursue their goals. The disciplined Capricorn can teach Aquarius the value of structure, and Aquarius can help Capricorn think outside the box. Aquarius emphasizes humanity, community, and what is best for everyone together, while Capricorn is more concerned with taking on the challenges he sees on his own path and sticking to a proven, traditional approach, while Aquarius likes to move in an unconventional, free-spirited direction.


Two Aquarians are sure to be friends immediately and want to join forces to save the world. When it comes to Aquarius-Aquarius romantic compatibility, Aquarians are not typically emotional at all, which does not mean that they are not emotional at all. They both feel most comfortable in platonic relationships where they feel like they have enough room to breathe, and they won’t have a problem getting just that from the other.


The zodiac sign compatibility Aquarius-Pisces highlights the relationship that brings together a visionary and a dreamer. Although both are humanitarians and infinitely imaginative, the water carrier thinks very scientifically and logically, while the fish is a dreamer through and through. Still, this strange connection can work if it’s built on a common cause or passion. You are both die-hard humanitarians, and if you have a common vision, you will stay together for a lifetime.

Pisces Ascendant Aquarius: Career and Money

Pisces Ascendant Aquarius: Career and Money

Pisces Ascendant Aquarius: Career and Money

You are an intuitive, creative person, and you work in waves. Therefore, you need to feel inspired to be effective.

Although art can attract you, you can also find a good source of income in one of the professions that have to do with money. Such as banking, finance, insurance, securities transactions, etc.

You can use these talents for amazing achievements in the fields of technology, art or other technological projects.

To be efficient, you need to be part of a dynamic, organized and reassuring team.

You are an avid collector with a trained eye. Collecting books or antiques might attract you.

They do not like boredom and need variety. That’s why sometimes you tend to do several things at once and have trouble finishing it all.

Everything you achieve in life is the result of your talents. Even if the finTarget success will be accompanied by great difficulties and will never be permanent.

Pisces Ascendant Aquarius: Health

Long-term stress has a very unfavorable effect on your health. It’s common knowledge of how stress affects our bodies, but you’re not working on changing your behavior.

The disease creeps in unnoticed when you least expect it.

That is why it is of great importance that you take care to annoy yourself less and enjoy life.

Your body generally fights well against diseases and you have a strong immune system. However, sometimes there may be some problems.

You can get problems with blood circulation, eczema, muscle spasms, stomach diseases and neuralgia.

We know you hate exercise, but at least make sure you get enough exercise.

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