Pisces Ascendant Cancer: The Caring Psychologist

Pisces Ascendant Cancer: These two signs complement each other. Together they form an emotional, sensitive and highly psychic energy that can create magic in this world.

Pisces is a variable sign while Cancer is a cardinal sign and always knows what it wants and what it doesn’t.

Pisces with ascendant Cancer are among the most humble and warm-hearted people on this planet.

It is very important to them that their family is taken care of and that they give them enough support when they need it.

Their biggest priority is that they take care of their loved ones, which can also have many disadvantages.

For example, if it’s your children, you can protect and defend them too much that they won’t be able to do anything on their own later and just wait for you and your support.

They are excellent at making others believe that they have something in mind when in reality they have something else in mind. Recognizing your motives can be challenging.

You’re always on the move and just thinking about how you can achieve that. what you have in mind.

A bad habit of yours is that you collect things and things and things and don’t throw them away that no one uses anymore and doesn’t want to have.

What’s worse, you collect everything someone throws away from your neighborhood and bring that to your attic.

You do this because you think that you can take advantage of everything again even though it is old or broken.

So you bind yourself to things, just as you bond with people. You deserve someone to take care of you as well, as you do with other people.

Pisces Ascendant Cancer: Virtues

Pisces Ascendant Cancer: Virtues

Pisces Ascendant Cancer: Virtues

The people with this combination of two watermarks are incorrigible dreamers. The cancer is full of emotions and they guide it through life.

The fish dream of having a perfect life like from a fairy tale.

You follow your heart and act as your emotions guide you.

The water element has to do with the affective and sensitive part of the personality, as well as with the intuitive and unconscious perception of the world.

You strive for the people you give your affection to do the same for you.

People usually get the wrong impression of you. At first glance and the first encounter, they think that you are only thinking about yourself. Also, you think you can use your claws to get what you want.

In truth, however, things are different.

You would give everything you have to your loved ones just to see a smile on their faces.

However, you are mysterious and inaccessible, and you spoil the people who welcome you into your private circle.

Pisces Ascendant Cancer: The Caring Psychologist

Pisces Ascendant Cancer: The Caring Psychologist

Pisces Ascendant Cancer: The Caring Psychologist

As it is already known, you worry a lot about your fellow human beings. Sometimes for no reason at all and too much. However, we didn’t mention that you love to give advice to other people.

You think that you are always right and that your advice is always the best.

If someone doesn’t want to listen to you, then you’re willing to talk for days about what would happen if that person listened to your advice.

Yes, we understand. You do this because you only wish your beloved the best. But sometimes you should keep your advice to yourself so that others can also decide what they want to do with their lives.

Just imagine someone constantly telling you what to do. Bad, right?

No one has said that your advice is not good. However, wait for others to ask you about it.

Pisces Ascendant Cancer: The Dark Side

You are hypersensitive and besides, you want to be asked for everything. You want all attention to be focused on you.

If you feel that someone in the room does not notice you, then start talking louder and laughing a lot so that you can draw attention to yourself.

You are sensitive, but more about your own feelings than the feelings of others.

In addition, you tend to drink a lot of alcohol without much reason. However, you will always find an excuse why you are doing this.

They say that you are sad, happy, nervous or depressed when you have a drink.

And what’s worse, you would never admit you’re an alcoholic. This is not a big problem for you. It is important to you that you enjoy yourself and have a good time.

Pisces Ascendant Cancer: Love and Passion

Pisces Ascendant Cancer: Love and Passion

Pisces Ascendant Cancer: Love and Passion

When your love life suffers, you go into hibernation, slow down and become more inconsistent. Love is just something like food for you.

Without love, your life has no meaning. When you’re alone, you feel unhappy because you know your life is incomplete.

If you dream about your ideal partner then imagine someone who cares about love and partnership as much as you do.

You want you to have a relationship like from the love movies. Your wish is that the partner gives you his full attention.

They have a great fear of being cheated on in a relationship.

That’s why you find it very difficult to trust someone and without thinking about whether your partner will cheat or not.

No matter how many times you’ve been hurt and disappointed, your need for love forces you to enter into new relationships again and again.

You can hardly wait to get married and start a family, although you do not know at all what is waiting for you in marriage.

Most of the time, you have a misconception about marriage. They think that there are no problems and quarrels in marriage and that everything is going perfectly.

However, they need to know that every marriage must have its problems and difficulties. This is completely normal.

If you have a clear idea of marriage, you won’t be disappointed in the end either.

Pisces Ascendant Cancer: Compatibility with Other Signs

Pisces Ascendant Cancer: Compatibility with Other Signs

Pisces Ascendant Cancer: Compatibility with Other Signs


The compatibility of Aries and Cancer is somewhere in the middle. Cancers can be deeply offended by Aries’ preference for jumping from one thing to another and see this as a sign of infidelity, while Aries is just trying to have fun. However, if cared for by both parties, it will turn into a special and captivating relationship that can last a lifetime.


These two signs go well together. They have a strong, undeniable chemistry inside and outside the bedroom. Both crabs and bulls value loyalty very much, so they will bond with each other in the long run. If they manage to be spontaneous once in a while, their relationship will have all the characteristics of a successful, indestructible and peaceful relationship.


Compatibility between cancer and twins requires a lot of effort from both the cancer and the twins. However, while cancers are very committed to the people they care about, twins are known to be unreliable. This can lead to conflict and resentment when cancers are accused of being clingy and twins of being unreliable. However, mutual differences do not have to be a bad thing in every respect.


The best thing about a relationship between two cancers is that their mutual understanding is so perfect that they don’t even have to communicate with words. They get along particularly well in relationships and as close friends because they both have empathetic and generous qualities. You are both sensitive and caring, and you feel safe in each other’s care. However, communication can sometimes be difficult, as cancers can be capricious and easy to hurt.


Lions are passionate and energetic, while crabs are shy and conservative. Both are extremely generous with others, but crabs can find lions arrogant and selfish, and lions can a crabs.ls moody and vindictive. Cancer and Leo couldn’t be more different when it comes to the way they want to be loved.


Cancer and Virgo have a great relationship between the heart and the mind. These two complement each other very well. Very few zodiac sign combinations work as well as Cancer and Virgo. The Virgo will be rational and analytical, but still caring, while the Cancer will be emotional and loving and have unrealistic expectations.


While there are certain issues that the couple needs to work on, the similarities between them certainly outweigh the differences. Crabs and Libra both care a lot about others, which they need to remember when these two signs inevitably argue. The cancer needs deep, in-depth conversations with their partner before taking the next step in the relationship. There’s a good chance that Cancer and Libra will spend their entire lives in harmony and understanding with each other as they learn to deal with the little friction in their relationship.


A relationship between Scorpio and Cancer can be a bit turbulent at first. The scorpion must learn to trust the cancer, while the cancer must learn to leave the scorpion alone from time to time. This couple will get along well, but when it comes to conflict, there can be chaotic fights before things clear up (which they always do).


A romantic relationship between Cancer and Sagittarius is not ideal. Both signs are creative, honest, and generous, but Sagittarius can have a serious problem committing. The cancer should learn to deal with sagittarius’ moody behavior, while sagittarius should be willing to listen to the cancer with great attention if necessary.


The biggest plus of the Cancer-Capricorn relationship is that both people involved are mature and fair. However, these signs also have their differences. Capricorns may be annoyed by the capriciousness of the crabs, while crabs may view Capricorns as boring workhorses. Crabs are easily hurt in their feelings. They are extremely sensitive.


It’s hard for these two to get along. In order for this relationship to work and for both parties to derive the greatest possible benefit from it, it is very important that both Aquarius and Cancer accept the uniqueness of their partner and try not to change their beliefs. Aquarius is independent and analytical, while Cancer can be very emotional and relies more on his intuition.


Fish and crabs are loyal. When they commit to someone, they don’t break their promise. The emotional connection between the two signs will be the greatest strength of their bond. Since they are both watermarks, both Cancer and Pisces are highly associated with their feelings and the desires of others. Because their conversations are so diverse, they will get to know each other well. Your relationship will not be purely physical. It will also be spiritual, intellectual and emotional.

Pisces Ascendant Cancer: Career and Money

They might be very attracted to professions that have to do with children and in which they can be very creative, such as art teachers or chefs.

You could become a good teacher, researcher, artist, or philosopher. They like to work with animals. They are very good at processing old material and presenting it as new.

They could be models who have a huge impact in the entertainment industry. They are wonderful teachers and religious figures.

So you can only say that you have a lot of knowledge and that you are very talented. If you use them wisely, then you will certainly benefit a lot from them.

You will have difficulties with money, your problems will also be related to relatives, speculation, children and your love life. Despite the losses, you will begin to thrive in middle age and eventually succeed.

Pisces Ascendant Cancer: Health

Pisces Ascendant Cancer: Health

Pisces Ascendant Cancer: Health

The person with this combination can be very sensitive and moody and must stay away from all kinds of stimulants, from caffeine to drugs and alcohol.

You love to eat, and the more calorie-dense and exotic your food is, the better. Your poor stomach is completely indifferent to you, and the more you limit yourself, the healthier you will be.

Such things could also affect their minds very negatively.

Leo rules the 6th house of daily health, so it is important for this person to take care of their heart.

You can get very old, but whether that works depends on whether you can curb your appetite.

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