Pisces Ascendant Scorpio: Intuitive and Passionate

Pisces Ascendant Scorpio: You always follow your instinct and your instinct. Thanks to the fish you are intuitive and thanks to the scorpion you are passionate.

In addition, this zodiac sign combination is fearless and deals very well with stress.

On the other hand, these people are very easily overwhelmed by the feelings of other people around them. If you were born under the combination of Pisces and Scorpio, then soak up other people’s emotions like a sponge.

Although you deal very well with stress, you are at the same time full of tension and always nervous.

You are afraid that you will not be successful. Not only in the area of career but also in all other areas of your life but especially in your relationships.

You have no problem being among other people as you are very adaptable and can find a topic with each person to communicate with each other.

Although you are generally considered a strong personality, you are also hurt very quickly and other people’s words have a very big impact on you.

Of course, you possess this property thanks to the fish, but the scorpion in you fights and does not want you to cry without a great reason.

So they are constantly ups and downs. The scorpion wants to deal with the environment and show its teeth but the fish is emotional and does not have much courage to contradict anyone.

Virgo Ascendant Pisces: They are very selfless but this is often misunderstood by other people. No matter what the other person around you thinks, always stay true to yourself and act exactly the way you want.

The influence of these two signs in you is great on both sides and brings you into a good balance.

Pisces Ascendant Scorpio: Virtues

Pisces Ascendant Scorpio: Virtues

Pisces Ascendant Scorpio: Virtues

Many admire the people born under the combination of these two signs. Their behavior is very appropriate and the warmth in their eyes can not only be seen, you can also feel it.

They are very emotional thanks to the fish and bond with other people very quickly. It is enough for you to spend a few days with one person and already you miss that person the next day if you do not see them.

The relationships of any kind are very important to you because you hate being alone.

When you are alone, you are very sad and can easily fall into depression.

The reason for this is that you think too much and often tend to dream awake about the day as well.

However, these dreams can often not be so beautiful because you are afraid of losing your fellow human beings if they are not there.

The Scorpio in you acts very impulsively and quickly. He completes his tasks quickly and only thinks about what he has done when he is finished.

The fish in you are often misunderstood by other people and this is very difficult for you. In these moments, you see no meaning in your life.

The scorpion then comes to the rescue and cheers you up. His ability to react quickly and passionately often makes you want to get up and keep fighting for yourself.

If you read these descriptions, you may have the impression that there are two personalities in you.

But that’s not the case. These two signs simply support each other in different ways and that’s a good thing.

That’s why you’re such a good person, which every person would certainly want for a friend.

Just stay as you are and the results will come soon. Just wait and see!

Pisces Ascendant Scorpio: Intuitive and Passionate

Pisces Ascendant Scorpio: Intuitive and Passionate

Pisces Ascendant Scorpio: Intuitive and Passionate

These two signs are so different from each other that one would think that this person is very hard to get along with himself, hardly talking about how he treats other people.

However, this is not the case. They take very good care of your fellow human beings and they mean a lot to you.

In the combination of Pisces-Sun and Scorpio Ascendant the emotionality of the sign Pisces is strongly emphasized.

If someone in your family doesn’t feel good, notice it right away because you’re very intuitive.

Your intuition is so pronounced that it can be said that you are also empathetic.

Helping people and caring for sentient beings brings them a peace and fulfillment that completely satisfies them.

However, the scorpion’s influence adds a good level of ambition and sense of reality to this combination.

Your passion can also be noticed very quickly. Everything you do, you do with a very great drive.

If someone trusts you with a task, you’ll be able to work all day without taking a break.

Your passion gives you the strength to master the task. In addition, you want other people to admire your work and for you to be recognized by people.

Pisces Ascendant Scorpio: The Dark Side

When talking about your dark side, one can immediately consider your morality.

This is especially evident when choosing your love partner. Most of the time you do not vote at all..

For example, if you’re at a party and have a drink, then go to the first person you see and want to make love with them.

The Scorpio in you is very very passionate and love life is very important to him. Nevertheless, you exaggerate a lot and do not care what your partner thinks about you.

They just want to have fun and have fun.

Most likely, you will become an embittered drinker, because the ability to self-control is not your strength.

You have no limits when it comes to drinking. You are a big alcoholic and will probably get sick from it.

Pisces Ascendant Scorpio: Love and Passion

Pisces Ascendant Scorpio: Love and Passion

Pisces Ascendant Scorpio: Love and Passion

For both signs, love plays a big role in life. So when these signs are combined, one can then speak of a person full of passion and emotions.

The Scorpio brings with it a lot of passion and it does not give much value to the relationships. He would love to go from one partner to another and have fun.

However, the Pisces stop this and control this passion with deep emotions that they feel for other people when they fall in love.

However, if you fall in love, the scenario plays out a little differently.

You are jealous and treat your partner like an owner of your belongings and do not seem to understand that the more you harass a loved one, the more likely you are to lose a loved one.

The reason for this is your tendency to tie your partner’s hands and feet, as if you were afraid that someone might steal them.

If you don’t trust your partner, then the two of you shouldn’t be together at all.

Get relaxed and enjoy your relationship

Pisces Ascendant Scorpio: compatibility with other characters

Pisces Ascendant Scorpio: compatibility with other characters

Pisces Ascendant Scorpio: compatibility with other characters


A relationship based on dynamism and intuition promises a lot when Pisces and Aries enter into a love relationship. Aries and Pisces could have a lot to tell each other if they support and advise each other. It’s strange that they both value honesty and have such barriers to trust when they come together. It’s not that they complete each other, but the effect they have on each other can be like a proper healing method.


Taurus give the fish the grounding they so desperately need. A Taurus doesn’t mind being practical, and that can help the fish live their best lives. Since these two signs are friendly, gentle and full of empathy, a strong harmonious bond can be forged between them. Also, the gentle nature of the fish can help the bull break out of its routine and enjoy new things.


The compatibility of fish and twins is greatly encouraged by the mutual desire to be kind to each other and to take care of each other. Than a strong mental and a strong emotional sign can be their lack of understanding of Pisces and sometimes hurtful to both. The pisces will shower the twins with love and affection, while the twins in turn will court the fish with skill and charm. They can both forget to call each other if they’ve agreed to, and they can both change their minds in two seconds, but they just don’t have the same goals.


The compatibility of Fish and Cancer can be called a gift of the zodiac. Cancer and Pisces are known as breadwinners, and they will find into each other the attention and compassion they both crave. The most common common personality traits that you have both inherited are compassion and trust. The love between the two of you is unsolicited. Pisces often feel like they carry all the burden of the world on their shoulders, but crabs are ready and able to ease their emotional burden.


Leo and Pisces seem to have been brought to this earth to spread very different kinds of love. Pisces are known as dreamy and selfless beings who avoid being in the spotlight, while Leos always like to be the center of attention and are a little too open-hearted. When they are attracted to each other, they are at risk of great damage to their beliefs and inner faith, and they usually succumb to mutual disregard because they simply do not understand each other.


The Virgin belongs to the earth signs and is known for her modesty, kindness and helpfulness towards others. They are also the most practical and analytical signs in the zodiac. But both Virgo and Pisces are afraid of being judged, which can cause both partners to keep their thoughts and feelings under wraps. The Pisces can give the always practical Virgo that certain something of emotions, while the Virgo can bring the Pisces to a more realistic attitude to life.


Pisces and Libra are one of the most compatible zodiac sign pairs in every way. Indecision is common to these two zodiac signs, and they should discard them to achieve common goals. However, these zodiac signs must be careful not to float too high in the clouds of the fantasy world.


Pisces and Scorpio are a very intense and passionate couple who enter into a great love affair. When Scorpio and Pisces come together, this relationship is likely to give both of them new insights about emotional possibilities. As two watermarks, they will rely on their emotional judgment and understand this in relation to the other, creating a real intimacy. However, they can also get caught up in their own feelings and cause stormy reactions.


Sagittarius and Pisces are practically polar opposites. While the fish is sensitive and tender- the Sagittarius is thick-skinned and doesn’t care much about how others feel. They idealize each other and consider their relationship to be the perfect love, but this infatuation will not last very long due to its changeable nature. When conflicts arise, a Shooter can display more brutal honesty than a fish can handle, and then roll his eyes when a fish’s feelings are hurt.


Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign, fits perfectly with the emotional nature of Pisces. The Pisces are a very gentle and loving soul who believes in adaptability and flexibility and is willing to make sacrifices for their loved ones. The Capricorn provides stability, while the Pisces help the Capricorn to open up to its feelings.


The compatibility between Pisces and Aquarians could be described as a friendship that turns into a relationship. Both signs are compassionate and have the same core values. However, their view of life is different. This can lead to conflicts and trust problems.


Two Fish in a relationship enjoy pampering each other. Their changeable nature will constantly change their relationship, and only if they share enough love can they deal with the changes and stay together. If there is a romantic love between them, they could experience a real fairy tale storyn, the story with unicorns, rainbows and an eternal love.

Pisces Ascendant Scorpio: Career and Money

You work hard to achieve your goals and be successful. You hate it when other people ask you if you need help. And you just want to do everything on your own, so you know that your success belongs only to you.

They can succeed in art, sports, speculative business, or working with children or animals.

They are also talented for being a leader. That’s why a working position as a boss would suit you very well and you would exercise it with pride.

In youth, your financial situation will not be very stable, but in the middle years you will flourish.

The reason for this is that you will marry a rich partner.

After a series of difficulties, all your wildest dreams will become reality.

Pisces Ascendant Scorpio: Health

Pisces Ascendant Scorpio: Health

Pisces Ascendant Scorpio: Health

Since you work a lot, your health will likely suffer as well. You need to realize that you need a break before you get exhausted.

The susceptible organ is the gallbladder. They are also prone to poisoning, fever and injury from careless handling of hot or sharp objects.

Your arms are also sensitive and you also need to be careful not to hurt them during work.

Pay more attention to your health and plan your day so that you have more free time.

Then take advantage of these to rest and do things that simply make you happy.

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