Radiate positivity again

Negative energy can be gotten rid of by taking care of your health and happiness and avoiding negative people and negative environments.

Energy is all around us, in every person and in every room.

Every place and every person radiates an energy.

When you are in a place or meet a human being, you record these energetic frequencies on a subliminal, unconscious level.

Some fill us with warmth and others with gloom.

It has also been confirmed by a study that plants can absorb energy from other plants.

Another study concluded that our body is like a sponge that sucks out the energy around us.

Positive people are attracted to positive energy; negative people are attracted to negative energy.

Just as the old saying goes, “The same attracts the same.”

There is no technology that could measure negative energy, but you certainly know how the negative energy feels.

It can come from negative people, the environment or from your own psyche.

From the negative energy, they can be mentally and physically exhausted.

Negative energy maintains itself and thus creates even more negativity.

After explaining to you what the negative energy actually is, we will also explain how to get rid of the negative energy.

Signs of negative energy

The negative energy can come from negative people, from your environment or from your own psyche.

Here are the signs of negative energy:

  • Frequent and unexplained health problems can be an important sign.
  • They yawn more often, although they ventilate the house well.
  • They feel angry, irritable and depressed, although there is no reason for it.
  • They feel tired all the time and just want to sleep.
  • You refuse to eat even though you are hungry.
  • You are constantly losing something, such as your car keys, wallet or important documents.
  • Something is stolen from you that is very important to you.
  • You have negative thoughts about a situation or a person from the past, even though you have done the inner work to clarify it.
  • Interrupted calls or sudden, temporary noise on your phone while talking to someone in a place where they don’t normally have such an experience.
  • You’ve forgotten your passwords and can’t log in anywhere.
  • Behaviors that run counter to self-love, such as spending money on unnecessary things even though you don’t have the money to do so.

Types of negative energy

You can’t really deal with negative energy and get rid of the negative energy until you know its sources.

These three sources can affect your negative feelings:

Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts can harm their well-being and health.

Positive-thinking people are less prone to colds and have better cardiovascular health.

They are less prone to depression and even live longer.

Being a positive thinker doesn’t mean ignoring problems.

Negative environment

Perhaps you have experienced that you have felt very comfortable in some environments and very uncomfortable in others.

Sometimes it’s because of the experiences you associate with the particular place.

You’re unlikely to feel as comfortable in a dental office as you would in a friend’s house.

But there is also evidence that the physical details of the environment can affect our mood.

Clutter, for example, can cause stress and even interfere with sleep.

Environments in which you may feel uncomfortable are described as endowed with negative energy.

Negative people

People with poor energy do not live in a country far, far away.

They live among us.

You’ve probably experienced feeling negative energy from a person before.

And many are unaware of their problems and therefore do nothing about it.

This makes it all the more difficult and dangeroushe.

Some researchers believe that this energy is real and measurable.

Others believe that people pick up on anger, sadness, and other negative emotions that others radiate.

We humans are good at interpreting these through verbal and non-verbal cues, even if they are not openly expressed.

By avoiding negative people, you can quickly get rid of the negative energy in your life.

How to get rid of negative energy

Negative energy maintains itself and thus creates even more negativity.

Learning to deal with negative energy is important for your happiness and health.

It is not easy to get rid of the negative energy, but you can do it if you make an effort.

1. Let in fresh air

Open the windows.

Fresh air expels the negative energy and makes room for positive energy to come in.

If you don’t have a window, you can open a door.

After that, you can start burning sage in your house, as it brings good vibrations into the house, because there is now room for it.

2. Avoid negative people

This solution seems to be the easiest, but it’s probably also the most difficult.

It is not always easy to avoid negative people.

We can’t control other people’s energies and moods, and that’s why we can’t completely avoid negative people.

However, we can choose who we are close to and with whom we want to enter into relationships.

It can be difficult to end relationships that are detrimental to your positive energy, but it’s a necessity to avoid even negative energy.

And for those times when negative people invade your life despite your best efforts, it will be useful to go back to the “you” time.

3. Cat as a pet

With therapeutic crystals, stones are placed either in certain places of the body or in the house for a long time.

Our cat-like friends behave the same way.

They are our walking crystals.

You may have noticed that they like to sleep in different places and sometimes just stay there.

So whenever they choose a place to spend their time, just leave them there.

They have stimuli that allow them to perceive the changes in the external environment.

Also, purring is one of the other ways to neutralize bad energy.

We all know that a happy cat emits a vibrant and relaxing tone.

This sound not only creates the vibrational field, but can also break and move the energies that stand still.

It’s a cuddly way to get rid of negative energy.

4. Meditate

Spending time in the silence of meditation has a deeply healing effect on the mind and helps bring your entire system back into balance and positive.

This is done in three crucial ways.

First, meditation is the antidote to the stress response triggered by excessive poor energy.

Muscle tension is released, blood pressure and breathing are lowered, stress hormones are minimized, and the fight-or-flight response is downregulated through meditation.

Second, meditation helps you observe your thoughts instead of getting caught up in an interpretation or evaluation.

By watching your thoughts as they come and go, you interrupt their flow before a negative interpretation can take root in your mental garden.

Third, by repeatedly entering the field of pure consciousness, the negative reviews in your consciousness are washed away so that they no longer have any influence on you.

It’s like rinsing out a dirty cloth in a river. The negative mental impressions are finally lifted and the cloth is restored to a flawless state.

5. Use crystals to make the room more positive

The best means to get rid of the negative energy are the crystals.

With the crystals you clean yourself and your house in one.

When crystal healing is the energy of a person who is stagnating and unexplained, unblock, balance or realign, then the same can also apply to your own home.

Crystals naturally absorb the energy that surrounds them, and so it is not surprising that they are often used to clean one’s own home.

The crystals that rid your home and you of negative energy include:

  • Clear quartz – it promotes energetic balance and improves clarity
  • Rose quartz – this “love stone” promotes self-love
  • Amethyst – promotes a restful sleep
  • black onyx – protects against negative energy and absorbs it
  • Citrine – this “stone of success” increases personal strength

6. White light for positive energy

Using white light is another great way to get rid of bad energy that has settled on your body.

All you need is good visualization skills.

You imagine a bright white light that surrounds your whole body, from head to toe.

See this light slowly brighten and form a protective barrier around you.

Imagine that nothing bad can penetrate through this barrier.

As you visualize this white light protection, you can either say a prayer or ask your angels and spirit guides for protection.

Ask them to protect them from any bad energy that could harm you.

You can also use this technique for others who want to protect you from negative energy, even your pets.

7. Spend time in nature

Staying in nature has long been recommended as an effective method of reducing stress and getting rid of negative energy.

Immersion in the beauty of nature, such as a visit to a forest, a lake, the mountains or the sea, acts as a therapy for the soul and gives it time to recover and heal.

Foods that can be used to get rid of negative energy

According to healing experts, the bad things you feel or that happen to you in life are often due to the presence of negative energy around you, and it is believed that there are some foods that can help ward off negative energy.

These tips and remedies can help you get rid of negative energy from your life.


It is said that salt can absorb negative energy.

Healing experts say that adding salt can help absorb the negative effects of evil energy.

For positivity and prosperity in the family, you should put a bowl of salt in the eastern corner of the house.

If you have children, you should set up a bowl of salt in their study room to improve their concentration.


Sage has cleansing properties.

Just burn the sage and fan it out in the house or in your room.

It is an energetic shower where the energy in your house is purified.

Smoking is an ancient practice that frees your environment from darkness and negative energy and cleanses your home and makes it ready for good vibrations.

Bay leaf

One spice used to ward off negative energy is laurel.

Healing experts from the West believe that laurels can bring positivity and prosperity to the family.

If you burn a few bay leaves in a pot, you can get rid of negative energy and the smoke of the laurel brings a wave of peace into the house.


In every house in India you can see lemons with chillies hanging at the entrance.

It is believed that storing three lemons, in a glass bottle filled with water, can get rid of all kinds of negative energy from your work area and attract positive energy.

If you’re having trouble at work, you know what to do.

Mustard seed

It is believed that the random scattering of mustard seeds in the house can drive any kind of negativity out of the house.

It is also said that this trick can help save the family from major problems.


It is an effective means of getting rid of negative energy, so much so that you hang cinnamon with “stones for the evil eye”.

It is believed that cinnamon sticks in the place where you keep your money can help remove financial negativity from life.

It can also help with insomnia by placing a few cinnamon sticks under the pillow.

This helps in eliminating bad dreams and nightmares and can contribute to positivity.


In India, it is believed that a pinch of turmeric can bring happiness and drive negative energy out of married life.

It is also believed that turmeric eliminates the effects of the evil eye.

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