The Arcturians, our wise protectors from another galaxy

Arcturians are beings who have chosen to remain in non-physical form for the sake of humanity.

So they leave their homeland Arcturus to reveal themselves to us and to increase our spiritual consciousness and vibration.

All of these efforts are being made by the Arcturians to facilitate Earth’s transition to the Galactic Federation.

Many of us are aware that planet Earth will perish with all the hatred, emptiness and pain that affects it.

The Arcturians therefore appear as the healers and guardians of the earth, constantly watching over them to make miracles happen.

For them, the earth is a wonderful place that can become a place of unity, humanity and absolute love.

Thus, the Arcturians dedicate all their knowledge and love to the process of healing the earth.

In addition, these beings realized that the inhabitants of the physical worlds need supernatural support and help in the development of life and consciousness.

This help for souls on Earth comes in the form of archetypes, memories, angels, guides, intuition, inspiration, meditative state, and imagination.

The Arcturians are all this and they help you to walk the path of enlightenment.

They have chosen to serve humanity and in doing so they enable one to enter the 5 Dimension, a place of higher consciousness and intention.

That is why the energy of the Arcturians is in constant interaction with us earthlings.

They actually represent the future self of the individual and society, and people benefit greatly from their support.

Once humanity has evolved beyond matter and reached a higher level of existence, the goal is to reach a consciousness similar to the collective consciousness of the Arcturians.

A consciousness of unity, love and progress towards enlightenment.

Who are the Arcturians and what is their mission?

The Arcturians are an alien race that originates from the blue planet that orbits the red giant star Arcturus.

This planet is 36 light years away from our planet Earth, but still the Arcturians watch over it.

The Arcturians are here to help people enter the fourth and fifth dimensions of reality and increase their vibrational frequencies.

For millions of years, the civilizations and councils of Arcturus were completely kind, that is, there were no dark or sinister Arcturians.

Those Arcturians who took on karmic energies of the worlds they explored have long since integrated and healed through their experiences.

Since the Arcturians are extraordinary beings full of love and compassion, they came to Earth to help humanity awaken and develop.

Due to the urgency and shortness of time that Arcturians have, they are actively looking for channels, which are either humans or animals.

Arcturians use these channels to pass on their advanced scientific knowledge and technologies, as well as their own spiritual enlightenment.

By doing so, they do not violate human freedom and will.

The Arcturians challenge this point of view to its limits through their work in the renewal of Earth’s energy networks.

The planet Arcturus and the nature of the Arcturians

The arcturian world is different from ours, but incredibly beautiful, with beautiful buildings, fountains, parks, and temples.

The planet Arcturus is the site of many galactic meetings of the Council.

Most Arcturians, because of their peace-loving nature, have never experienced war, poverty, lack, suffering, oppression, or control.

But instead of protecting themselves from such experiences, Arcturians actively strive to get to know them in order to learn and understand other races.

The Arcturians especially want to understand planet Earth because it is trapped in isolation and fear.

The constant pain to which humanity is subjected is also the main reason why Arcturians are so actively involved in our process of healing.

Arcturians all live as one, there are no conflicts, no secrets, it is a place of higher learning of the gpublic laws.

Arcturian culture possesses an advanced consciousness and has created technologies that we can only dream of.

They are beings of unconditional love, and in their world there is no status, no poverty, no competition and no injustice.

Unlike the earthlings, the Arcturians do not believe in the survival of the fittest, they do not differ from each other and are assigned their task because of their aura.

In the work that the Arcturians do, there is also no competition, and often they are healers, spiritual teachers, artists and inventors.

Thanks to this, the Arcturians are one of the most advanced civilizations in our entire galaxy, working in the 5th dimension and beyond.

They teach that the most important thing for life in the 5th dimension is love and trust.

There is no reason for negativity, fear and guilt, these emotions must be overcome and exchanged for love.

They are the most loving, non-judgmental beings imaginable, and they serve as guardians and protectors who help elevate our vibrations and support us on our journey to Ascension.

The appearance of the Arcturians

The Arcturians are known as the guardians of the Arcturian portal, which takes you to the higher level of the fifth dimension and far beyond.

They also have their own language known as the language of light, but they also communicate with telepathy.

One of the most remarkable abilities of the Arcturians is that they can teleport anywhere with the power of Vizualization.

The appearance of the Arcturians differs depending on what dimension they are in or whether they use a certain form to reveal themselves to people.

On their home planet, the Arcturians often take the form of a large blue/green or pale humanoid with large glowing purple eyes appearing in different shades.

The true form of the Arcturians:

Arcturians appear from the fifth to the ninth level of density.

Those from the lower densities have tall dark blue or green bodies, while those from the upper densities are paler, with energy expansions resembling angel wings.

They come to earth through portals at earth level and follow earth lines.

Arcturians also oversee the transit station of Arcturus, through which many earthly souls travel in dreams and between incarnations.

The form of Acturians as a manifestation:

Often Arcturians manifest themselves to people as angels, and one of the tasks of angels is to truly serve humanity and the individual.

Their manifestation and form depends on the belief system of the person with whom they communicate.

As they manifest their appearance to people, they also ask to use their bodies as a channel to transmit their wisdom.

For traditional and religious people, they will appear in the form of angels.

To modern seekers, they will look like aliens or our future selves.

The result is always the same, it is an encounter with beautiful beings dedicated to service, both for the individual and for the whole.

The Arcturians’ Message to Humanity

We, the Arcturians, would like to remind you that we have been chosen by the Galactic Federation to perform an important task.

This mission is to monitor the transition of the inhabitants of the Earth through the fourth to the fifth dimension and beyond.

The inhabitants of Arcturus rose above the third dimension many ages ago, and their star will soon follow.

For we serve as guardians for those who want to follow the path of pure consciousness.

Many of us Arcturians have embraced physical bodies to support Earth’s planetary rise.

Since we live in the fifth dimension and beyond, entering the earthly body is a great sacrifice, but we gladly accept it.

We humbly accept the important mission of helping planet Earth and its inhabitants to live in absolute love and harmony.

How does communication between Arcturians and people work?

When you activate the tenth chakra, you cantact with beings who belong to another realm, such as angels or spirits.

If you also activate the Eleventh Chakra, you can contact the civilizations of Arcturus, the Arcturians.

Finally, if you activate the Twelfth Chakra, you can make contact with both the Arcturians and higher-level beings.

For example.B with those charged with the rise of humans and the evolution of our galaxy, such as the White Fraternal Sheep.

The White Brotherhood is made up of the Ascended Masters who were once people who lived before our time.

Having been reincarnated several times in various highly developed forms, they have now ascended and escaped the cycle of reincarnation.

So they are now beings of light who radiate their consciousness upon us to inspire us and perform miracles.

The 13th Chakra activates the supergalactic center, home to many galaxies and universes, and the place where the Galactic Federation resides.

This is also the place where the feminine energy manifests itself through communication and is connected to the all-encompassing love.

Messages that come from the Arcturians in the form of symbols in the grain fields are transmitted frequencies and serve to raise our DNA.

This gives us a strong dose of female energy, creating an energy balance with the left hemisphere of the brain dominated by male energy.

The Arcturians also help us activate our 12th DNA (corresponding to the twelve chakras) with energies so that we can prepare for the new 13th chakra of female energy

This also prepares us for the new Earth, which will soon be born and eventually become a member of the Galactic Federation.

What are the benefits of reaching the 5 dimension?

As mentioned at the beginning, Arcturians are signposts and healers who help you to ascend to the 5th dimension.

But what are the advantages of becoming part of the 5th dimension?

And why do Arcturians help Earth transition to the Galactic Federation and the 5th Dimension in the first place?

The aura of an Arcturian is stronger in the 5th dimension and vibrates at a higher speed.

As a result, one is able to use telepathic powers and express emotions more easily and block negativity.

Communication becomes telepathic, as with the Arcturians, and the movement of objects by means of telekinesis becomes possible.

An Arcturian and a person who has entered the 5th dimension also has two perceptions, and this ability is called synaesthesia.

For example, if you hear music playing, but also see the notes of that music floating in the air, it’s called synesthesia.

Instead of thinking that one is hallucinating, one should be aware that this is an expanded consciousness.

What does the 5th dimension look like and how can we achieve it?

The 5th dimension is that of love, in which one lives from the heart.

This dimension knows no hatred, no poverty, no war and no fear and everything is in perfect harmony.

To reach this dimension, they must leave behind all fears, envy and hatred, and they will never suffer or feel isolated again.

The key to entering the 5th dimension is the destruction of the present reality in order to switch to a completely opposite one.

Can you live your life without fear, hatred and envy? Can you manage to live a life that is freed from all negativity and only leads to progress?

When you become spiritually ready to leave all negativity behind, you become like an Arcturian and can become part of their reality.

All souls have the right to choose to switch to the 5th dimension when their energy becomes strong enough to be in tune with the higher vibrations.

Therefore, in the coming decades, many will choose to leave Earth to have new experiences in other parts of the universe.

When you resonate with this text, you have consciously or unconsciously decided, together with the Earth, to traverse the fifth dimension for this life.

All you have to do is simply allow life to transform you, sometimes in unpleasant ways, if you resist change.

You can decide to actively participate in the changeThat is why we have tabled a motion for a resolution calling on the Commission and the Member States to take the necessary steps to

You can consciously let go of old thought patterns, free yourself from negative emotions, prejudices and thoughts and try to keep your vibration high.

This effort will make your transition from the third to the fifth dimension easier and perhaps even faster.

There is no direct way to move to the 5th dimension, we just have to do our best.

In one way or another, we will transition into a new reality that awaits us.

How do you know that you were an Arcturian in your previous life?

If you feel that you do not belong in this world, then you are a star child.

A Star Child is a soul, spirit or being who has decided to leave another realm to inhabit planet Earth.

If you are an Arcturian star child, it means that you came from the planet Arcturus to help planet Earth in human form.

This means that you are not a normal person, but one who is blessed with certain powers and abilities to help the Earth.

You have left your life as an Acturian, fascinated by life on Earth and the bad things that are happening there that you desperately want to undo.

These are not the norms of your Arcturian people and you were willing to give up everything to get to Earth and help it.

A sacrifice that you have gladly accepted, because you know that your soul will surely find its way back to your homeland Arcturus later.

Even though it may seem hard to accept that you could be a true Arcturian, you’ll know that once you start to understand why certain things are happening to you.

As an Arcturian, you have certain qualities, but once in human form, these qualities must be rediscovered.

Some of them may need to be discovered first because your chakra is blocked and you have a hard time getting used to human life.

Surely you will know that you are an Arcturian if you are haunted by the constant feeling of longing and being different.

Also, you will constantly feel that you need to get to a certain place, e.B. to another country, but once you get there, and no matter what place that is, he will never feel at home there.

1. You are attracted to the night sky and the stars

Do you often catch yourself looking longingly into the night sky?

That’s nothing unusual if you’re an Arcturian star child who was once part of another galaxy.

Your consciousness remembers the times when you lived somewhere far away and very different from your current home.

These stars may even remind you of the family and friends you left behind on Arcturus.

So when you look at the night sky, you have both a longing for something and a deep sense of sadness.

2. You feel independent of social status and material things

You don’t care about wealth and material things?

Well, this is one of the main characteristics of the Arcturians, since their culture abandoned these norms a long time ago.

Arcturians don’t need food to survive, they also don’t do work in exchange for wealth, so there’s no need for competition.

The Arcturians have no monetary concepts on their planet and they all pride themselves on looking similar and having the same status.

These are the things that suffocate the soul and perfect equality is necessary to achieve the ultimate peace.

3. You are interested in ancient civilizations

The Arcturians have a great interest in other civilizations and galaxies.

They are constantly thirsting for knowledge and after taking human form, it is only natural that they begin to explore past human civilizations.

Past civilizations and their culture are also good examples of how to improve the future.

Everything that has been done in the past serves as a lesson for the future, and Arcturians live by these words.

Past conflicts should be a warning, but past innovations should be an inspiration to move forward, to expand, wthe Arcturians did.

4. They are often misunderstood

Now that you are an Arcturian in human form, you find it difficult to adapt to human life.

They may be clumsy, uncomfortable, shy, and even too direct and honest.

All these are qualities that are not well tolerated by others.

In addition, you may also be a true empath who is often forgotten or neglected.

Human Arcturians are also more liberal when it comes to gender and personal freedom.

After all, the sexes on the planet Arcturus are pretty much the same and they don’t differ much anatomically either.

5. People believe you are weird and avoid

How many times have you heard others say to you that you are funny?

That’s definitely not something you like to hear, but it also indicates something.

In fact, this means that you are different, but in a good way that others cannot and do not want to understand.

You’re adjusting to a life that you don’t understand yourself, so it’s natural that you’ll seem unusual to others.

By calling you strange, people only prove the obvious, and that’s how unique they actually are.

That you actually come from Arcturus is something that others will hardly understand, but try to help them deal with it in a more considerate and accepting way.

6. You feel like you don’t belong anywhere

Do you often have the feeling that you don’t belong anywhere and that you have to achieve a certain goal?

If you are constantly plagued by this feeling and are very unclear what this goal could be, then you may have noticed it very consciously during your time at Arcturus.

Being an Arcturian and giving up the lives of your people to help the Earth was a huge sacrifice that you followed with so much enthusiasm that you can hardly forget it.

The idea of giving everything to help a distant civilization moved you so much that you didn’t even care about your own well-being because your mission was a top priority.

You have gone as a hero and every day by doing good on Earth, you also become one for them, and as long as there are others who follow your principles, planet Earth will be preserved and one day move into the 5 dimension.

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