The best ways to protect the house from black magic

In folklore, witches are depicted as evil beings, dating back to the Middle Ages when they were persecuted by ecclesiastical dignitaries.

But the truth is exactly the opposite. These are women who were familiar with a centuries-old esoteric knowledge that was passed down from generation to generation.

Their knowledge goes back to the Neolithic cult of the Great Mother, the first and oldest deity in human history.

So witches have always lived in harmony with nature and respected its powers.

They knew that such a harmonious relationship can enrich life, which led to many magical rituals.

Witches respect others, do not live in the darkness of ignorance, know the spiritual world that protects us from ourselves, our darkness and our madness.

We all know this somewhere deep down, because we are born with this knowledge, and that is why we consciously or unconsciously strive for spirituality, whatever we call it, throughout our lives.

So, while researching different forms of magic, many realized that the witch tradition is extremely rich in ritual practices;

Who draw their wisdom from the ancient Celtic faith and Scandinavian mythology.

So magic is basically a neutral force, and whether it’s good or bad depends on where it’s directed;

While white magic ennobles life, black magic has a completely opposite effect not only on the victim, but also on the magician.

How to Be Sure You’re Affected by Black Magic

If you are affected by a black magic spell, there are also certain symptoms that show this, but you should not be fooled either.

Especially if the first thought is to seek help from self-proclaimed healers and wizards of white magic.

Today, there are many charlatans in the public eye who deliberately spread the fear of black magic and deceive people with propaganda in order to derive personal benefit from everything.

Therefore, do not fall for the stories of wizards and self-proclaimed clairvoyants who see witchcraft as the cause of every problem in life.

Magic exists, but fortunately not to the extent that it is tried to represent.

In most cases, behind people’s everyday problems are not evil deeds, but an incomprehensible human need to blame others for their problems.

Therefore, one should be very careful when it comes to detecting magical effects:

One should always give preference to the conversation to get to the bottom of the problem, and if it is a disease, the person must be referred to a doctor;

Doubting black magic is the last resort.

Since black magic is a destructive force, it first affects the psychic structure of man and is used by;

Headaches, feelings of suffocation in the chest, nightmares and unfounded anxiety are accompanied.

In addition to these symptoms, there are certain difficulties in life, failures follow each other – be it at work, in the family or in love.

The sudden cooling of the relationship between the spouses can also be an indication of black magic.

So you can’t be under the influence of black magic without having these symptoms.

With obsession, the symptoms are even more pronounced, and those affected usually end up in psychiatry.

Also, the sudden onset of epilepsy can be the result of obsession.

There are other signs of black magic, such as anxiety, stress, depression, and even the sudden urge to do evil things;

But these symptoms are also common beyond black magic, so they are usually neglected.

The usual way to protect the house from black magic

In the tradition of many European peoples, there is a belief that a garlic wreath hung on the front door protects the house from evil spirits.

An ivory tooth is also considered a powerful amulet because it protects man from all evil.

However, you can’t protect yourself 100% from black magic, because if you are the target of a professional schwarzmagiers or wizards, you can hardly withstand these attacks.

However, the good thing is that such people are rare, so most often people have problems with amateurs who literally do not know or dominate the magical world.

So the magic tips that we will tell you are all effective against the attacks of such people.

It is known that the magic of black magic can be directed at individuals, families, but also at certain residential buildings;

On the basis of this information, separate protection rituals are therefore carried out.

The Best Way to Protect Your Home from Black Magic

Place seven grains of incense on the inside of the threshold and each window in the apartment.

Size and distance do not matter. Glue a self-adhesive tape over the incense to fix it;

Then drip a drop of rosemary oil onto the outside of the front door and window.

This ritual will not only protect you from evil, but also show you who your true friends are in a short time.

People who don’t enter your home after protecting themselves with incense and oil aren’t your true friends either.

Depending on how wrong their friendship is, some of them will feel uncomfortable as soon as they enter the house;

And those who really hate you won’t even be able to step over the threshold.

Another advantage of such protection is that it strengthens harmony and love in the household.

How to protect your business premises from black magic

In addition to one’s own home, business premises are often attacked by the enemy, so that protection is also necessary here.

In addition, if there are people with negative energy in it, this ritual will cleanse the room of these energies.

For the ritual, in the spring you need to find a wild rose bush and cut off a branch with a few buds.

With the branch in your hand you cross a bridge under which a river or stream flows.

The branch is then brought to the business premises and placed in a vase for complete drying.

As long as there is a rose branch there, your business space is protected from the forces of evil.

The business premises can also be protected with five incense sticks, which are placed in a row and fastened with self-adhesive tape above the entrance door.

Five incense sticks are therefore glued under each window of the workroom, while a drop of lavender oil is dripped onto the outside of the entrance door and window.

How to protect a house that is currently being built from black magic

Most people are familiar with fatima’s amulet, which is supposed to protect against evil in the Middle East and “open” the door to happiness and prosperity.

The magical power of the hand is also known in rituals for the protection of houses, where it has an unlimited power.

During the construction of the house, the head of the family should press both palms into the fresh concrete of the foundation, which must still be visible even after drying.

He should perform this ritual exclusively alone.

It is an eternal protection that still works even when the landlords move out of the house.

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