The effect of the Tree of Saints

Palo Santo has a soothing effect on cold and flu symptoms and helps with stress, asthma and emotional problems.

Its benefits are so numerous that once you try it, you can no longer do without it. So here’s everything you need to know.

For many, house cleaning means much more than cleaning with water and puzzo. It is also about removing those energies that diminish vitality in spaces and those who inhabit them.

Although there are many techniques for restoring and balancing the good energies in the house, Palo Santo is one of the most commonly used.

These pieces of wood are considered sacred, so energetic and healing properties are attributed to them.

Palo Santo, the “Tree of Saints,” has a mystical status among indigenous peoples and religious institutions. For centuries, shamans and priests have burned dry wood in ceremonies to release the power of spiritual purification.

The sweet, ethereal scent enchanted many people and became popular as an aromatic household cleaning agent.

Although the effects of Palo Santo have been little researched so far, there is growing evidence that it has long been known for its therapeutic uses.


The history of Palo Santo dates back to the time of the ancient Inca Empire, where it was used as an essential oil for soothing, relaxation and spiritual cleansing.

A shaman in Peru lit Palo Santo chopsticks in preparation for meditation because its aroma eliminates adversity, negative thoughts, and evil spirits.

It has also been used by the indigenous peoples of South America to protect their and their homes from its natural, therapeutic smoke.

Palo Santo, Bursera graveolens, is a species of tree in the citrus fruit family, which is related to frankincense and myrrh.

More than 40 species grow worldwide, which are mainly distributed in Central and South America. They come from tropical dry forests in Mexico, Peru and especially Ecuador.

The Palo Santo tree ripens at the age of 50 to 70 years. Of course, in order to produce wood of the highest quality, the wood must die and rest for at least five years before harvesting.

This allows the development of heart oil. The aged wood can then be processed into incense sticks or cooked slowly to release the oil.

What is currently sold under the name Palo Santo are wooden sticks of the tree of the same name, which are used for firing and thus take advantage of its aroma and benefits.

Palo Santo Effect

Palo Santo has many effects. Its benefits are so numerous that once you try it, you can no longer do without it.

  • Palo Santo is used to dispel negative energies and attract positive energies. Balance your energies, seek and increase everything positive.
  • Palo Santo helps fight diseases caused by stress and conveys calm and harmony. This is due to its properties of physical and mental cleansing.
  • The Palo Santo Aroma helps to deepen the spiritual moments of meditation and contemplation.
  • Palo Santo is a kind of aphrodisiac: its earthly and mysterious property helps to improve the romantic and spiritual relationships of couples. It can be used in the bedroom to give couples a more intimate moment, a moment of love and happiness.
  • Shamans use Palo Santo in their sessions to purify and purify the environment from bad energies, bad vibrations and negative forces.
  • Palo Santo connects us with human love and increases the ability to give and receive.
  • Palo Santo promotes meditation because it relaxes the mind and evokes a sense of devotion. It is often used in the practice of yoga, reiki and aromatherapy.
  • Palo Santo relaxes us and puts us in an environment of unique peace and silence.
  • Palo Santo reduces nervous tension.
  • Palo Santo eliminates inner conflicts.
  • Palo Santo is used when breathing to lift mood, reduce stress and against asthma.
  • The aroma of the Palo Santo chopsticks serves as a 100% natural mosquito repellent, ideal for children’s rooms.
  • Palo Santo has, among other things, antidepressant, sweaty, diuretic, purifying, antirheumatic and antiseptic properties.
  • Palo Santo helps prevent flu
  • Palo Santo performs an antiseptic function and destroys microbes to reduce the possibility of infection (element: Appointments-4-OL).
  • Palo Santo also acts as an antivirus (element: Sesquiterpene).
  • The main ingredient of Palo Santo is limonene (62.88% in Palo Santo). This powerful element contributes to the prevention of stomach, liver, breast and skin tumors.

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Palo Santo in different forms

According to the decision of the Peruvian government, Palo Santo is used ethically only if its branches fall naturally from the tree.

The branches of Palo Santo should never be cut because of their holiness. The therapeutic properties of the tree are achieved by the process of metamorphic polymerization 3 to 5 years after the branch falls.

During this process, the oil crystallizes and forms deposits that give it a rich orange and golden appearance. The richest essence of Palo Santo is located deep inside the branch.

The magic of Palo Santo lies in the alchemical process that takes place after its natural death.

For Palo Santo to attain its magical and healing properties, it must die, but not by any death, but only by the natural death of ancient trees.

Palo Santo trees live 80 to 90 years and must remain in their natural habitat for another 4 to 10 years after their lifespan to complete metamorphosis.

Palo Santo Chopsticks

Palo Santo chopsticks are the original shape of this useful tree and therefore an ideal shape to try. They are made from shrubs that grow in the Ayabaca region of Peru.

They are completely natural, safe because they are free of harmful chemicals, and easy to use. Light one end with a lighter and then turn it off immediately.

The flame even has to burn for a few seconds so that the resin does not burn: the unmistakable smell rises from the embers.

Palo Santo Oil

Palo Santo is also produced as an oil that works for diseases such as headaches, coughs and colds.

The essential oil of the Palo Santo tree belongs to the healing oils such as cypress, frankincense, strawflower, rosemary, sandalwood and narde.

Palo Santo sawdust

Palo Santo is also available in the form of sawdust, and you can use its properties in the same way. For this you need:

  • A handful of Palo Santo sawdust.
  • Fresh rosemary leaves
  • Bowl of clay, ceramics or earthenware

Put sawdust and rosemary leaves in a bowl. Light the mixture and let it burn. Repeat this process in all areas of the house.

The use of Palo Santo

Palo Santo can be easily ordered online.

Here is the easiest and safest way to clean the energy of your home or workplace with Palo Santo:

Light one or two matches at a time. Hold them at a 45-degree angle and light the Palo Santo piece with these matches. Let it burn for 45 seconds and spread the smoke.

Palo Santo has already begun its effect. Close all doors and windows to keep as much smoke as possible in the house.

Set your intentions for the energetic cleaning of your home. Be clear about what bothers you and what negative energies you want to eliminate with the help of Palo Santo. Recite your favorite prayers and mantras.

Move with the smoldering Palo Santo through the whole apartment, including bathroom, kitchen and dining room, and spread the smoke throughout the apartment.

When you’re done, place the unburned part of the chopstick in a fireproof shell and let it burn to the end.
In the morning, open all doors and windows so that the smoke leaves your apartment with the negative energy.

Burning Palo Santo can be a good solution to drive away insects, even if you need to keep it away from outdoor areas such as balconies, terraces, or gardens.

Carbonated Palo Santo can be reused several times. It is important to be careful when lighting the Palo Santon and extinguish the flames before starting cleaning.

It should not be forgotten that Palo Santo unfolds its effect through the smoke it produces, not through its flame. Likewise, it is necessary to avoid lighting near flammable objects.

If smoke in the house can be a problem in case one of its residents is allergic, another way to use Palo Santo is to take a few chopsticks and group them in several corners of the house.

It will not only cleanse the environment of negative energies, but also flavor the house longer and more subtly.

Chopsticks and cones are used in meditation. They definitely work on all those who are in the room, as they fill the room with an extremely positive energy of harmony and peace, maintaining a grounded and clean energy.

The smoke of Palo Santo creates comfort and also helps well against mosquitoes and insects.

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Read more about the company that sells the Palo Santo you are interested in and learn about its procurement process. Is it indicated from which country the Palo Santo comes?

The branches of the Palo Santo tree must fall off naturally, the whole tree must fall or die. Is the Palo Santo you just bought from a prematurely felled tree?

Does the company’s website say that it works with South American suppliers and how they comply with Palo Santo import regulations? If not, you’d better buy it somewhere else.

Due to the increased demand, some companies illegally import Palo Santo and source it from healthy trees (which, by the way, means that it is not even real Palo Santo).

To make sure your sources of supply come from a legal and environmentally friendly South American ecosystem, you should read the company’s information page.

In this way, you will get exactly the Palo Santo that has the spiritual effect that you want to bring into your life.

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6 Easy Ways to Add Palo Santo Oil in Your Beauty Routine


Many of the benefits of Palo Santo oil can be easily incorporated into a healthy and sustainable hair and skin care routine with the following seven uses.

1. Mask for dry scalp

Oatmeal has a number of beneficial properties, including moisture and soothing. You can now amplify these benefits by adding a few drops of Palo Santo oil.

This powerful combination of ingredients can be applied directly to your dry scalp to relieve irritation and add a moisture infusion.

You need: 2 tablespoons of oatmeal, 6-8 drops of Palo Santo oil, 2 tablespoons of water.

  • Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl
  • Apply the mixture directly to the scalp and massage in well
  • Leave the treatment on for an hour for best results
  • Rinse everything with a mild shampoo

2. Hair shine mask

Adding Palo Santo oil to a hair mask can improve shine and moisturize your strands and scalp.

It is an easy way to give your hair nourishing and soothing effects, while preventing hair breakage and giving it a fantastic Palo Santo fragrance.

Ingredients: 4-5 drops of Palo Santo oil and 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil.

  • Mix the oils in a small bowl.
  • Apply the mask to dry hair and scalp.
  • Leave the mask on for up to an hour.
  • Rinse with a mild shampoo and cold water.

3. Hair ointment

With antioxidant ingredients like green tea and moisturizers like coconut oil, this recipe is the perfect refreshment for dry strands.

Ingredients: 1/4 cup of brewed green tea, 1/2 cup of water, 1-2 drops of fallen Santo oil, 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, dissolved and 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil.

  • Mix all ingredients in a glass spray bottle and shake until they have mixed
  • Spray lightly on the hair and concentrate on the tips for extra moisture
  • Allow to dry

4. Clay face mask

This face mask is for you if you have problems with oily skin.

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon bentonite clay, 1 teaspoon matcha powder, 1 teaspoon honey, 1 tablespoon whole milk and 2-4 drops of Palo Santo oil

  • Mix the ingredients in a small mixing bowl until they are well mixed. If the mixture is too dry for it to spread well, you may need to add more milk.
  • Apply an even layer to the face and leave the mask on for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse with cold water and pat dry.

5. Rinsing

For thicker hair that needs intense moisture and curl control, try this thick conditioner that you leave on instead of rinsing it out immediately.

Ingredients: 1/2 cup raw shea butter, 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and 4-5 drops of Palo Santo oil.

Melt shea butter and coconut oil in a microwave dish.

  • Stir in the Palo Santo oil.
  • Pour the mixture into an airtight, reusable glass container and store in the refrigerator until the oils become a solid
  • Cure the mass.
  • Apply the mixture to shampooed hair by starting with the tips and working towards the roots.
  • Leave the rinse on for 10 minutes.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water.

6. Moisturizing massage oil

The moisturizing properties of jojoba oil and sweet almond oil are combined with the antioxidant properties of vitamin E oil and Palo Santo oil to get a sweet massage oil.

Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil, 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil, 2 teaspoons of Palo Santo oil and 1 teaspoon of vitamin E oil.

  • Melt the shea butter and coconut oil together in a microwave dish
  • Mix all oils together and store in a hermetically sealed, reusable glass container.
  • Put 10-12 drops on your palm and rub your hands vigorously to heat the oil.
  • Use it to massage aching muscles while retaining moisture.

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