The self-confident and artistic soul

Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius: You are very self-confident and give this impression to other people around you. You own this property thanks to the shooter.

He shows this quality with pride and gives the impression of being more self-confident than he is.

On the other hand, the pisces are very artistically gifted and focus on this side of you instead of proving to people who you are.

Their identity is shaped by the characteristics of Pisces such as belonging, glamour and spirituality.

They love to look good. That’s why you always buy new things to be chic.

Your spiritual side is very pronounced and your routine is to meditate or practice yoga every morning.

In this way, you will relax for the day ahead of you to master the challenges that are on your way.

Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius, you are people with great possibilities. It is a subtle, spiritualized, artistic character, as if enveloped in light magic.

These fish are downright inspiring. And they are very often in the right place at the right time. You have a good sense of the right timing!

Pisces with an ascendant in Sagittarius strive for ideal goals and professions, they want to achieve something special.

Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius: Virtues

They think of others, although they themselves are obsessed with the need for tenderness, tenderness for everyone, for themselves and for others.

The Pisces dominate this side of you, because Sagittarius is not particularly emotional. He makes sure that you are confident and determined in the things you do.

As one of the most spiritual signs of the zodiac by nature, you give yourself plenty of space to experience life from this comprehensive perspective.

You often read books with spiritual themes to teach yourself and to be able to help other people if you have problems with depression, etc.

They always focus on your goals and start relationships just for the reason you don’t get bored.

When there is no longer talk of goals and relationships, they can indulge in intoxication, enjoy the ordinary, eat delicious, radiate outwards.

Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius: The Self-Confident and Artistic Soul

Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius: The Self-Confident and Artistic Soul

Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius: The Self-Confident and Artistic Soul

You often take refuge in your fantasy world or you literally travel to discover new horizons that can make you constantly evolve.

With the winning nature of the shooter and the capricious nature of the fish, they are rarely offensive or unsuccessful.

Typically, people born under this sign of the sun are highly sensitive and naturally supernatural, as they are attuned to the invisible dimensions.

They usually behave extroverted and enthusiastic, a trait you inherited from Sagittarius.

If they’ve learned to stay realistic and look at things objectively, everything is fine. But looking at the world through rose-colored glasses can lead to problems.

Your Pisces sun comes out when you’re in familiar surroundings, and then you become more Sibylline and enigmatic.

Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius: The Dark Side

Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius: The Dark Side

Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius: The Dark Side

They hate taking responsibility. If someone needs your help, take on the task but you regret it after half an hour.

This attitude extends to both professional and private life. You are a boring house friend and are afraid of your own shadow.

As for communication, you are chained to your home and tremble with fear at the thought of having to talk to strangers.

They would rather spend the whole day at home than communicate with strangers.

They love to be alone and would love to spend their whole life like this. But if you need help, look for other people, which is very hypocritical.

Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius: Love and Passion

Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius: Love and Passion

Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius: Love and Passion

They are afraid of committing themselves to someone. You can’t imagine yourself in a long-term relationship because you love your freedom more than anything else.

It is not easy for you to commit to one thing, and you will get married many times.

No matter how much you love your partner, your need for change is always stronger.

You will have few children, and there will be no great affection between you.

Unfavorable people will try to destroy your family life, and you will spend a lot of time fighting them.

All in all, you are not a relationship type and there is nothing you can change.

Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius: Compatibility with Other Signs

Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius: Compatibility with Other Signs

Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius: Compatibility with Other Signs


This is definitely a couple with a lot of potential. They both enjoy each other’s company on every level. The chemistry and sympathy between these two fire signs is quickly right, and you will find a twin soul in each other. If they manage to overcome their philosophical differences and respect each other’s different opinions, it could become one of the warmest relationships in the zodiac. You are both so alive that your relationship is full of life and love never gets old.


With their inner beauty and the understanding they share in search of the truth of life, these two could be a perfect couple. The key to a healthy partnership between these two signs of the zodiac is to give each other time and space. They are either strongly attracted to each other or completely repulsed, and there is hardly any middle ground. The best possible scenario for their relationship would be for them to get to know each other very well and build a friendship without expectations, over years.


Gemini and Sagittarius are an incredible couple who are probably the most innocent of all opposites in the zodiac. Both signs have so much in common thanks to their friendly, adventurous and optimistic nature that they are the perfect partners. They are both restless adventurers who long for knowledge and experience. With the curiosity of the twin and the nomadic nature of the shooter, you will become restless with commitments when there is not much excitement and variety. Their relationship has a strong intellectual connection in which they will gradually find deep feelings. However, there is no real prognosis as to how this will end, because the feelings they feel could easily scare them off and their relationship could only end out of fear.


Cancer and Sagittarius are usually signs that are not attracted to each other at all. You are made of completely different fabrics and patterns. To get along well in a love relationship, Sagittarius and Cancer need to let go of much of their own qualities. Domestic cancer is the ruler of home, heart and family and carries its loved ones in the back of his hand. Sagittarius is the restless globetrotter who longs for freedom and adventure. If they have feelings for each other, it would be a shame not to live them out and miss the opportunity to grow peacefully.


Leo and Sagittarius are a very good, fiery combination of signs, and when two people come together with these sun signs, they inevitably fall in love. The best partner who can support you is the lion, because you know how to motivate each other. This is a lively pairing of two compatible fire signs, full of fun and adventure. This love is warm, passionate and inspiring, and they will have the opportunity to create, accomplish and have fun together as long as they feel that way.


The relationship between a virgin and a sagittarius is no ordinary love story with a happy ending. A rational and practical virgo is the exact opposite of a carefree and easy-going Sagittarius, but both can fit together well if they are willing to adjust to each other’s different traits. Ouchch Your habits are different. The Virgo takes care of every little detail and irritates the impatient Sagittarius, who thinks big. The Sagittarius must learn to care more about the little things.


The scale symbolizes the balancing beam, which perfectly represents their stable and calm posture, while the Sagittarius is symbolized by his free spirit and independence. The relationship between Libra and Sagittarius is in most cases a beneficial bond that allows these partners to develop their emotional, inner world and shape their lives without negative influences. You are good friends who make each other laugh and have a sharp, sarcastic sense of humor.


Scorpio and Sagittarius are a great couple as long as they feel the first excitement at the beginning of their relationship. You have to dive deep into each other’s mental dissolution to forge a relationship that promises to flourish. Over time, there is a great chance that they will slowly lose interest in each other, especially the variable sign Sagittarius for his fixed Scorpio partner. For best results, stay naked all the time and discuss issues only after the fact.


One Sagittarius will easily fall in love with the other, and their passionate relationship can change very quickly. Free-spirited and independent in their individual aspirations, shooters who enter into a relationship must give their love interests the necessary time by shedding the innate independent vein within them. If they discover the true happiness of two Jupiter sufferers together, they could lose interest in everyone else and find the point of necessary balance that holds them together on their travels as long as they live.


Sagittarius is the visionary and the optimist with shining eyes; the Capricorn is the master architect and builder, the ultimate realist. This is not the ideal relationship, and it will rarely be the one that both want to lead for the rest of their lives. These two zodiac signs may still be reluctant to tune in to each other’s views, but as their relationship grows and matures, they will try to absorb each other’s positive qualities.


One of the best partners for Sagittarius is Aquarius. You are both friendly and enjoy your company with each other. The term “best friends with additional services” was practically invented for you. Finally someone who values independence as much as you do! They will come together when it’s time for both of them to make a change in their lives or leave a partner they feel constricted by.


It is a relationship between two soulmates that often does not last very long. The free-spirited Sagittarius may be somewhat constrained by the dreamy Pisces, but one trait that could bind them together for all eternity is their eternal philosophical desire. The romantic Pisces are a water sign that longs for a deep emotional bond, while the independent Sagittarius is a fire sign that feels crushed by too much sentimentalism.

Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius: Career and Money

Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius: Career and Money

Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius: Career and Money

As a Sagittarius with the Ascendant, you are a very capable scientist and academic.

They have an active and clear mind. They are very smart, quickly trained and always ready to accept new ideas.

And you are good with words and use the power of your ruling planet Jupiter to reach a wide audience.

You can have a wonderful career in fields such as commerce, media, transportation, communication or in companies that deal with any of these areas.

They are very smart and bring joy and abundance to people at the same time. Your career will be long and fruitful.

Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius: Health

You are a very active person and do at least one sport that will help you stay in shape at all times.

If you don’t exercise, you won’t feel comfortable. This has simply become your habit.

In general, you are a very healthy person and do not have any major health problems.

Still, there are areas you need to pay attention to – these are the neck, ears, and alveoli.

In general, you have good health, and you can expect to live into old age.

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