The Ultimate Way to Manifest Love, Money and Beauty

If you’re the kind of person who never seems to get what she wants, then there’s a reason for that.

It doesn’t seem like there are people out there who seem to get the things you want, but nothing ever comes to you easily.

Sometimes you even think that the way things are in your life now will stay that way in the long run and that nothing will change.

If you think so, you’re in luck because they can change, and you don’t have to settle for things as they are now.

They must firmly believe in the possibility of change and free themselves from fear.

Yes, fear is the only reason you think the things you want are out of your reach.

I myself didn’t have the life I live now, and things used to be much worse, and suddenly they changed almost magically.

For this to work, I only had to do one thing: let go of the fear I felt.

My life before that was dominated by my fear:

  • I had a job that wasn’t good
  • I had a bad relationship with my body
  • I went out of desperation with the wrong man
  • I was insecure and felt worthless
  • Financially, I was surviving
  • Emotionally, I also felt empty and drained

So I had to get out of this cycle and realize that no matter what I wish for, I don’t have to settle for things as they are.

No, you don’t have to live unhappily for the rest of your life, nor is it too late to wake up.

As long as you’re alive, you can change something, and the fear that tells you you can’t is simply called the comfort zone.

You are actually afraid of the better life because it is not familiar to you, as is prosperity.

Once you let go of that fear and realize that you are stronger than them, new opportunities manifest.

You are destined to manifest what you desire, and the things you want are meant for you.

How to Manifest Love

Over time, I realized that I attracted men who were closed, cold, dismissive, and generally difficult.

Many of them even punished me for loving them and I wondered why my love was so repulsive to them and why they didn’t want me.

Here I realized that I was afraid and that in my fear my feminine energy was out of balance.

All the men I wanted back then are now the signs I didn’t recognize when the universe sent them to me.

They taught me a valuable lesson and took away the fear that I wouldn’t be able to live without them.

Nevertheless, I had to regain my feminine energy and get back in touch with it, because only then could I attract love.

Things that increase female energy:

  • Kindness
  • The ability to receive
  • The ability to be cared for
  • Modest lifestyle
  • Self-respect
  • Luck
  • The ability to be happy alone

Things that lower female energy:

  • Arrogance
  • Unnatural ambition
  • Envy
  • Hatred
  • Neediness
  • Too much giving and granting
  • Vanity
  • The fear of being alone

Here I noticed that manifesting love is not only writing about the ideal man, journaling and affirming, but also raising the vibrations.

To manifest love and break the cycle of unhappy relationships, you need to increase your feminine energy, and that’s something you need to work on every day.

For this to work, you need to be the best woman you can be. You must not change, but let go of the things that sabotage you.

So to increase this divine feminine energy:

  • Never talk badly about other women and don’t praise yourself.
  • Dress nicely, but never provocatively.
  • Smile and don’t be negative and stop complaining.
  • Respect yourself, otherwise others will never be.
  • Never be ashamed of the thinge that you do and do not brag about your knowledge.
  • Become able to receive love and do not pamper a man as if he were a woman.
  • Do not be rude and never insult a man.
  • Use the silence when you feel addressed and leave when you feel abused.
  • Do not align your life with a man and find joy in other things.
  • Don’t be in need of love and be a good friend first before becoming a partner.
  • Be able to enjoy even the little things your partner offers you.
  • Be loving to animals and young children and accept the beauty of motherhood.
  • Believe that you deserve the love you want to manifest in your life.

The last step is probably the hardest, but it’s the crucial one, as it also means letting go of the fear that you don’t deserve love.

How to manifest money

Manifesting money is probably one of the most interesting practices one can do.

When you think about it, it’s not logical to try to manifest money because you actually have to work for it, right?

Well, that’s definitely true, but we see it all the time that people work until they drop just to constantly lose money and have too many costs.

Somehow, no matter how much money they make, they are always surprised by sudden costs.

In a way, that’s part of life, but if it happens all the time, then you don’t really manifest money.

I used to never believe that money could be manifested, and suddenly I began to realize that I had been manifesting it all the time on an unconscious level.

When I visited a medium as a child because I had a lot of nightmares that kept me awake at night, she decided to use lead casting to ease my worries.

So, in this practice, the final form of lead shows what kind of blessings one can receive and what kind of misfortune.

Since I was still very young, I didn’t really have a desire just to get rid of my fear, but then the lead took the form of an egg.

She found this amazing as it meant that the money would always find its way to me.

I found this unusual, money really meant nothing to me and I never attached importance to it.

Nevertheless, on every birthday I buy the most beautiful gift for my friends and family, I give money to the poor whenever I can raise it and never behave stingy.

I feed the animals around my house and like to buy little things that remind me of someone I love.

Here I realized that I could manifest through all the money because I was never afraid to forgive it.

So the most important thing to get wealth is to work hard, but also to donate money to make someone happy.

Manifesting money is not possible if you are stingy and stack it with greed and count.

“Money comes to those who spend it for the benefit of others.”

So all those reading this, believe me when I say this, because greed is your greatest enemy if you want to manifest money.

In my hometown, a man was also so consumed by greed that he punched a pregnant cat who “scared” his customers in the stomach.

Ironically, the cat was rescued and the same cat that apparently scared away its customers became the reason why no one wants to eat in his restaurant anymore.

When you bring good into the world, the good comes back to you, otherwise karma will punish you.

The same goes for money, so be sure to magically attract it if you spend it in the interest of someone else’s happiness.

How to manifest beauty

Believe it or not, the physical appearance can also be the result of a manifestation.

I remember when I was a child, I was always told how beautiful I was, and everyone liked me, especially my friends.

I flourished and wasn’t even focused on my beauty, because my surroundings have already confirmed that to me.

But when I entered my teenage years, my beauty and mind were destroyed.

All my friends started calling me ugly and my Ato comment on how to comment.

I was very thin, prone to acne, didn’t exactly have the most fashionable clothes and very ugly teeth.

I started crying every day because every time I looked in the mirror, I only saw ugliness hiding a fragile spirit.

After being called ugly so many times and a group of guys on a bike pouring their fruit juice over me and laughing, I woke up.

I stayed at home for 3 months, forced myself to eat and told myself that I would become beautiful and healthy.

Somehow I even got the money for braces, I let my hair grow up to my back over the years and every time I saw a pimple, I just ignored it.

I stopped abusing my skin and gave it more moisture and water, only to realize that this love was all she needed all the time.

Then, after months, I went out for a coffee with my friends who called me ugly, and one of them, who especially made fun of the fact that I’m thin, was shocked.

He just looked at me and said, “You’ve become really beautiful.”

I said, no, I was beautiful all the time, I just chose to manifest this now.

Look what happened here, I was called ugly, so I believed it and so I ate less, felt hopeless and just gave up until I woke up.

When I woke up and decided to manifest my beauty, I transformed, and it was not only the food, the effort and the braces that helped, but also the love I gave myself that helped the most.

Now I believe that I am beautiful no matter what happens, whether I lose a tooth, lose a pound and look tired, or notice a pimple, because my beauty is manifested.

I have become perfect in all my imperfections because I have chosen to love myself and treat my body with kindness.

So no matter what others say, I’m beautiful and grateful for every little aspect that just makes me who I am.

What you need to consider if you want to manifest something

Manifesting things can seem like a challenge, especially if you’re struggling to maintain a positive outlook on life.

Sometimes you may even believe that it’s easier to stay in your comfort zone and linger in misery.

This is far from the truth, as you need to wake up first before you decide to manifest things.

So, to manifest things, you must first wake up, assume that you are worthy, and then make the manifestation.

You need to be aware that you deserve the things you want to manifest and swear that you will not harm anyone in the process of getting them.

Only then will your actions and efforts pay off and you will see your life change the way you want it to.

Also, during this process, do not ask for things that are not realistic, because unfortunately they do not come true.

If you wish to be with a celebrity or become a millionaire, that won’t work.

On the other hand, if you want to have a little more money, a smile on your face every time you look in the mirror and next to you a man who loves you for you, then know that you can manifest these things.

Things as they are now don’t have to stay that way, and you can manifest the things your heart desires.

So consider today what you need to do to become more beautiful, a makeover or to treat yourself with more respect.

On the other hand, consider what you can do to improve your financial situation, perhaps learn a new skill or degree, and toss a coin the next time you see a homeless person.

Finally, if you want to manifest love, accept that it is fickle and that you need to love your life as a single until someone shows up who wants to stay in it forever.

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