The way you walk says something about your personality

It’s actually pretty crazy, and some of those things that we think we have no control over.

They simply belong to who we are or how we were born, such as the position in which we sleep, the color of our eyes or the shape of our nails.

These things seem so insignificant, but they actually reveal some pretty intimate things about who we really are – it’s like an all-natural personality quiz.

Do you still get the impression that people only judge you by the way you dress or the way you talk?

Then it’s time for you to change your mind. According to studies based on human psychology and personality traits, your running style reveals a lot about your personality.

These studies also say that the way you walk, including speed, says a lot about your personality traits.

A faster pace is associated with a higher level of conscientiousness and openness and a lower level of neuroticism.

Most people are a combination of two of these categories.

However, one of them usually dominates.

The driver

If your weight is usually shifted forward and your step is fast, as if you were storming forward, you are a “driver”.

Bonus points are available if you multitask while walking, e.B. Use your phone, think about a solution to a problem, or make a list in your head.

If an obstacle comes your way, take the most direct path through or around it.

If that means occasionally bumping into someone, that’s probably not so bad for a driver, she adds.

If that sounds like you, you have some very positive personality traits. They know how to get things done, are extremely productive, very logical, and most likely very intelligent.

People admire you, but they might also find you a little cold. You tend to be competitive and your fiery personality can overwhelm you.

You should take a step back from time to time and smell the roses, make eye contact, and make an effort to say “hello” to someone you know and like.

You don’t have to do this all the time, but if you do it occasionally, people will know that you are also friendly and have a lot of positive personality traits.

The Influencer

If you walk with your chest bent, shoulders retracted, and your head held high, chances are you’re an “influencer.”

Another important factor is that, like the driver, you walk fast but have a springy swing in your crotch.

Influencers are also in touch with most of the people they pass by and tend to smile, wave, make eye contact, or shout a friendly “Hello!”

Many politicians and celebrities have an influencer gang.

If you’re an influencer, you’re funny, charismatic, and socially savvy, but some people might think you’re a bit too much.

Their exaggerated personality tends to take the limelight, and sometimes you rob others of it, even though they have a right to it.

That’s why you should curb your enthusiasm and think before you act.

Think about your situation. Is it a good time to make yourself felt, or is this an opportunity to hold back and let others take precedence?

The Supporter

If your weight is over your legs and not forward or backward, you may be a “supporter.”

Your pace is medium fast and your movements are anything but choppy.

They have a smooth swing. Similar to an “influencer,” you tend to gesticulate and converse with people while walking, although you’re more likely to make eye contact than wave or shout.

As a supporter, you are more interested in people than in tasks and would rather enjoy your private life than focus on your career.

You feel great satisfaction when you are part of a group and feel comfortable in your family life or in a team sport.

They also like to be recognized, but are too modest, um admit that, and a random call or card from a loved one can impress you a lot. Still, sometimes you tend to get distracted.

You have many admirable qualities, but drivers and influencers might find you weak and try to take advantage of you.

Try to focus when you’re around someone you’re trying to impress and it will bring you a lot.

The Proofreader

If you are light-footed when walking and your eyes are on the ground, you may be a “corrector.”

Your step is slow and cautious, as if you were afraid to take a wrong step.

Your arms also hold you close to the sides so as not to invade the personal space of others.

You don’t use a phone while you’re walking, and you also don’t talk to friends while you’re walking with them — unless you have to.

You’re probably introverted, but polite. You like to treat others the way you would like to be treated.

However, because of your introverted nature, you don’t verbally share what you want or need.

They just expect you to know. This can cause you to upset others and make them confused by your irritable nature.

Try your best to communicate verbally, even if what you say is not polite.

Try to find the nicest way to express yourself while being honest, and you’ll be surprised how much smoother your life suddenly becomes.

The ArmSchwinger

Our arms are connected to the lower back by a muscle called “Latissimus dorsi”.

That’s why we swing the arm on the opposite side of the leg, which we move when walking to support the lower back.

The greater the arm swing, the better the health of the lower back.

But be warned: if one of your shoulders rolls freely and the other is more clumsy or stuck, it may indicate a back or neck problem that can occur with an inactive lifestyle.

You may have two of these styles, but one certainly dominates. Read the descriptions thoroughly and determine your running style.

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