What happens to our body if we don’t eat sugar for 7 days?

When we eat something sweet, there is a strong influx of energy into the body, which then decreases rapidly and sharply. Why is this happening?

Despite all the information about how unhealthy sweets are, most still enjoy them.

Chocolate, cakes, biscuits, donuts, sweets, ice cream… The selection is really too big and too sweet.

In addition, sugar is found in many beverages, especially carbonated drinks, so they are on the list of foods you should avoid at all costs.

Natural sugar found in fruits, milk and other foods is not unhealthy, it is good for our health and we can absorb it in larger quantities through these foods.

However, industrially processed and refined sugars are a great danger.

By eliminating them from the diet, we can drastically improve our health, and we will easily replace them with natural sugar substitutes such as honey or maple syrup.

Of course, it’s easier said than done. First of all, the most important thing is that we make the decision not to eat sugar anymore.

Eliminating sugar, will prevent most of the damage it causes, while the long-term effects will be impressive.

1. Our body weight stabilizes

Sugar addiction is real. The more we consume it, the more we want it. Especially if we consume a lot of processed sugar, which is found in fatty and fast food and carbohydrate-rich foods.

If we are deprived of sugar, our body will be grateful to us because we do not have to struggle with unwanted extra calories.

At first we will feel a great craving for sweets, but when our body is cleansed of artificial sugar, we will stop feeling hungry all the time.

We will lose weight and our weight will stabilize.

2. We will have more energy

When we’re tired, we often consume foods or energy drinks that contain a lot of sugar because we want something that will lift us up quickly.

The irony is that we deprive the body of the necessary dose of energy. All the sugar we consume blocks our body’s ability to keep energy at maximum levels.

Therefore, in moments of fatigue, let us not resort to chocolates or drinks with a lot of caffeine and sugar. In this way, we avoid large blood sugar rises and drops that actually make us tired.

3. Our skin becomes healthier and more beautiful

It’s no secret that sugar makes acne and pimples worse and often causes them.

If we can not get rid of them with the help of beauticians, dermatologists and creams, we should consider eliminating sugar from our diet, since it is possible that our acne problem actually comes from within.

Many people who have done this confirm that their skin has quickly become cleaner, more beautiful and healthier.

4. Digestion becomes more regular

Our digestive system prefers high-fiber foods and a minimum of heavy foods, including sugar.

Even a drastic reduction in sugar consumption will make a big difference in our digestive system.

Stomach and intestines digest everything we eat more easily, we have frequent bowel movements and painful constipation will only be a memory.

5. We will stop wanting sugar

Believe it or not, we can get rid of sweet cravings by simply giving up sugar altogether.

After a while, our favorite chocolates might become too sweet for us, and we will enjoy the taste of fruits and the natural sugar they contain much more.

If we try a bite of our favorite cake after a month or two, we will be surprised at how sweet it really is.

6. Our blood pressure drops

People who consume more sugar have a higher body mass index, which leads to an increase in blood pressure because the heart has to work harder to pump blood through the body.

Obesity is directly related to the accumulation of plaque in the blood vessels, which also causes high blood pressure, but also a number of other diseases.

Even with normal bodySugar is directly related to high blood pressure, so it is clear that the excretion of this nutrient significantly lowers blood pressure and returns it to normal levels.

7. Cholesterol levels regulate themselves

It has been confirmed that people who eat a lot of sugar have low “good” cholesterol levels and high “bad” cholesterol levels.

Triglyceride levels are also elevated in people who consume more sugar.

Eliminating sugar from the diet drastically improves the lipid profile in the blood, thus reducing the risk of a number of cardiovascular diseases.

8. The risk of cancer is reduced

Some cancers, such as pancreatic cancer, are associated with increased sugar intake. In addition, malignant cells use sugar cells as food.

Therefore, cancer patients are advised to abstain from sugar altogether. A low-sugar diet has the same effect on reducing the risk of developing malignant cells in general.

9. The risk of diabetes is reduced

Higher amounts of sugar, which are continuously absorbed, cause insulin resistance. In the long term, this is the basis for diabetes.

In people who have eliminated sugar from their diet, insulin sensitivity increases significantly and the risk of developing diabetes decreases.

What happens first after 7 days without sugar?

After we stop consuming sugar for just a week, one of two things will happen in our body.

If our previous lifestyle was dominated by processed sugars, juices, and carbonated drinks, we’re probably still in the detoxification phase.

Sugar is ultimately addictive, and most addictions cannot be solved without us going through a crisis.

In the first week, in more severe cases, we may feel cravings for sugar, anxiety, and even depression.

These effects usually disappear after the first week, but depending on the degree of sugar dependence, they can last another week or two.

If our sugar consumption was previously rather moderate and we have switched to a diet rich in protein, fiber and fat, we should feel pretty good after just seven days.

We become less sluggish, our energy levels become more stable, and our mood improves.

After a month without sugar, our cravings for desserts will disappear, and instead the craving for protein and leafy greens will become more intense.

If we can do without processed sugar all year round, our health visibly improves.

Our body will adjust to functioning with essential nutrients, and we will most likely lose kilos as well.

Please note that as part of such a lifestyle, we may eat something sweet from time to time.

Our goal is to eat mostly healthy, but if we occasionally include a sweet exception in our diet, it can’t hurt much.

After all we’ve written, we have a practical tip: try to eliminate everything sweet from your diet for 7 days.

We guarantee that after only 7 days of this diet you will feel so much better that everything we have written will be confirmed to you by your own experience.

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