What it is and how to experience it

Imagine the first event that comes to mind that happened to you that you would really say, “What a coincidence.”

Something that looked like it had happened completely by chance. On a certain day, on a certain occasion, the sky dictated, the stars were in line, the winds whispered, the right people were in the right place at just the right time to do just the right things.

Next, I want you to make an estimate from the head of the mathematical probability that this particular event will occur.

Nothing strict: just a rough estimate, a percentage. The likelihood that these specific circumstances will come together.

Your estimate might be something like “once under a million”? One in 1000 to be optimistic?

The average human life lasts 28,000 days. So you might think that you would have to be extremely lucky if such an event happened to you once in your lifetime.

Likewise, you would be uniquely blessed if two such events (with similar probabilities) happened to you during your life.

But these events occur all the time.

The reality is not accidental. The events are tied to a meaning, a meaning that refers, so to speak, to what happens behind the scenes.

For the most “visible” and conspicuous of these events, the term synchronicity is often used.

Examples of synchronicity would be a random conversation between passers-by that seems to address your own inner questions; Sequences of events that completely break out of the daily routine and lead you to unexpected new circumstances; or music on the radio that accompanies a unique moment you are experiencing.

Events that occur and coincide together and are connected by a sense rather than a “visible” cause.

You will find that the actual frequency with which seemingly unlikely events occur in life far exceeds the “theoretical”, statistical probability of their occurrence, assuming that reality is completely random.

Synchronicity is something that can be experienced at any time, by you, by anyone, without any expense or effort.

However, in order to fully experience and appreciate them, you need to be open to them.

What is synchronicity?

Synchronicity is a term originally coined by psychologist Carl Jung that refers to deeply meaningful coincidences that mysteriously occur in your life.

When you experience synchronicity, you will have experiences that seem far too meaningful to be everyday, random encounters.

Some people refer to them as “crazy encounters,” “miracles,” “signs of heaven,” guidance from the personal guides, or even mystical cases of soul connection.

Synchronicity can manifest itself in an endless number of forms. For example, those who experience synchronous events report seeing or hearing meaningful names, numbers, words, or symbols.

Synchronicity vs. Coincidence

This phenomenon raises the question: What is the difference between synchronicity and chance?

In my opinion, the difference lies only in personal perception and faith.

Someone who is completely closed off, for example, when it comes to concepts that cannot be objectively proven, could attribute any synchronicity that occurs to chance and only to chance.

In contrast, someone who firmly believes in a higher power or spirituality can find meaning and synchronicities anywhere in their life, even where they do not exist, because they are looking for that connection.

These are the two extreme ends of the spectrum, but I believe there is a middle ground where you can intuitively see when you are getting real signs and synchronicities from the universe.

I can show you how to see a world where others see a wall.

For example, if you notice a sign in your life, it might make sense to dismiss it as a coincidence.

However, if this sign keeps popping up, it becomes less and less likely to be a coincidence.

If you use your Intuition are connected, you can feel when something is a sign or synchronicity and how to interpret it.

Follow the signs

The signs that appear in life can lead us in different ways. A sign can be a person who resembles a person from our past, an animal that shows up to us during a walk, or a quote that we read over and over again in a day.

Synchronicity is when more than one sign with the same meaning appears.

If we listen, pay attention, and follow a sign, we may be led to more.

If we are not careful, we may be diverted to other paths and take a path that may not serve us.

Typically, a path associated with synchronicity has a higher potential to serve our whole self – body, heart, and mind.

To follow the signs means to pay attention to a deeper knowledge and a feeling that goes with it.

It can be the distinct feeling of flowing through life with ease and acceptance.

Or it can be the feeling that you have to wake up now and get back on the right track!

If I don’t get any characters… well, then it feels more like I’m not living my life completely.

Different signs tell us different things over time.

Don’t hang on to just one character or synchronicity. Maybe I see a heart shape in the clouds while walking and then meet a person in the park with whom I feel a strong connection.

Through this synchronicity, I learn to trust the heart in the clouds as confirmation of a strong connection. However, there may also be other signs that indicate strong connections.

When does synchronicity occur?

In truth, synchronicity is not just about these particular messages. Technically, all events in life are in sync, from the most important events to the smallest details.

From the most important decisions in life – encounters with important people, life-changing decisions – to the time of day you go to bed or write your email.

This is not to say that everything is extremely important and you have to compulsively keep an eye on everything.

There are different degrees of randomness or unpredictability of events and different degrees of importance.

Finding a soul mate is more important than, for example, finding a coin on the ground.

The ability to relax and let go is just as important as the habit of paying attention.

Yet, generally speaking, nothing is 100% random.

And on this grid of possibilities, the mind can clearly see everything about your life path, from every little detail to the big picture of your existence.

So your guides can help you with your big life decisions as much as you are with the choice of shampoo in the supermarket.

For this reason, it is a good strategy to always be open to synchronicity and spiritual messages.

It will not only help you master your life, but also realize that every inch of your existence is carefully planned and cared for.

How to detect synchronicities

When we don’t live mindfully, we sometimes go through our daily lives and don’t even notice the signs that are right in front of us.

If you’re not used to recognizing synchronicities in your own life, these three simple steps can help you get into the routine of recognizing.

Step 1: Watch out!

First of all, you should pay attention.

It sounds obvious… but are you really paying attention?

If you spend most of your time using technology, you won’t notice the signs and synchronicities around you (or don’t enjoy the present moment as much, but that’s a whole other topic).

To detect synchronicities, you need to be aware of what is happening around you.

Mindfulness techniques are an absolute must for this. Essentially, it’s about slowing down and training all your senses.

Actively perceive the world around you, otherwise you will inevitably miss important messages!

Step 2: Notice repetitions

TTheoretically, this should be self-evident if you are attentive – the more you pay attention, the more things you notice.

Repetitions are one of the most important signs of synchronicity and something you should definitely pay attention to.

When things align with each other, you’re most likely to notice this in recurring events, things you see or hear.

For example, you may hear the same sentence repeatedly from several different people that has a clear message for you.

Step 3: Write down to

A handy tip if you notice something that might have meaning is to write it down.

Often we forget things that don’t seem so important to us at the moment, but if we write them down (no matter how big or small), we can track them over time and see how they develop.

It can also help us recognize other patterns that help us interpret the meaning of certain signs.

For example,.B if you write down something that you think was a sign, you can determine if it was actually a sign by seeing what events occur after that.

If you don’t acknowledge and write it down, you’re less likely to notice these sequences of events.

The most common synchronicity signs that you should not ignore!

1. Synchronization numbers

Numbers are one of the most important signs of synchronicity, suggesting that things are coming together for you!

Different, repetitive numbers have different messages, and the most significant ones often show up as the same number several times in a row, e.B. 1111 or 2222.

An obvious place where this happens is a clock.

I often find that at certain times in my life, I take a look at the clock at 11:11 a.m. every day – this usually happens when I need additional confirmation that I’m on the right track.

You can also see recurring numbers in other areas such as on signs or doors.

They can really show up anywhere, to be honest!

It is worth looking for the meanings of angelic numbers and numerology, because then you can get a clearer idea of what the numbers mean when they appear as signs.

2. You think of someone and then they get in touch

When you think of someone and then see them or they get in touch, it’s usually a sign that you have a deep energetic relationship with that person.

If you and another person often think of each other at the same time, it can mean that you have a soul mate, but it can also just be someone who suits you very well.

3. Meet the same person over and over again

This could be another sign that you have a very strong connection with this person.

It is likely that you are both very attuned to each other and therefore visit the same places again and again at the same time.

It can also be a sign from the universe that you should engage with this person in some way and continue to pursue the connection.

Ask yourself if there’s a reason the universe encourages you and that person to connect.

4. Hearing the same phrase

Have you ever heard a phrase you’ve never heard before, and then suddenly you hear it everywhere?!

This is a synchronicity that I often experience in my own life, and sometimes it is something completely meaningless that makes me laugh because I feel that the universe allows itself to joke with me.

But sometimes, if you pay attention to the words, it might be something important to hear!

Do you receive words of encouragement to pursue something you’ve been thinking about for a long time?

Are you getting a warning not to take a certain path?

Pay attention to these repetitive sentences and find out what this might indicate.

5. Perfect timing!

This is arguably one of the best and funniest synchronicities there is!

Perfect timing means you’re there just in time for something good or just in time to avoid something bad or unpleasant.

In other words, one has “the good fortune on hisr page”.

For example, you might be driving somewhere by car and every single traffic light will turn green as you approach it.

Or you go for a walk somewhere and it starts to rain just as you come into the house.

Usually, there is no lesson to learn in such cases, but it could mean that either someone or something is taking care of you, or that you are simply in such a high vibration that you attract these positive experiences.

If you are blessed with such synchronicities, practice gratitude and you will probably attract even more blessings!

6. You often see your power animal

If you see an animal that shows up to you in different situations (and that you feel is too unique to be a coincidence), then this could be a sign that it is your spirit animal or a totem animal that wants to convey a message to you.

Each animal has its own unique symbolism, and if you see that animal at a certain time or often, then it may have a lesson for you to keep in mind.

Look up the meanings of each power animal to find out what the animal you see wants to tell you.

You may be surprised how well this message aligns with your current experience!

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