What this handline can reveal about our lives

Of all the divination practices, the handwriting of the main lines and secondary lines, also known as chiromancy or hand-reading art, is one of the most respected.

Although the exact origins are unknown, it is believed that the art of hand-reading began in ancient India and spread across the Eurasian landmass to China, Persia, Egypt and Greece.

Through hand-reading, you can get a lot of information about your private and professional life, your health and your personality.

If you know how to interpret the hand lines correctly, then the future literally lies in the palm of your hand.

How does hand-reading work?

Hand reading is the art of analyzing the physical characteristics of the hands to interpret personality traits and predict future events.

The art of hand reading can give us insight into our individual personality and character traits by studying the shape, size and lines of the hands and fingers.

Originally, you always read from the active hand – i.e. from the right hand for right-handers and from the left hand for left-handers.

Although opinions differ on hand-reading, many modern readers believe that it is important to analyze both the left and right hand.

The non-dominant hand reveals the natural personality and character, while the dominant hand shows how these qualities have been realized in practice.

Together, they reveal how a person uses their potential in this life.

When hand-picking, one must familiarize oneself with the different hand shapes that correspond to the four elements: fire, earth, air and water.

In addition, both the mountains and plains as well as the hand lines should be analyzed.

Hand shapes based on the four elements

In the art of hand reading, there are four basic hand shapes, each associated with an element and the properties associated with it.

The four elements are also of great importance in astrology, but your hand type does not necessarily have to match your astrological profile.

  • Hands that give the Element Earth are characterized by firm, square palms and short fingers. People with these hands are practical, logical and grounded, but can also fall behind with their plans and achievements.
  • Hands that give the Element fire are characterized by long palms and short fingers. People with these hands are passionate, self-confident and hardworking and always driven by their desires. But sometimes they can lack tact and empathy.
  • Hands that give the Element air have square palms and long, thin fingers. This type of hand includes intellectually curious and analytical people with excellent communication skills.
  • Hands that give the Element water are characterized by long palms and long, narrow fingers. Those who have them are creative and in tune with their emotions, intuition and supernatural abilities, but are also often hurt by their fellow human beings because of it.

The Hand Mountains

The Handberge are associated with various life themes and correspond to the seven planets in astrology.

By hand-reading, you can provide information about a person’s talents, interests, strengths and weaknesses.

  • Jupiterberg is located at the base of the index finger (and above the inner Mars massif) and symbolizes self-confidence, ambition and leadership qualities.
  • Saturnberg is located at the base of the middle finger and symbolizes wisdom, responsibility and bravery.
  • Apolloberg is located below the ring finger and is a sign of optimism, vitality and creativity.
  • Merkurberg is located below the little finger and is related to a person’s communication, ingenuity and intelligence.
  • Mondberg (Luna) is located at the bottom of the palm on the side of the little finger and represents empathy, imagination and intuition.
  • Mons veneris is located at the base of the thumb and is a sign of love, sensuality and passion.
  • Inner (lower) MaCase is located above the thumb and symbolizes physical strength and bold perseverance.
  • Outer (upper) Mars is located between the Merkurberg and the Mondberg. He represents perseverance, aggression and emotional bravery.
  • The Martian Plain is located in the lower center of the palm of the hand and shows which of these two above characteristics predominates.

The hand lines and their meanings

The palm of the hand has five main lines: the lifeline, the heart line, the sun line, the line of fate and the head line.

In hand-reading, the hand lines are actually used to gain insights about a person, about his health and life, as well as to predict future events.

The meaning of the hand lines is determined by the analysis of their length, depth and curvature.

No two palms are unique, so when hand-picking, you should pay attention to where each line begins and ends, and where they overlap with other hand lines.

The meaning of the hand lines:

  • The head line is located in the middle of the palm of our hands and reveals our intellectual curiosity, ability to learn and our aspirations. Interruptions in the line can stand for spiritual conflicts or enormous enlightenment.
  • The Heartline/LoveLine is the highest horizontal line on the palm of the hand and is located above the head line. It stands for love, romance, friendship and sexuality. Interruptions or forks in the heart line can indicate multiple lovers, transforming bonds, or even infidelity.
  • The lifeline It is located below the head line and reveals experiences, vitality and joie de vivre. A short lifeline stands for independence and independence.
  • The Line of Destiny is a vertical fold in the middle of the palm of the hand and provides information about the influence of external circumstances on one’s own life in relation to home and family.
  • The Sun Line is the vertical fold that runs furthest in the direction of the little finger of the palm of the hand, revealing public prestige, happiness and success. The sun line varies greatly in length, depth, and position, and along with the line of fate, indicates how and when a person will succeed.

The lifeline

The lifeline is the most important handline that provides information about a person’s health, vitality and strength of life force.

It starts between the index finger and the thumb and then runs around the thumb area downwards to the connection to the wrist.

For a long time, it was believed that the lifeline reveals how long you will live or when you will die.

However, the lifeline does not actually indicate life expectancy, but instead stands for the quality of life that a person can have in the course of his life.

It reveals information about the encounters in your life, relationships with other people, health, and physical and emotional well-being.

The length and depth of the lifeline varies from person to person.

Even if it does not seem to be present, a careful analysis of the entire hand will reveal the rest of the line, which is proof of its existence.

When it comes to reading the lifeline, it is important to use both hands because the energy of the lifeline exemplifies a personal dual energy that exists in each of us.

The importance of the lifeline

The lifeline tells the story of a person’s life, where their strength and happiness lie, but also what problems one has to endure in order to lead a fulfilled life.

The depth of the lifeline indicates what kind of life a person has led. Over time, the lifeline may fade, which simply indicates a person’s years of life.

The way the lifeline curves is important because it describes the grace with which a person deals with problems as well as sudden changes.

If the lifeline has a curve in the form of the letter S, it indicates the likelihood of a fruitful marriage.

An inwardly curved line means that the path of life is to learn how to love and take care of yourself to ensure that one is willing to share one’s happiness with others.

One Just lifeline means that in the future you should focus on helping and healing others in order to get more love.

Apart from the form of the lifeline, it is important where it begins. If it begins on Mount Jupiter, it means that this person will live an ambitious life, full of desires for fame, fortune and success.

If the line starts halfway between Jupiter Mountain and the thumb, it shows that the person is balanced in life and can take on any challenge.

If the lifeline starts from Saturn mountain, the individual will strive to excel in his career. The Saturn Mountain is considered a lucky charm, so this person will have good luck in life.

Due to the different shapes, depths and lengths of the lifeline, we distinguish the following interpretations in handwriting:

Long and deep lifeline

When the lifeline is long and deep, it indicates good health, endurance, vitality, and a balanced individual.

If the deep lifeline goes beyond the wrist, it is an indication of continuous robustness and vitality in the life of the person concerned.

This person has a strong character and can deal with all the mistakes and limitations in their life.

She has a dynamic imagination and liveliness and usually leaves a lasting impression on other people.

A broad lifeline indicates a calmer life path and shows that you can deal with all the flaws and limitations in your life.

It also suggests that you are rarely sick and not prone to illness.

If the deep lifeline is rather short, in this case it indicates the ability to overcome physical problems.

It is a myth that a short lifeline means a short life.

People with a short lifeline lack strength and endurance and they can easily be influenced or controlled by other people.

Weak and thin lifeline

A weak and thin lifeline indicates a person with little energy, a weak imunsystem, and a less adventurous life.

It can also be an indication that humans are more susceptible to diseases.

If the lifeline is narrow or shallow, the person is unlikely to try to influence the world in any great way.

They are usually not overly affected by their environment and they do not affect their environment.

Flat lifeline

A flat lifeline is a sign of lack of vitality. The wearer has little or no strength to resist disease, poor constitution, no robustness and no muscle strength.

They are susceptible to all kinds of diseases and their body is in poor condition. They lack endurance, perseverance and self-confidence.

Interrupted lifeline

If the lifeline is broken, it can be an indication of the struggles, losses, unexpected changes or interruptions, an accident or a protracted illness in a person’s life.

A break in the lifeline on the one hand can mean that you get sick and recover quickly.

A break in the lifeline on both hands can mean that you could suffer a serious illness.

If the lifeline near the wrist is interrupted, it may indicate problems in early childhood.

If the lifeline is interrupted by smaller, thin lines, they can also be a sign of human anxiety and nervousness.

A lifeline interrupted in several places indicates a serious illness.

Chained lifeline

The chained lifeline suggests that someone is prone to health or emotional problems or are undecided.

They can also mean unhappiness, heartbreak, and difficulty. If the chain is at the beginning of the lifeline, this means a difficult and unhappy childhood, including illness.

If the chain partially covers the lifeline, then it means shock in the life of man and if it becomes thin in the end, the person will lack strength.

With a chained lifeline, it’s important to determine what the cause of the weakness is in order to be able to fix it.

Branchede Lifeline

Sometimes the lifeline splits at its end point, so that one branch runs towards the thumb, while the other runs towards the mountain of Luna.

Branched life lines indicate an interruption, realignment, or life change.

If it leads to Jupiter Mountain, it indicates success and recognition. When she forks herself to the Mondberg, it indicates travel to distant places.

If the branch, which is quite far from the thumb, looks much deeper and cleaner, then in old age these individuals will live far from their hometown.

If the Moon Mountain is well visible, it indicates the urge to travel constantly, and this urge will intensify if there is another branch of the lifeline ending on the Moon Mountain.

In this case, the person enjoys traveling and wants to travel the world, but in the end return home.

Flight attendants and pilots have been found to have these branching lifelines.

Upward-facing branches indicate performance and success, downward-facing branches indicate poor physical and emotional health, money problems, feelings of sadness and loss.

Lines that extend above the lifeline show an ability to recover from situations and the lines that extend below the lifeline indicate habitual waste of energy.

Star on the lifeline

People with a star on the lifeline can count themselves lucky because that is an indication that this person will have a beautiful and fulfilling life.

If a star is visible at the end of the lifeline, it indicates that many things in life are achievable.

Having a strong lifeline, including a star somewhere on the line, is an indication of human well-being and an excellent force to ward off disease.

Islands on the lifeline

If the lifeline is characterized by islands, then the current flow through them is divided into two parts, which weakens the overall energy or power of health.

An island on the lifeline indicates a serious health problem. The island marks the beginning of a difficult phase of the disease.

A very small island is an indication of a single disease. If the lifeline has many islands that resemble a chain, it means a continuous sequence of diseases.

Menopause can also be represented by an island.

Double or triple lifeline

Multiple life lines are quite common and indicate that man is surrounded by positive energies and has great stamina.

These people may have a twin or have found a true partner and soulmate. But it can also mean that they have someone to watch over them.

Another possible interpretation is that someone tends to lead a double life or have two paths in life.

When a lifeline looks like a collection of straight lines, it’s a sign of a potentially unpredictable nature.

Lifelines that embrace the thumb are symbolic of individuals staying close to home, while lifelines that bend away from the thumb are adventurer types.

Some people have a so-called sister lifeline, a line that nestles very closely to the original lifeline.

It is an indication that this person has the ability to get help from others with little to no effort.

No lifeline

If the lifeline is not recognizable, it indicates that you are a highly tense, anxious and nervous person.

These people struggle with their strength and life force in life and therefore constantly try to find a way to increase their strength.

According to ancient handwriting, people without a lifeline find it difficult to enjoy life to the fullest.

But a big thumb and a clear, deep head line can make up for a lack of the lifeline.

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