Your personal guardian angel based on numerology

Your guardian angel has accompanied you since birth and helps you, regardless of your personality, to shape your destiny.

Everyone has their own guardian angel and it can be defined by numerology.

Many people have already experienced that angels have sent them messages in a dream or in the waking state.

After that, they used this method to find out who their guardian angel is, and since then the angelic communication between them has been much better.

Our name number is the magic number of our name and so it is calculated;

Write your first and last name on a piece of paper.

Add a number to each letter that corresponds to that letter according to the numerology and add it:

1 – A, J, S

2 – B, K, T

3 – C, L, U

4 – D, M, V

5 – E, N, W

6 – F, O, X

7 – G, P, Y

8 – H, Q, Z

9 – I, R

For example, Lena Meyer-Landrut:

Lena 3+5+5+1 = 14th Meyer 4+5+7+5+9 = 30th Landrut – 3+1+5+4+9+3+2 = 27

14+30+27=71. You must add up each digit of a two-digit number to get to a single number. 7+1=8

The magic number of this name is 8.

Name number 1: Ariel

This angel helps all living and existing beings, but he is your personal guardian angel.

The best way to get in touch with him is to go out into nature because he is very close to you there.

He often sends messages to do something for his environment and to preserve the purity of nature.

If you are also involved in nature conservation or if you protect animals, then the heart of your angel is full of joy.

Ariel also says that you shouldn’t think about how many dangers lurk around you, but how much is in you, and how you can beautify and improve your world!

Name number 2: Chamuel

Chamuel is an angel of inner peace and you are blessed when he protects you!

Whatever happens to you or around you, you will always feel like a child of God.

Nothing happens to him by chance. Even in the most difficult situations, he shows you the light at the end of the tunnel.

He sends you messages through dreams, helping you to keep your faith.

Chamuel brings light and into the darkness, that is his task.

He is hope itself and always directs his love to where it is most needed.

The message of the angel Chamuel is also: Never doubt yourself!

Name number 3: Gabriel

He is an angel with great power and as your guardian angel he supports you in accepting yourself and all the power and love that is hidden within you.

You will probably do great deeds in life, and there the help of the angel Gabriel will be very useful to maintain your balance and remain in the service of the light.

In fact, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but sometimes a signpost is needed.

You can improve communication with these angels by wearing copper jewelry.

Name number 4: Haniel

An angel of acceptance who is extremely sensitive and can provide small but miraculous help.

If he is your guardian angel, he has seen in you the ability to feel the change in vibrations in the universe.

You can easily experience any mood and rhythm of life and influence your environment a little with the help of Haniel.

If angelic communication with Haniel is successful, it is as if you have taken a medicine that works quickly and your soul flies again.

An angelic message that Haniel whispers in your ear: Your senses are a blessing, not a curse, and that’s how you should experience them!

Name number 5: Jophiel

Prudence and patience are the be-all and end-all to experience the miracle of Jophiel.

If you are in a hurry, do not allow yourself enough time to experience everything in its rhythm, and you will not feel its help easily.

You can summon the angel Jophiel during meditation because it is important for him that you are ready to accept him.

Once you have started communicating with the angels, they will tell you that they have no unfulfillable desires;

But they will be INevertheless, show the way forward and help you to realize your dreams.

His message: Take your time, enjoy every moment of your life!

Name number 6: Metatron

Metatron helps you recognize important things in life.

According to legend, he lived as a human being on earth a long time ago and became a servant of God after his death.

Above all, as a guardian angel, he improves your ability to progress precisely and systematically in life.

It will make it easier for you to recognize things from the world and from your environment, and to organize yourself.

After all, like every human being, you came to this world on a mission.

An angelic message for you: Always focus on the things that are valuable!

Name number 7: Michael

He is the sword against the power of darkness, he has destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah in tears, because no angel is happy if he cannot save the lambs of God.

But he is not always so frightening, he is often a light that gives strength, especially for you, whose name coincides with his spirituality.

One thing is for sure, with its help nothing terrible or dark can stand in your way.

You can get in touch with your angel if you dispel all fears and replace them with a firm faith focused on God and on your destiny mission.

Name number 8: Raphael

Your guardian angel is a heavenly healer who not only helps you with physical things, but also blesses you.

Through it, you also contribute to the improvement of the people around you to protect or improve health.

People whose spiritual number is 8 have the ability to heal!

So they must keep themselves in balance and harmony in order to fulfill their earthly duties.

That’s why Rafael has a message for you: Pay attention to the messages of your body, eat healthy when you need to, vegetarian, and exercise as much as you can!

Name number 9: Uriel

The name Uriel means: The inspiration of God.

If he is your guardian angel and you are thinking about anything that has to do with your life, it is enough to think of him and he will send you an answer in some form.

Uriel is the angel of enlightenment, with him angelic communication is the easiest.

Just light a candle and close your eyes, and he will immediately send you messages through pictures.

If you think you have no way out of a situation and if you are trapped by commitments, call him for help and he will lead you to God, and your spiritual center.

The message for you is: Do not be afraid, because no matter how dark it is around you, I will always show you the way to the light!

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